Launch & scale high-impact Influencer Campaigns

Tapfiliate helps businesses go data-driven with their influencer marketing. Track the actual ROI, maximize impact, and optimize the budget to accelerate growth with influencer partners.

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Why Tapfiliate?


1.4+ M

Active affiliates

Total active affiliates recruited by Tapfiliate advertisers


4.6+ M

Conversions generated

Total conversions generated by affiliates for Tapfiliate advertisers


$170+ M

Revenue captured

Total revenue generated by affiliates for Tapfiliate advertisers

Flexible solution for influencer marketing management

Run, manage and track influencer campaigns in one place. Scale marketing efforts with influencers while Tapfiliate software does the rest.

Advanced social sharing

Launch influencer marketing campaigns powered with rich, engaging content. Give your partners access to banners and other brand materials.

Coupon codes for offline sales and influencer tracking

Track non-cookie-based conversions using coupons. Sales can still be tracked without a click and are attributed to the right influencer automatically.

In-depth reports

Go granular with powerful filters and segmentation. Compare influencer-driven conversions in different mobile environments.

Flexible commission structure

Avoid excessive upfront fees by working with your influencers. Fine-tune flexible commissions to your business needs.

Available in multiple languages

Take advantage of working with international influencers by speaking their language! The partner dashboard is available in 6 languages.