Tapfiliate is now live on the Shopify app store

We have an announcement to make. Tapfiliate is now available on the Shopify app store and we are so excited about it!

Our affiliate, referral and influencer tracking allows Shopify users to connect to Tapfiliate automatically with a couple of clicks and start driving more revenue for your brand.


What are the benefits of using Tapfiliate with Shopify?

  • Go live in a couple of minutes- no coding required
  • Track sales and leads using coupons and links
  • Utilize our powerful reporting and intuitive dashboard
  • Several options for affiliate, referral and influencer programs
  • Turn loyal customers into referral partners
  • Get a free 14-day trial for new Tapfiliate customers

How can you install the Tapfiliate app on Shopify?

Make sure you are logged in to your Shopify account before you go to the app store. Go to the Tapfiliate listing and click “Add app”

Shopify App Store
Image source: Shopify

Then you will be redirected to Tapfiliate, where you will choose a name for your Tapfiliate subdomain.

Tapfiliate Shopify signup
Image source: Tapfiliate

We offer a free 14-day trial of Tapfiliate. If you wish to continue using Tapfiliate after your free trial, you will need to approve the subscription in your Shopify store.

Shopify subscription approval

New customers get a free 14-day trial

If you are a new customer your free trial will start immediately and you won’t need to input your credit card details. However, if you want to continue using Tapfiliate after your 14-day trial is over, you will need to add your card details (if they are not already there) and approve the subscription.

Use your 14-day trial to set up your affiliate, referral or influencer program, add your signup page to your website, upload your assets and creatives, and invite affiliates to join your program.

Ashley Howe

I’m the content strategist here at Tapfiliate. Living in Amsterdam, I like reading books, travel and ramen. You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter..

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