Feature update: New reporting tools

Checking in to announce another exciting update!

The Tapfiliate reporting feature is designed to help you stay on top of goals and get detailed insights into your affiliate program. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve reporting and help you gather more relevant information - this is why we’ve added more reporting tools under Audience and Acquisition.

By knowing your audience, you can effectively adapt your marketing efforts

Audience reports give you an excellent view of the types of marketing assets you should be creating and sharing with your affiliates for higher conversion rates. Within the audience report, you can see a breakdown of the operating system, device, and browser used by your clients.


My personal favourite, the referral report, allows you to see the exact page link the customer was on before they clicked an affiliate link or asset and landed on your website. This report also allows you to look into which referrers then led to conversions.

The bottom line: Leverage these easy to use reporting tools to drive more growth!