About Tapfiliate

We build affiliate management software that helps thousands of businesses succeed by winning loyal customers and motivating their audience to promote their brand.

While doing it, we stick to a greater vision: we want to make people enjoy advertising again.


We believe that advertising is a great driver for a lot of good things on the internet

The wealth of free content for everyone to enjoy exists mostly because of advertising.

However, the further we explore technical and novel possibilities of online advertising, the further we seem to wander from a balanced model, where consumers, advertisers and content creators all benefit.

We have made it our mission to try and help bring back some balance to the ecosystem. We believe that putting the human touch back into advertising will be a great step towards a better ad experience so that people can enjoy advertising again.

Customer happiness is a core value

While living our mission and working on our goals, we’ve made customer happiness our core value. Tapfiliate puts its customer at the center of everything. We are committed to keeping every party in your affiliate and referral program happy. It’s all about you, your affiliates, and your customers. And it’s more than just software:

  • Excellent software Tapfiliate is intuitive, reliable, and continually improving on both advertiszer and affiliate sides.

  • Comprehensive guides You will enjoy the super easy onboarding for your business and the comprehensive manuals and documentation for everything you might need to do with Tapfiliate.

  • Professional learning resources You also get information about the best ways to start and grow your affiliate marketing, referral, and influencer marketing programs, put together by our affiliate marketing experts.

  • Champion support Clients love Tapfiliate’s customer service! Tapfiliate support has a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, which is the industry’s absolute highest.

  • Learn more about our customers and check customer reviews of Tapfiliate.

You’re in good company.

2,000+ clients have been growing their businesses with Tapfiliate:

  • Selz
  • Sendinblue
  • Krisp
  • Kickresume
  • Boldking

Part of Admitad’s ecosystem

Tapfiliate is part of Admitad: a leader in online advertising solutions with in-depth expertise in the online advertisement market.

Being part of Admitad’s ecosystem helps us build even greater affiliate marketing products for our users, faster.


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