Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS

Quickly launch your own partner program, track and grow affiliate, referral & influencer-driven sales. Tapfiliate is specifically geared for the subscription business model and SaaS.
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Lifetime & recurring commissions

Commissions fit for subscription-based businesses. Use our Recurring Commissions feature where you decide for how many months the commission runs. Or set Lifetime Commissions to attract top influencers and affiliates.

  • Automated recurring commissions
  • Lifetime commissions
  • Offer fixed or percentage affiliate commissions
Lifetime & recurring commissions

Track Affiliate Performance

Automatically track affiliate, referral and influencer-driven conversions for subscription-based services. Set your program’s conversions to fit your business needs.

  • Track immediate orders
  • Recurring commissions for SaaS subscription payments
  • Follow trial sign ups to paying customers
Track Affiliate Performance

Launch fast and go viral

Tapfiliate makes it incredibly easy to launch your affiliate, referral and influencer campaigns powered with rich, engaging content.

  • Give personal referral links and coupons
  • Manage banners and other brand materials
  • Create shareable social media posts for affiliates
Launch fast and go viral

Access to Admitad Partner Network

Connect your affiliate program to Admitad Partner Network and get access to 100K+ active publishers ready to promote your business. Increase your brand exposure and grow your program with minimum effort. More info.

  • 100,000 active publishers
  • Various publisher types
  • Quick and easy connect
  • All statistics in your Tapfiliate dashboard
Access to Admitad Partner Network

Match Your Brand Identity

Customize to match your brand and use your own domain in the tracking links. Create personalized emails with your tone and touch. Set up a custom domain for your affiliate portal.

  • Your brand on your links
  • Give affiliates a branded dashboard
  • Six supported affiliate languages
  • Custom sign up fields & payout methods
Match Your Brand Identity

Use data to optimize campaigns

Tapfiliate’s in-depth reports let you optimize your partner marketing based on data insights.

  • Get a quick overview of your program
  • Go granular with powerful filters and segmentation options
  • Compare conversions in different mobile environments
  • Export data in .csv format
Use data to optimize campaigns

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