Feature Update: Triggers, Bonuses, Payouts

Having recently made big changes, like launching a new site and publishing two highly requested features, the next thing we decided to focus on was improving the usability of existing features.

Updated features

Viewing the platform from the user perspective, we decided that simplifying some of our most popular features would be a good place to start.


Triggers, a feature that allows you to set up automated workflows, like auto-approving affiliates, or auto-approving affiliate commissions is where we began. As triggers are so widely used for a variety of use cases (who doesn’t love automation?) we decided to create simple toggles for the most commonly used triggers - these can now be enabled/disabled in an instant.

Admin users can now also send tests for their trigger actions, to see if the HTML email they created is written up correctly for example. Triggers can also be activated & deactivated!

Bonuses & Commissions

Bonuses, one of the most loved features (especially by affiliates) has been improved to make management of bonus commissions easier. The changes made will be especially beneficial to those with large affiliate programs.

Speaking of commissions, recurring commissions now have a little ‘recurring’ icon next to them - so that they can be easily differentiated from non-recurring commissions.


Another section of the platform we delved into is Payouts. The intent here was to make payouts clearer and easier to manage. It is now possible to see commission details included in a specific payout line (by clicking on the amount), and it is also possible to view previously paid out payouts (in the payout archive).

What’s next?

What we’ll be focusing our time on in the near future are materials that help existing and prospective clients get acquainted with & the most out of Tapfiliate.

We hope you like the changes! Got any feedback, or ideas for us? Feel welcome to drop us a line through the contact bubble in the bottom right corner!

That’s it for now - we’ll check in again soon!

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