One-click access to Admitad publishers with your Tapfiliate account

Get access to the Admitad Store with 100K+ active publishers ready to promote your business. Unlock unlimited opportunities to grow your affiliate program and start boosting sales immediately.

Why connect your affiliate program to Admitad Partner Network?

100 000+ publishers

Leverage affiliate marketing to the fullest, growing your business with partner networks.

Various publisher types

Cashback and coupon services, e-commerce content publishers, influencers, youtube bloggers, and many other content creators are at your disposal.

Quick & easy connect

All you need to start promoting your business with the Admitad Network is to be subscribed to one of Tapfiliate’s paid plans. And that’s it.*

No additional integration is needed

Connect your Tapfiliate account to Admitad in just ONE click. No coding is required.

No additional Fees

Pay only for conversions Admitad publishers generate for you.

All statistics in one place

Keep track of your Admitad campaign right from your Tapfiliate dashboard. As convenient as it can be!
*Admitad Store is available for all Tapfiliate users starting from the Essential pricing plan and higher.

You’re in good company

2,000+ clients have been growing their businesses with Tapfiliate

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  • Sendinblue
  • Krisp
  • Kickresume
  • Boldking

What’s Tapfiliate and how does it work?

Tapfiliate is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution that lets you create, manage, and optimize your affiliate, influencer, and referral programs. It seamlessly integrates with your website, so you can start growing your business with affiliate marketing just in minutes (we mean it!).

What’s Tapfiliate and how does it work?

Here are the simple steps

  • Set it up

    Easily integrate Tapfiliate tracking platform, no coding needed. Go through a super simple onboarding guide to fill in the info you need to get started.

    Integrates with Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and 30+ other platforms.

  • Recruit an affiliate team

    Turn customers into affiliates. Add potential affiliates through an invite link, manually, through SSO, or the API.

    Send emails from Tapfiliate or via your existing email marketing tools.

  • Get promoted

    Add banners, text links, videos, and social posts for your affiliates - and see how they share the word.

    Easy for them, complete brand control for you.

Start a 14 day-free trial Trials start with all our features enabled. Cancel anytime.

Works Great for Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

We are fully committed to keeping every party in your affiliate program happy. That’s why Tapfiliate is intuitive, reliable, and constantly evolving.

Here’s a quick overview of the main features that will make you love your affiliate software from day one:

Easy affiliate recruitment and onboarding
Link and coupon tracking
White label sign-up pages
Referral links and dashboards matching your brand
Flexible commissions system
Performance-based incentives
Transparent real-time statistics
Handy tools for promo materials management
Note: Learn more on how to integrate your Tapfiliate account with Admitad Partner Network here.

Frequently asked questions on connecting the Tapfiliate account to Admitad Partner Network

Looking for something else? Check our support knowledge base or docs.
  • Which users can place their programs in the Admitad Store?

    The main requirements for the users who would like to integrate with Admitad Partner Network are as follows:

    • you must be a paying customer
    • you need to have at least one active affiliate program in Tapfiliate, which is categorized. Our team will assign the category to your affiliate program by the end of your trial
    • the category of your program must comply with the Admitad Store requirements
    • you need to be integrated at Tapfiliate via one of these integration types
    • Learn more on how to integrate your Tapfiliate account with Admitad Partner Network here.
  • Can I connect my Tapfiliate account to Admitad Partner network while I’m on my 14-day trial?

    In case you’re in your trial time, you’ll have to wait until the trial is over and then get subscribed to one of Tapfiliate’s pricing plans.
  • How many programs can I place in Admitad Store?

    Every advertiser can place a maximum of one program per account.
  • How long does it take to go live with my program in the Admitad Store?

    Our team will process your request, which takes less than 24 hours. Once your program status is changed to “Active,” affiliates will be free to join the program and start promoting you to their audience.

Start a 14 day-free trial Trials start with all our features enabled. Cancel anytime.