Verified Stripe Partner: Connect your Stripe account with Tapfiliate

Our Stripe integration makes starting an affiliate program hassle-free, especially if you are using recurring subscription billing. Set up recurring commissions and automatic refund & dispute handling without extensive technical skills or a team of web developers.

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Affiliate marketing software

Lifetime & recurring commissions

Commissions fit for subscription-based businesses run on Stripe. SaaS clients benefit from our Recurring Commissions feature. Attract top influencers by linking a customer to an affiliate using our Lifetime Commissions feature.

  • Automated recurring commissions

  • Lifetime commissions

  • Fixed or percentage-based commissions

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Automate your workflows

Automate your workflows and free your time to focus on growth. With our triggers & webhooks, you can automate affiliate approval, commission approval, email notifications and more.

  • Automated handling of refunds & disputes

  • Approve commissions manually or automate it

Easily Track Conversions

Track affiliate-driven conversions for one-off orders on your eCommerce shops or recurrent subscription payments for SaaS. Set up your program’s conversions & commissions to meet specific business needs and budgets.

  • Sign up first, purchase later tracking

  • Track immediate purchases

Works with Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular & powerful payment getaways. Now, our affiliate tracking software integrates seamlessly with Stripe-run sites to track affiliate-driven commissions.