Integrating with WIX Stores

Out-of-the-box features:
  • Conversion tracking
  • Commission based on order amount
  • Supports lifetime commissions
  • Track order currency
  • Track affiliate coupon code conversions
  • Auto-handle recurring commissions
  • Auto-handle refunds and disputes

Note: This integration only works for WIX online stores.

  1. In your WIX editor, click “Dev Mode”. If you haven’t already, click “Enable Corvid”.skitch

  2. In the “Site Structure” panel on the left of your page, under Pages > Shop, click “Thank You Page”.

  3. Click on the sample order details in the middle of the editor. This will open the properties panel. If the value after ID is not thankYouPage1, copy the actual value and replace “thankYouPage1” at the top of the code snippet below.skitch

  4. At the bottom of the page, click the bar that says “Site code”. On the left side of that panel that popped up, click on the Site tab.

  5. Erase the code that’s in the Site tab, and paste the following code in:

    const thankYouPageId = "((((thankYouPage1))))"; // Replace with your thank you page id if not thankYouPage1
    const accountId = "((((YOUR ACCOUNT ID))))";
    import wixLocation from"wix-location";import wixWindow from"wix-window"
    ;import{fetch}from"wix-fetch";import{local}from"wix-storage";let query=wixLocation.query;const removeUndefined=e=>{for(var t in e){
    if(e[t]===undefined)delete e[t]}return e};const objectToQueryString=e=>{var t,o,n,r,i,c;o=[];i=/%20/g;n=function(e,t){
    t=typeof t==="function"?t():t===null?"":t;o[o.length]=encodeURIComponent(e)+"="+encodeURIComponent(t)};if(e instanceof Array){for(r in e){n(r,e[r])}
    }else{for(t in e){buildParams(t,e[t],n)}}c=o.join("&").replace(i,"+");return c};function buildParams(e,t,o){var n,r,i,c;c=/\[\]$/
    ;if(t instanceof Array){for(r=0,i=t.length;r<i;r++){if(c.test(e)){o(e,t[r])}else{buildParams(e+"["+(typeof t[r]==="object"?r:"")+"]",t[r],o)}}
    }else if(typeof t==="object"){for(n in t){buildParams(e+"["+n+"]",t[n],o)}}else{o(e,t)}}const getPublisherMeta=()=>{let e=null;for(var t in query){
    if(t.slice(0,3)==="tm_"){e=e||{};e[t.slice(3,t.length)]=query[t]}}return e};const request=(e,t,o,n)=>{t=removeUndefined(t);"wix-v1"
    ;const r=objectToQueryString(t);const i=e+"?"+r;o=o||i.length>2083?"POST":"GET";const c=o==="GET"?i:e;t=o==="POST"?JSON.stringify(t):null;const a={
    method:o,body:t};if(t){a.body=t}fetch(c,a).then(e=>{if(!e.ok)return null;return e.json()}).then(e=>{if(e&&typeof n==="function"){n(e)}})}
    ;if(query.ref||(query.tap_a&&query.tap_s)){const e={acc:accountId,refc:query.ref,aid:query.tap_a,sid:query.tap_s,pm:getPublisherMeta(),ref:wixWindow.referrer,cup:wixLocation.url,
    int:"wix"};request("",e,null,e=>{local.setItem("tap_vid",e.vid)})}$w.onReady(function(){const e=$w("#"+thankYouPageId)
    ;if(Array.isArray(e))return;e.getOrder().then(e=>{const t=local.getItem("tap_vid");if(!t)return;const o={,
    currency:e.currency};if(e.appliedCoupon){}const;const r={acc:accountId,vid:[t],


  6. Hit “Publish” and you’re done.


Please remember to test a conversion before starting your program. This way you can verify that tracking has been set up correctly. You can create a test conversion by following the steps described here.

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