Integrating with Paypal

Out-of-the-box features:
  • Conversion tracking
  • Commission based on order amount
  • Track affiliate coupon code conversions
  • Supports lifetime commissions
  • Auto-handle recurring commissions
  • Auto-handle refunds and disputes
  1. Add the following code just after the <body> tag of every page of your website:

    <script src="" type="text/javascript" async></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        function getQueryParams() {
          var assoc  = {};
          var decode = function (s) { return decodeURIComponent( s.replace(/\+/g, " ")); };
          var queryString =;
          var keyValues = queryString.split('&');
          for(var i in keyValues) {
            var key = keyValues[i].toString().split('=');
            if (key.length > 1) {
              assoc[decode(key[0])] = decode(key[1]);
          return assoc;
        var params = getQueryParams();
        tap('create', '((((YOUR ACCOUNT ID))))', { integration: "paypal" });
        if ( == 'Completed') {
          var amt = params.amt || 1;
          var tx = params.tx || null;
          tap('conversion', tx,  amt);
        } else {

    This code has to be added to both your landing page, as your thank you page.

  2. Next you will have to configure Paypal:

    1. Login to your paypal account
    2. If you use the old paypal version: click profile in the grey, horizontal navigation bar. if you use the new version you can click the icon of the little guy in the top right corner and select Profile and settings
    3. Select My Selling Tools from the navigation column on the left>
    4. Locate website preferences and click update
    5. Switch Auto Return to on
    6. Enter your desired Return Url
    7. Switch payment data transfer to on
    8. Save


Please remember to test a conversion before starting your program. This way you can verify that tracking has been set up correctly. You can create a test conversion by following the steps described here.

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