Hello world!

For the past 1.5 years, we have put all our time and energy in product development. Well… almost all, because a day doesn’t feel complete without the daily post-lunch fussball match. 

Being focused inwards, has helped us do product development at an incredible speed. However, we are realizing more and more that we need to share that stuff with the world as well.

So here it is: the first post on the all new Tapfiliate Blog. We will post about new features, company news, affiliate marketing tips & tricks and industry news. As always, we are very open to suggestions and feedback. So if you have ideas for posts, guides or visuals, let us know through our contact form.

Since this is the first step of many in getting our content game going, we would love to strengthen our team with a real pencil aficionado. We are starting out with this cool internship and we will be growing that into a permanent position as soon as possible.

Meet & Sweet

Last but not least, we would like to introduce someone very special to you.. 

Meet Beau, our spokesdog. She will be accompanying most posts, just to ehhh… make up for our lack in writing skills.


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