Affiliate Tracking Simplified: Tapfiliate Platform Integrations

Affiliate Marketing

So you’re making strides with your affiliate program — perfect. But how do you keep track of your affiliate campaign performance? You need an affiliate tracking platform with reporting features compatible with your business platforms. 

Maybe you’re just starting out, or you’re a few years in. Either way, you’re seeing more traffic sources, conversions, and sales through your lovely affiliate partners. 

Maybe you’re enamored with one suave affiliate tracking tool’s advanced features and detailed reports. But it doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce, your eCommerce platform. And, it has poor customer service reviews — womp, womp. 

Newsflash: the most well-known platform still might not meet your business needs. 

So, finding the right affiliate marketing software is tricky for online businesses. 

You have many options and features to compare. Then, you must consider integrations with all your current platforms. After all, you want an affiliate management tool that’ll improve your workflows, not silo them. 

We’re confident that Tapfiliate has everything you need to run an organized, data-informed, money-making affiliate program. 


It’s compatible with 30+ platforms through its many integrations. And if we don’t have an existing integration, you can always create one with JavaScript, a developer, or the REST API. 

We’ll discuss how every business can use Tapfiliate for affiliate marketing with this article. 

What is Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate is the perfect affiliate software tool for the eCommerce, dropshipping, or SaaS business that wants to scale their affiliate program. We’re your one-stop shop for affiliate marketing management. It’s a turnkey affiliate, referral, and affiliate marketing software that helps businesses keep track of affiliate performance and manage their program. 

We’re a key player in the affiliate marketing industry. Why? Whether it’s through tons of options like customizable dashboards or advanced reporting, we surpass the basic affiliate tracker tenfold. Here are some of our additional features: 

  • Unlimited affiliates and tracking (enterprise plan)
  • Real-time analytics
  • Conversion tracking through custom links
  • Customer support team
  • Choice of affiliate tracking method (transactions or signups)
  • Fraud detection
  • Campaign management
  • Performance tracking
  • Flexible commission payouts
  • Individual partner performance insights
  • Coupon management and tracking

Read more about our monthly features here

Tapfiliate helps online businesses use affiliate insights and management to inform marketing strategies and scale. The result of using our platform? A streamlined, data-driven, efficient affiliate program, where your affiliates feel motivated and enthusiastic to market your product. 

Tapfiliate affiliate tracking platform dashboard
Tapfiliate dashboard

Our clients are advertisers and brands of all shapes and sizes, but our specialties are:

You might have hundreds of affiliate marketers bringing you leads here and conversions there — we help you level up your program by tracking every bit of performance. 

Affiliate sales? Revenue? AOV? ROI? You can track or calculate all of that with Tapfiliate’s real-time reports. We pride ourselves on having a data-driven affiliate marketing tracking platform that elevates your affiliate program. 

On top of that, we make the experience smooth and seamless for brands and affiliates alike. You’ll generate actionable insights to further your affiliate strategy. 

Plus, affiliates get to feel confident in your partnership with ultimate transparency, as they have a dedicated affiliate dashboard to view their performance. 

See for yourself — experience our free affiliate tracking platform for a limited time with our 👉 14-day trial!

So, what platforms can Tapfiliate integrate with? Our single platform sees no limits. 

We can integrate with anything if you use the REST API, JavaScript, or a developer’s helping hand. Without those tools, Tapfiliate still has a wide range of integrations with plenty of payment gateways like Stripe and eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Did we lose you at REST API? 

We’ll help you fill in the blanks and show you the baseline for affiliate marketing tracking software platforms with integrations. 

Rest API

Tapfiliate REST API affiliate tracking platform landing page

API stands for “application programming interface.” REST stands for “representational state transfer.” Huh?

The REST(ful) API speaks to an interface where two computer systems can exchange information with each other. 

What does that exchange look like? Whatever you like — it’s extremely customizable. 

In other words? You can use the REST API to integrate your brand with Tapfiliate on most platforms. For example, brands may use the REST API to request accurate tracking for each of their partners’ sales (influencers, affiliates, referrals) with Tapfiliate. 

We’ve seen brands with more complex affiliate marketing programs succeed with the REST API. 

One client, MDHearingAid, couldn’t find an affiliate marketing tool that met their technical needs and affiliate expectations. They were clunky, expensive, and tedious. 

So, the brand was scrambling to find a solution for the following:

  • Tracking phone conversions for each affiliate, linked by a coupon code. 
  • Automating conversion approval for orders that evolved from their 45-day free trial. 

The superbly customizable REST API helped MDHearingAid track conversions and increased their affiliate signups. 

But if you’re tech-averse, you might need a developer’s technical knowledge and support to get started.

Here are a few steps to integrate with the REST API: 

  1. Check the URL of any page visit for the ?ref= query parameter. If present, find the value and create a click. You’ll see a JSON Object response with one property id (Click id). Create a cookie value with a lifetime equal to or greater than your account cookie time. 
  2. Create a Customer or Conversion with the click id. SaaS businesses might prefer tracking customers; eCommerce businesses might prefer tracking conversions
  3. Test your conversion. 

These are just a few basics. For the complete guide, check out our REST API integration guide

Now, let’s talk about payment processors. Tapfiliate has innate integrations with most of them, so you won’t need the REST API each time.


Tapfiliate affiliate tracking platform Stripe landing pagr

You likely use a payment platform or shopping cart to sell your products and services. Once you launch your affiliate program, connecting the two entities is vital so you don’t miss even one dollar. 

Millions of brands, big or small, use Stripe as a payment platform. If you’re one of them, Tapfiliate’s Stripe integration will track every sale in your affiliate empire. 

Here are two ways to track payments: 

  • Immediate purchase: eCommerce and dropshipping brands can link every transaction to Tapfiliate’s program. And if you’re a subscription brand without a free trial, this is also a good option. 
  • Signup and purchase later: Subscription-based brands, to the front! This setup is excellent for SaaS brands and lead generation programs. 

Now, how is the Stripe integration helpful if you can track sales through the platform separately? 

Well, you’re paying based on performance. You shouldn’t still pay an affiliate commission if a customer returns a product. The same goes for disputes. Tapfiliate’s Stripe integration manages all these automatically, so you don’t have to. 

Read up more on Stripe integration steps here


Tapfiliate affiliate tracking platform JavaScript landing page

Still buzzing off the REST API’s customization potential? You’ll love JavaScript for its similar flexibility. No matter your platform, you can fully customize its integration with Tapfiliate through Javascript. But you have a few options to set this up, depending on your business needs. 

This isn’t a task for the new coder — you’ll need a developer to sort out each conversion feature, from percentage-based and lifetime commissions to sign-ups. 

Learn more about Tapfiliate integrations via JavaScript. 


Tesla and Dior use Shopify for eCommerce sales, along with many other brands. The eCommerce platform helps any business sell online. 

Of course, it smartly integrates with endless platforms, and Tapfiliate is no exception. Our integration is quick and painless, complete within just a few clicks. 

Multi-currency purchases? Coupon codes? Our integration supports it all. 

Integrate with Shopify.


Shopify’s intuitive interface is undoubtedly more user-friendly, but WooCommerce offers unique perks as an eCommerce platform. Brands love self-hosted WooCommerce for design and programming businesses, multiple subdomains, and affordable pricing. 

Tapfiliate integrates with both WooCommerce and WooCommerce subscriptions with our WordPress plugin, offering a few unique benefits. First, the integration supports category-based commissions — a fabulous perk for eCommerce stores in retail and more. Plus, it captures the expected coupon tracking and lifetime commissions, too. 

Check out the full instructions for our WooCommerce integration


WordPress is an open-source content management system for easy website creation, used for a whopping 43% of all websites

We integrate with WordPress via a plugin, requiring a Tapfiliate account for setup. Like many of our other integrations, our WordPress integration is customizable. You can use shortcodes to track coupons or carry out other affiliate marketing tasks. 

Learn more about our WordPress integration. 

WIX Stores

Some brands prefer WIX to Shopify for its more visually appealing website interface. Our WIX integration will help you with your WIX online store if you base commissions on order value. 

It also covers conversion tracking, lifetime commissions, and different currencies. 

Integrate with WIX!


You might have toyed with WordPress or Squarespace as your website platform. Perhaps Squarespace’s ease of use, responsive customer support, and visual appeal reeled you in. 

On the affiliate side, our Squarespace integration supports: 

  • Lifetime commissions
  • Conversion tracing
  • Order amount commissions

Here are full instructions to integrate Squarespace with Tapfiliate. 


If you sell subscriptions and memberships, you might use Memberful to connect with your audience. The platform became popular for giving creators more autonomy over their content, removing the barriers of social media platforms like shadow bans and algorithms. 

Tapfiliate recognizes the vital aspect of decentralization in affiliate marketing, happily integrating with Memberful for all our clients. Our integration helps you manage recurring commissions, conversion tracking, and popular coupon code conversions. Plus, it tracks any refund requests and disputes so you don’t have to pay a commission on those. 

Learn more about integrating Memberful with Tapfiliate

Other integrations

We’ve covered a few website marketing channels, payment processors, shopping carts, and eCommerce platforms in our integrations — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

We also have integrations with: 

  • Paddle: Payment and tax management system for SaaS businesses.
  • Magento: Multi-channel eCommerce platform for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • LightSpeed: POS system for golf courses, restaurants, and retail shops.
  • BigCommerce:
  • Paypal: Another popular payment platform.
  • Teachable: Hello, course creators!
  • 3dcart: Free-themed eCommerce platform with no transaction fees
  • ChargeBee: Did someone say “scale?”
  • Moonclerk: A payment processor integrating web and mobile tracking payments.

Tapfiliate’s integrations keep your existing workflows in check and automate new ones. 

Integrations for automating workflows

Artificial intelligence informs many workflow automation apps that help us do our day-to-day business. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice that efficiency when you sign on with Tapfiliate. Here are some prominent features of our affiliate management platform’s workflow integrations. 


Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that helps you communicate with your audience through email campaigns. On top of that, it shares data insights like open rates, sharing stats, and conversions in general. 

Now, recruiting new partners is likely part of your marketing workflow. You can streamline the process by integrating Mailchimp and Tapfiliate. How? Well, you might entice potential affiliates to join your affiliate program through an email newsletter ad. Our Mailchimp integration helps you track and manage affiliate recruitment, though this particular integration isn’t for conversion tracking. 

Recruit new affiliates with Tapfiliate’s Mailchimp integration. 


Pabbly is a one-stop shop for business automation. It helps entrepreneurs automate many tasks, from email marketing and subscription billing to email verification and form filling. While our integration can’t track conversions, you can use Pabbly in Tapfiliate to: 

  • Add recurring commissions
  • Automate affiliate creation and recruitment
  • Track coupons
  • Streamline affiliate prospects

Explore Tapfiliate’s Pabbly integration. 


Love automation but hate coding? Make is the perfect platform for staying organized with visually appealing workflows, drag-and-drop scenarios, and real-time reporting. Tapfiliate’s integration with Make functions similar to Pabbly, allowing brands to automate recruitment and creation, track coupons, and leverage recurring commissions. 

Play around with Tapfiliate’s Make integration. 

What should you do after you are integrated?

How do you ensure your integrations work properly? Follow these simple steps through your affiliate management software.  

Sign up as an affiliate of your own program

After integrating with your platforms of choice, your work isn’t done. You might carry on business as usual, but you’ll miss out on conversions and data tracking if an integration doesn’t launch properly. 

Step one? Sign up as an affiliate and give yourself unique referral links or coupon codes. This initial step puts yourself in your affiliates’ shoes — you see what they see. 

Next step? Testing. 

A test transaction

Now, run a test transaction through your unique link or coupon code. Check whether Tapfiliate tracks the conversion. Make sure you test all your payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, and others) so you don’t miss anything. 

Connect to Admitad Partner Network

Our affiliate software solution is unique with its link to the Admitad Partner Network. With it, we help connect brands to over 100,000 potential publishers. Join and watch people start promoting your products right away! All you have to do is submit your brand for approval. Then, you’ll appear in the Admitad Partner catalog. 

Now for the final ribbon — spread the word!

Tell people about your influencer or referral program

Once you’re all sorted with affiliate software integrations, it’s time to turn your new affiliate program into a successful partnership program. 

Here’s how to get the ball rolling: 

  • Add a link for affiliate marketing partnerships on your website: We typically see these links on a website’s footer: This ensures every potential affiliate knows where to go if they want to sign up or learn more about your program. 
  • Find affiliates: You might start engaging potential affiliate partners on social media, attend networking events, or even promote your program through other potential customers or affiliates.
  • Invite customers through referral marketing: Who knows more about your products than the people buying them? Encourage existing customers to join your referral program — a discount for them and new customers for you sounds like a win-win! Consider sending an invitation email every time a customer completes a transaction or incorporate the invite into your email marketing efforts. 

Get started with Tapfiliate

The best affiliate marketing platform makes it easy to fuse all your business aspects for accurate, comprehensive tracking. 

Whether you’re a WordPress site or a WooCommerce e-store, Tapfiliate’s integrations help brands stay organized and on top of their affiliate program. 

And if you’re tech stack is unique from our 30+ integrations? You have full customization potential with our REST API and JavaScript integration features. 

Dozens of affiliate marketing tracking platforms offer unique branding and tracking features. But they become more tedious if you can’t fuse data analytics insights from your most-used business platforms. 

Your affiliate program has many moving parts — manage them a bit more seamlessly with Tapfiliate. Pricing plans are tiered and flexible to meet your business needs.

Sign up for our free 14-day trial!

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