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We’ve compiled a two part guide for you with a checklist of know-its and to-do’s to sail through the process of setting up your affiliate business. Are you ready to build your affiliate empire?

Let’s do it!

FIRST THINGS FIRST, let’s become acquainted with some of the terms we like to use at Tapfiliate.

A is for Assets; the marketing materials you share with your loyal tribe of brand ambassadors, your marketeers; your affiliates as we like to call them.

We like to be organized and keep all of our affiliates, assets and commission rules in one program. Your entire affiliate business can be built up of one or more programs. You may have a separate program with a higher commission for affiliates who are your customers & a separate program for your other affiliates who you found through affiliate networks, for example.

For every conversion, which is a sale/lead/signup depending on your goal, you reward your affiliates with a commission. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it is a ‘pay for performance’ model, meaning you only pay for actual results, how awesome is that?!

Part One: The Setup

  1. START OFF by installing Tapfiliate on the platform which you’re using. We have an abundance of installation guides on our integrations page.

  2. CHOOSE A SUBDOMAIN. This is where your affiliates login to their accounts. You will login through the main website. Your affiliates, being the special individuals they are, get their own affiliate portal which you can brand with your own logo. The subdomain usually looks something like

Pro tip: You can even use your own domain by using our domain aliasing feature.

  1. CREATE A PROGRAM! When you set up your program you will be asked to pick a payout method. We have a plethora of different methods available, and we’re always open to adding more if you reach out to us. You can pick whichever and as many payout methods as you would like.

Do note: it tends to save a lot (really a lot) of time in the long run to just pick one or two payout methods, but hey, it’s your party - you can do what you want.

Upon signing up, your affiliates will then be asked to select one way they would like to be paid from the selection you have picked.

Setting up a Program

It would be convenient for you to title the program something that relates to what it’s about. Keep in mind that the program title can also be seen by your affiliates.

Default landing page url:
This is the main page you want your affiliates to refer traffic to. In most cases this is your homepage.

We have a bunch of different currencies to choose from, don’t see the currency you want? Let us know and we’ll add it for you.

Commission form:
Here you specify whether you want to give your affiliates a percentage of the conversion, or a fixed amount of money per conversion.

Pick the fixed amount, or percentage size of the commission.

This form field determines if your affiliate is only awarded a commission once, or on a recurring basis. If you sell subscriptions, you may want to give your affiliate a monthly recurring commission, as many SAAS companies do.

Adding an Asset to the Program

Click on the programs button on the left hand menu, then click on the program you’ve just made. Then click on the assets tab, and click on ‘new’.

Say you want to link to a specific product on your website, you can do this by creating a text link asset. To do this, click on the dropdown menu under ‘type’ and select ‘text link’. Write some content which you would like to share to your prospective customers. Select a landing page url, this should be where you want this text link to direct people to. Under the labels field you can type a couple of words that identify what this asset is related to, you may want to write ‘test asset’ for example.

Go ahead and create a Facebook post, too! Although I’m sure you know how to do that now, I’ll explain a little anyway.. In the content box write the content you would like your affiliates to share to facebook, and in the landing page url field note down the link you want the facebook post to refer individuals to. If I were you I’d label this asset ‘test asset’, too :)

Two months down the line, when you have a nice and lavish collection of assets, you will suddenly remember that you never removed the test assets from your asset wall. Well, lucky you! You can delete these assets in a matter of seconds thanks to the aforementioned ‘label’ field. Simply click on the ‘filter’ icon in the top right and search for the label ‘test asset’ this will filter out the test assets you created. Now go ahead and delete them. So easy, so quick, so simple. If you have any banners, or images feel free to upload that too!

Sign up as an affiliate

Create an affiliate for your own program, both to see what everything looks like from the perspective of your affiliates, as for testing purposes.

To become an affiliate of your own program you can either follow your shareable link, which you can find by clicking on your program (it’s right under ‘recruit affiliates’ where it says ‘your shareable link’) or you can manually add yourself by clicking on the ‘affiliates’ tab in your program and click on ‘new affiliate’.

Now that you’ve invited or added yourself to your own affiliate program, go ahead and sign into your affiliate account. Have you had a look at your asset wall? Do you like what you see?

Check your Installation

Check to see if you’ve installed your tracking code properly by using the affiliate created above.

Now that you’re on your affiliate account, fetch the affiliate link from the asset wall. Follow the link in your browser to check if the tracking code has been installed properly, a click should go up on your Tapfiliate admin account.

It’s important to check if your conversions will go up as well, so go ahead and create a test purchase or carry out the action that should trigger a conversion. A conversion and click should go up immediately, if it doesn’t…
Houston, we have a problem.

But not to worry! If it doesn’t work properly, our support agents are here to help. Just click on the chat bubble on the bottom right of your page, and let us know what’s happening. One of our support agents will save the day.

Part Two: The Execution

  1. ADD A WELCOME MESSAGE to your affiliates! There’s no way they’ll miss it as it’s dead center when they log into their affiliate account. To do this, simply click on the ‘settings’ icon in the menu, click on the ‘affiliate dashboard’ side tab, and write something nice & welcoming.

  2. If you want to TREAT YOUR AFFILIATES to an even warmer welcome you can go ahead and set custom notifications through our triggers feature.

You can treat your affiliates to a congratulatory e-mail when they’ve created a conversion or been approved for a program, for example. To do this go to settings, click on the triggers tab, and select ‘e-mail notification’ as your action. Then select your desired event that you want your e-mail to be triggered by.

  1. UPLOAD MORE ASSETS! Provide your affiliates with awesome marketing materials so they can get sharing and drive traffic to your website. Don’t expect your affiliates to do all the work - you’re a team afterall.

  2. Got some CONVERSIONS BUILDING UP? Congratulations! Now have a go at paying them out.

Keep in mind that we collect the details of your affiliates, and then give these to you. We don’t actually carry out the payouts. You can approve or disapprove payouts through the Tapfiliate platform, but the actual payout will have to be done by you.

If you’ve picked PayPal as a payout method, you can conduct mass payouts to save time.

Want an invoice to be created every time a payout is approved? Good thing we have a handy-dandy Zapier app you can do this with ;)

  1. ALL THAT’S LEFT to do now: keep it rolling.

You can automate processes to save time and make things easier for yourself. (Or you can continue to do things manually if that’s what you prefer of course - there is no judgement here)

You can auto approve affiliates (toggles availble in your program settings) so affiliates don’t have to wait to get approved to start sharing assets. You can also auto approve commissions (for example, when they reach a specific threshold) this way you don’t have to sift through the commissions to be paid to your affiliates and pick out which ones you want to payout.

How about trying out a Tapper crowd favourite; automatically add affiliates to a Mailchimp list. You can do this through our Zapier app as well.


Now that you have completed the setup and know about some of our kickass features, you are fully equipped for your journey venturing into the world of affiliate marketing. If you need us along the way or just want to drop in to say hi, feel free to reach out to us!

Multi-level Marketing

Boost your marketing network with Tapfiliate. Set up a commission structure for each sub-affiliate level in a few clicks. Affiliates can track their downline from their exclusive dashboards.

  • Create unlimited downlines

You are in control

Make your marketing programs invite-only or open for everybody. You control which affiliates join your programs: No more unwanted websites devaluating your brand.

  • Individual affiliate management

Your effort, your data

Track performance of programs and affiliates with our built-in analytics. Gain granularity on your insights with our custom reporting feature. You own your hard-earned data: Export it whenever you want in just one click.