Now Available: Revamped Reporting Preview

Reporting Preview
You now have access to the preview of our revamped Reporting Page!

Now, you can analyze all your affiliate data in one place, in real time.

Drill down into your data to have a clear understanding of what is working and what can be improved. Explore where your promotions are most successful, what type of content leads to conversions and who your top performers are.

What you can expect to see

Reporting Overview: View active affiliates, total conversions, conversion amounts and commission amounts at a glance.

Seamless Auditing: Jump back and forth between reports and the exact conversions that make up that report.

Instant Click Updates: Your clicks will now show up in (near) real time! This used to take 5-10 minutes before.

Customized Reporting Filters: Drill down into the specifics of your program filtered by date, affiliate, referrer, landing page, Os, browser, country or program.

Conversion Trends: Track conversions and use filters to view by day, month and year.

Geo-mapping Reporting: Pinpoint the locations of where your conversions are coming from.

Affiliate Performance Reporting: View top-performing affiliates with their individual conversion & commission data.

Acquisition Data: Find out which assets (coming soon) and landing pages drive the most conversions.

Browser & Device Reporting: Understand how customers reach you to fit affiliate content for these devices.

Other Changes Coming

As we transition into the revamped Reporting page, you’ll find several changes to reporting features. This will also remove a few dimensions and metrics that were previously available.

Here’s what will change…

Impressions: Impressions have been removed from the platform entirely. We’re making this change because it is impossible to track impressions reliably across the web (mainly on social media) – which resulted in inaccurate numbers and confusion on the subject among users.

Note: This also means that we won’t calculate overage fees for impressions anymore, instead it will be replaced with a Fair Use Policy.

Weekly Performance: The way we calculate weekly performance will switch to the ISO-8601 standard — which uses Monday as the first day of the week instead of Sunday. This means you’ll be seeing different results per week than you did before.

Date Range: We are changing the display of Weeks, Months and Years in the title column.

Data Per Report: Now, this will only display results that actually have data in the given date range. E.g. The “Programs” report will not show any Programs that don’t have Conversions.

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