New API version (V1.6) released

We’ve got some news for our techies; version V1.6 of our API is now live! This update is primarily aimed at consistency fixes as well as better adherence to REST conventions. The complete changelog of V1.6 of the API is:

  • Renamed approval endpoints to approved to be consistent with the propery that is being manipulated
  • All partial updates of Resources are now done with PATCH requests instead of PUT request, to be consistent with REST conventions
  • All updates of individual Resource Properties that have dedicated endpoints (e.g. /commissions/{commission-id}/approved/ and /affiliated/{affiliate-id}/parent/), are now done with PUT requests, to be consistent with REST conventions
  • All endpoints that update Resources will now return the updated Resource, instead of a 204 response.
  • Added enpoint for manipulating conversions. Commissions can be optionally re-calculated when a new amount is passed.
  • The /programs/{program-id}/commission-types/ used to return both Commission Types as Levels. This has now been divided into /programs/{program-id}/commission-types/ and /programs/{program-id}/levels/
  • GET-ting an affiliate in a program wil now return the affiliate regardless of their approval status.
  • When setting an affiliate’s parent, you can now pass an affiliate_id instead of an affiliate object with an id parameter
  • Added endpoints for Affiliate Note CRUD

You can jump right to the complete API docs here:

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