15 steps to improve your conversion rate with an Affiliate Program: Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

15 steps to improve your conversion rate with an Affiliate Program

As a brand, you will need to continuously focus on improving your conversion rate as you grow and build your affiliate program. Using these tips, you can improve the performance of your affiliate program, increase your conversion rates and build customer loyalty.

Set up your affiliate program to be as easy and accessible

Be open and transparent on how your program works. Make your terms of service available on every page of the affiliate member’s area. Remove any hurdles or technicalities that may come up and make things difficult for the affiliates.

Be clear on how your program works and what the commissions are going to be. Take the time to let people know about commission changes, payment options, and any other information relevant to your affiliate program’s success. This will be extremely helpful for affiliates, and it will save you time so that you won’t have to repeat yourself.

For example, Elementor does a good job of clearly indicating the perks that affiliate partners receive.

Elementor affiliate program perks
Image source: Elementor

Integrate your affiliate program with other marketing channels

You should already be doing this, but the more cross-promotion and integrations you can find, the better it will be for your affiliate program. For example, if you have a print campaign running right now, why not promote it on your affiliate blog and vice versa?

Promoting the same offers through different channels will allow you to reach more people and increase sales. It will also be beneficial for affiliates as they won’t need to hunt for various offers.

Make your affiliate program social media friendly

Social media is one of the most effective ways to get more people on board with your campaign. You don’t need a lot of followers or likes; you want affiliates to share your content with their own social media networks and, ultimately, bring in more sales and commissions for you and them.

Social media on a phone

Being “social” does not stop at Facebook, Twitter or your Instagram profile. You could create a private community on a social platform where affiliates can chat, share their experiences, or have discussions regarding your affiliate program.

Offer affiliates incentives for promoting your brand

Affiliates usually work on commission. If they don’t make enough money, they aren’t going to promote your brand as much. This is why you should try and motivate them, by giving them discounts or free products. Aside from commissions, You could also offer extra incentives such as free product samples so they can share the love with others.

This will make your affiliates more inclined to promote your product or brand. This strategy is especially effective if affiliates are passionate about your brand or product because they are likely to promote it.

Keep the affiliates updated with everything that’s going on in your business

It would help if you let affiliates know what’s happening behind the scenes at your company.

They are probably promoting your brand because they believe in the product or service you have to offer, giving them a reason to stay excited about their work. You could even hold contests and giveaways where affiliates can win prizes for sending you the most sales.

Treat affiliates like they are part of your team

Create a culture of teamwork within your affiliate program. Treat affiliates as if they work for your company, although they don’t. Create relationaships with them. This will make them identify with your brand.

You could let them test products or beta versions months before anyone else sees them. If this is not possible, give them some exclusive access to affiliate-only material, which will make them feel special and appreciated.

Make sure your affiliate program is easy to manage

Time will come when you want to change your affiliate program, such as changing the commission rate or making keyword updates. If managing and updating your affiliate program takes too much time and effort, chances are that affiliates won’t be pleased with it, and they could even pull out from your affiliate program.

Make sure that managing your affiliate program doesn’t take too much of your or your affiliates’ time and resources. You could get help with it by using an automated system that automatically optimizes everything based on their performance.

Work closely with affiliates to make sure they are satisfied

It would be best if you worked very closely with your affiliates to ensure their needs are met.

You should always keep in contact with them and get feedback from them at least once a month. This way, you’ll find out if they have any problems or feedback on what can be done to improve your affiliate program.

Some affiliates could be frustrated with something you might not know about, so keeping all communication channels open is essential.

Offer high-performers higher commissions

If some of your affiliates are doing better than others in promoting your brand, it is only natural for you to give them more money so they will be motivated.

You should also pay close attention to new affiliates who send you the most sales and give them special rates or commissions even if they don’t have a lot of reviews yet.

Offer exclusive promotions for affiliates only

Incentives are great, but sometimes affiliates need something unique and different from other people around them to work well.

You could attract affiliates by offering them exclusive promotions, discounts, or coupons specific to them. This way, they will feel special about their status as affiliates of your brand.

Make sure that all affiliate promotions are clear and detailed

If the promotion is not well thought-out, you could end up with many frustrated affiliates who won’t promote your brand out of ignorance.

You should make sure that everything about the promotion is easy to understand. Ensure that all vital information is included, such as how long the promotion will be active, how customers can get the deal, and under which conditions the promotion ends.

If you do that, your affiliates will be able to promote your brand quickly, and everyone will understand what’s going on. This way, they’ll get better results, and you won’t lose potential customers because of the promotion.

Provide tools for easy tracking

The right affiliate tracking system should make it easier for affiliates to track their performance and results to see how they are doing.

If your affiliate program provides your affiliates with a good tracking system, it will be much easier for them to monitor their stats and results from promoting your brand.

Additionally, this makes it much easier for you to track their performance and results, which will allow you to reward the best affiliates with more money.

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Use content marketing effectively

If you want your affiliates to become your brand ambassadors, it would be good to use content marketing as much as possible. Create blog posts, articles, webinars or other original pieces of content to help your brand’s customers or potential customers decide in your favor when it comes to purchasing something from you.

Person on a laptop

Affiliates can then promote this to their customers or visitors, which means that you will get even more sales.

Bundle Affiliate Offers

One great way to make your affiliates even more successful is by creating affiliate bundles.

You could, for instance, create a bundle of products related to one specific topic and offer it at a discounted price. Customers are likely to buy the product because its value will increase drastically with extra bonuses, and your affiliates will get motivated.

Create an excellent affiliate program site

When you create an affiliate program, it’s essential to consider the design and usability of your website because that could help increase conversions and sales. Make your website design unique so that it stands out from the crowd and ensure that it is functional and easy to navigate.

Wrap up

These 15 steps will help you improve your affiliate marketing as a brand and get better results. If you’re in doubt, you could A/B test these strategies and implement the ones that work best for you. If you follow these steps, your affiliate program will be much more efficient, and your affiliates will bring in even more sales than before.

Amrapali Rai

Amrapali is a digital marketing consultant who blogs about business and marketing at Bazaar Expert.

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