How To Turn Your Customers Into Great Affiliates

Jessica on June 7, 2019

Regardless of if you’re a beginner or expert in affiliate marketing, there’ll constantly be the need to search for valuable, lucrative affiliates to join your program.

A quick Google search will show that there are several approaches for finding affiliates. But, you don’t have to look far. In fact, it’s likely that you’re already connected and engaged with plenty of great potential affiliates - look no further than your own existing customers.

Why existing customers?

Customers make for great affiliates because they can provide a unique, authentic voice for your business. These are people who already know your product or service. They have used it, saw how it works and are happy with the results. Consequently, the customer can convey a message that traditional marketing cannot by giving genuine insight and expertise into your product or service.

There is a certain level of trust that comes with customers sharing why they love a product. There are no ads, gimmicks and catch phrases to make new customers feel like they are being sold to. Instead, these customers-turned-affiliates provide a credible backing of your product by sharing why they chose to spend money on your business and why others should too.

Additionally, existing customers already have an understanding of your business. This gives a solid foundation of information that will make the onboarding process that much easier.

Rewarding Referrals

The opportunity to become an affiliate can also be exciting for customers, especially if there are attractive benefits for their referrals. There are a couple ways to reward referrals - this includes monetary compensation (like a percentage of a sale), discounts or upgrades to premium services. Great examples of referral programs include Dropbox and Uber.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how you can turn customers into affiliates…

Start by providing excellent customer service

Happy customers make great affiliates. Customer service is vital for keeping customers happy with 54% of people saying it impacts their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, 77% of consumers said they share their positive experiences with a business through social media, online reviews or simply telling a friend. If customers refer others to your product solely as a result of excellent customer service, there’s a good chance they will be interested in your affiliate program.

Connecting with the “right” customers

Beyond the affiliate being a happy customer, you’ll want to find someone who will be active in promoting your product or service. Here’s a few things to consider when seeking out customers to be affiliates…

First, give customers time to really become acquainted with your business. Asking customers to become affiliates too early can be a critical mistake for not only the affiliate program but also for the overall business. Customers need to feel invested in the product or service before they are asked to advocate on the businesses’ behalf.

Next, connect with customers with an intentional manner. One strategy for finding potential affiliates is by setting up a simple survey. Ask your customers something along the lines of “Would you recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues?”. Those who answer yes are who to reach out to! Using a survey like this can be particularly useful because not every satisfied customer will want to be an affiliate, so this is a more concise way of finding the right affiliates for your program.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to only connecting with customers that have blogs, websites or large social media followings. It is easy to gravitate to the notion that “bigger is better” and an influencer with 100,000 followers is your coveted key to unlocking a utopia of traffic. While we won’t discredit large channels, as they are undoubtedly useful in exposure, other customers could have the ability to reach new audiences in a more personal and engaged way. The best digital word-of-mouth could be an everyday customer sharing a positive review with a link on Facebook.

Easy & Accessible

You’ll want customers to transition into affiliates as soon as possible, so programs should be designed in a way that is easy and accessible for all regardless of skill level or experience. Think simple sign ups, thorough on-boarding and easy-to-use tools. One strategy for accessibility is to have a dedicated affiliate page that details all aspects of your program and can referred back to as often as needed.

The focus for affiliates should be on sharing your product, not operational tasks or functions. Take away any barriers that could deter customers from your program; this could be requiring too many steps, using unfamiliar terminology or not being mobile-friendly.

Bonus tip: Create plenty of easy-to-share marketing assets for you affiliates. This is one less step for them, and you have more control over the branding and quality of materials that are being shared. Learn more about marketing assets here.

Communicate often

Remember how we said customer service is important? Well this also applies to affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing can be a new (and tricky) concept for many people, and there may be a lot of questions or the need for guidance. Being reachable and accommodating is vital for an affiliate program; and after all these customers are reaching out with questions for how they can better help your business grow, so help them do just that.

Tangible ways of helping customers become affiliates include personalized emails, newsletter updates or even taking the time to call and chat about any questions or ideas they may have. As a golden rule, always aim to make your communication with affiliates as personalized as possible.

Again, finding affiliates will be an on-going task in managing your affiliate program. However, if you seek out the right affiliates, the efforts will pay off as you’ll see an increase in traffic and sales.

Can't Miss Feature Update: New Conversions Page

Amaris on April 24, 2019

After launching our new Payments page for new users, we decided to focus on improving the look, usability and functionality of one of the most important pages of any affiliate marketing software. After plenty of brainstorming, coding and tweaking, we’re very proud to launch our new Conversions page!


We hope that this facelift and added filtering features brings our users a more in-control conversion-monitoring experience, while allowing our users to look through conversion-related information with much more ease.

What’s in the box?

One of the most exciting features we’ve introduced with this update are filtering options! Among the available filter options, we’ve included some new and noteworthy ones, such as Referrer, Landing Page, Country, and Conversion Amount.


With these tools, we hope to give our users the kind of fine-grained control that will not only help them handle their conversions better, but also help them get better acquainted with their affiliate’s activities and where your products or services are being promoted.


When can I see it?

This change has been deployed for every single one of our users, so if you have a Tapfiliate account, you will be able to see these changes immediately applied.

As always, our team is all ears! So if you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


As one of Tapfiliate’s fabulous Customer Support Specialists, Amaris strives to empower clients seeking to unleash the true power of Tapfiliate’s cutting-edge marketing technology. In a not-so-distant past life, she was a dedicated literary scholar specializing in environmental humanities and philosophies of relationality, as well as a French language tutor. Amaris adores green/sustainability initiatives, board games, cooking, and has a very soft spot for cute animal GIFs.

Tapfiliate’s 5th Anniversary!

Jessica on April 18, 2019

Square 5 year

This month we are celebrating Tapfiliate’s 5th Anniversary!

Founded by Thomas van der Kleij in 2014, our company emerged from a simple, straightforward concept - provide a more pleasant, organic online experience by putting the human touch back into advertising.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Throughout the past five years, Tapfiliate has grown to encompass a global, far-reaching community of advertisers, content creators and consumers. From Thailand to the United States, Australia to our home in the Netherlands - Tapfiliate now has users spread across 181 countries. In addition to the geographical diversity, we are proud to provide features that can meet the interests for a wide range of companies, sectors and industries seeking to use affiliate marketing.

We’re very proud to say that to date, we average a 100% year-over-year growth.


This is how we do it.

The past five years are a culmination of our philosophy being put into action. Our philosophy is best characterized by the Japanese word kaizen, meaning “change for better”. We’re always improving, we’re always growing.

“In my personal life, I focus on growth and I want to create an environment for our company that shares that same focus.” said Thomas when reflecting on our office culture.

And from this continuous growth, there’s been a number of notable moments over the past five years that we are fortunate to look back on. We’ve seen these moments transpire in many ways - whether it be our founder Thomas building a beta platform in a few short months or the pure joy and excitement of breaking in a new Fußbal table at our office in the heart of Amsterdam.

So, what’s next?

Moving forward, we plan to keep the hard-working mentality that brought us to this five-year milestone. Our company will stick to improving our platform and bringing an exceptional level of service to our users.

We’ll be celebrating our anniversary on April 19th in Amsterdam, so we might respond to your questions later than usual. 😜

Feature Update: Improved Payments Page

Amaris on March 6, 2019

At Tapfiliate, we’re always seeking for ways to improve our platform, and sometimes that takes us down some pretty awesome paths! After weeks of brainstorming and improving on our original ideas, we’re happy to announce the launch of our brand-new Payments Page!

So what’s new?

With our new Payments page, you catch a glimpse of your total Balance, as well as the amounts Payable at the top of your page.


To make things easier, settling balances will be a one-step process. All amounts payable are already aggregated for you, and all that’s left to do is Settle the balances. This can be done for all balances, as well as for a specific affiliate, right from the comfort of your Payments page!


Also, you can set your payment threshold right when you’re generating your Payment file. Just set the amount in the box, and only the affiliates that meet the minimum payment amount are included in the file. This will also conveniently state the amount you’ll pay with that file.

New Affiliate Profiles

We’ve also made major improvements to the affiliate profiles! Now all the information you need about commissions, setting parent-child relationships, and the affiliate’s payout method, is very neatly displayed on one page.


Why am I not seeing these changes?

To migrate to the new Payments Page, go to the your Payouts page and click the link to upgrade. This will also “unlock” the revamped affiliate profile.

Feature Updates: New Search & Filter Functions

Amaris on January 23, 2019

We’ve received a lot of feeback about how to make our Affiliates Overview work better for our users. With this small but mighty update, we hope to cater to one of the most popular requests: to be able to filter affiliates by coupon, referral code, and source!


If you have a coupon code and aren’t sure who it links to, you can find the affiliate by using this nifty and new feature! All you have to do is add filter to your next affiliate search.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make our platform better? We’d love to hear it! Drop us a line!

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