Feature Update: New Conversions Page

After launching our new Payments page for new users, we decided to focus on improving the look, usability and functionality of one of the most important pages of any affiliate marketing software. After plenty of brainstorming, coding and tweaking, we’re very proud to launch our new Conversions page!


We hope that this facelift and added filtering features brings our users a more in-control conversion-monitoring experience, while allowing our users to look through conversion-related information with much more ease.

What’s in the box?

One of the most exciting features we’ve introduced with this update are filtering options! Among the available filter options, we’ve included some new and noteworthy ones, such as Referrer, Landing Page, Country, and Conversion Amount.


With these tools, we hope to give our users the kind of fine-grained control that will not only help them handle their conversions better, but also help them get better acquainted with their affiliate’s activities and where your products or services are being promoted.


When can I see it?

This change has been deployed for every single one of our users, so if you have a Tapfiliate account, you will be able to see these changes immediately applied.

As always, our team is all ears! So if you have any suggestions or feedback, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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As one of Tapfiliate’s fabulous Customer Support Specialists, Amaris strives to empower clients seeking to unleash the true power of Tapfiliate’s cutting-edge marketing technology. Amaris adores sustainability initiatives, board games, cooking, and has a very soft spot for cute animal GIFs.

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