Feature Update: Improved Payments Page

At Tapfiliate, we’re always seeking for ways to improve our platform, and sometimes that takes us down some pretty awesome paths! After weeks of brainstorming and improving on our original ideas, we’re happy to announce the launch of our brand-new Payments Page!

So what’s new?

With our new Payments page, you catch a glimpse of your total Balance, as well as the amounts Payable at the top of your page.

Payments updated

To make things easier, settling balances will be a one-step process.

All payable amounts are already aggregated for you, and all that’s left to do is Settle the balances. This can be done for all balances, as well as for a specific affiliate, right from the comfort of your Payments page!

Settle balances window

Also, you can set your payment threshold right when you’re generating your Payment file. Just set the amount in the box, and only the affiliates that meet the minimum payment amount are included in the file. This will also conveniently state the amount you’ll pay with that file.

New Affiliate Profiles

We’ve also made major improvements to the affiliate profiles!

Now all the information you need about commissions, setting parent-child relationships, and the affiliate’s payout method, is very neatly displayed on one page.


Why am I not seeing these changes?

To migrate to the new Payments Page, go to the your Payouts page and click the link to upgrade. This will also “unlock” the revamped affiliate profile.

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