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PayPal is the most popular payment getaway - and arguably the oldest - in the online world, no wonder it is widely used around the globe. Merchants using PayPal for their checkout can now easily start their own affiliate program with Tapfiliate. Our affiliate tracking software connects seamlessly with PayPal: It automatically grabs conversion data for you, like the Paypal order id and order amount, and send those to our system whenever an affiliate-driven conversion takes place.

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Brand identity

Customize to match your brand and use your own domain in the tracking links.
Create personalized emails with your tone and touch. Set up a custom domain for your affiliate portal.

  • Branded affiliate dashboard

  • Six supported affiliate languages

Go viral

Increase your social reach by letting influencers share your branded content directly to social networks.
YouTube videos, banners, images, links, pins and more, are easily shared or embedded.

  • Direct social sharing

  • Upload branded content

  • Pre-create social posts

Triggers & webhooks

Trigger customized emails and other actions tailored to your strategy. Create flexible integrations or marketing automations using webhooks in combination with our API.

  • Automate manual steps

  • Approve commissions manually or automate it

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