Feature Update: Improved UI & functionalities

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to bring our users a more streamlined affiliate marketing experience, and we’re very excited to finally announce the results of our efforts!

The Tapfiliate you know, but better

This fresh, updated style is designed to make it easier and more efficient to navigate Tapfiliate.

New Tapfiliate update-01

New & explicit navigation routes plot the next step a user should take to advance and quicken their workflow. Whether it be while setting up their new affiliate marketing program or making an edit for an existing one, you’ll find it easier and more intuitive.

Get things done faster

Quickly find what you’re looking to edit and do your thing.

Before, settings for affiliate programs, whitelabeling, onboarding and sign-up page editing were scattered in different sections. Now you’ll find these settings and more in one place.


This way, we offer you a more concise view of all settings that are relevant to your affiliate program.

And if you have multiple programs, it’s easier than ever to switch between them: Just click on the drop-down menu on the upper-right to select the program you’d like to edit.

Easier-to-use Assets page

Now, you can directly click into the new Assets page.

Assets Tapfiliate

Not only that, but we have also changed the look and feel of this page, so you can easily switch between programs you’d like to create assets for, and take stock of what assets you’ve made available to your affiliates.

Enhanced Visual Editors

It’s easier than ever to craft beautiful welcome messages, notifications, and create beautiful sign up pages that resonate with your affiliate audience and brand.

detail editors

Not only that, but now you can easily drag-and-drop your images into your trigger notification, create and add buttons to link users to relevant content or resources, or add merge tags for that nice, personalized touch that every affiliate appreciates.

Create eye-catching email notifications

Cut down on valuable testing time and craft your triggers notifications with confidence and ease.

email example

With a live in-app preview, you’ll have an exact idea of what your messages will look like.

New Trigger Event

Use the brand-new “Affiliate added to group” trigger event to thank and congratulate your affiliates for their support.

Higher commission rates are a great incentive for affiliates, and now you can notify those special affiliates when they’ve earned a well-deserved commission rate boost.

Emoji Support

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we think the same can be said for emojis!

Our new visual editor enables you to scatter these across your affiliates’ dashboards, email notifications, sign up pages, and even include them in your text assets.

That way, you can elevate your affiliate program with a touch of playful authenticity everyone will love.

Next steps

We’ve been steadily updating all of our documentation. As always, we’re eager to hear what you think about these changes!

If you have any questions regarding this new update, as well as any feedback, feel free to drop us a message in the chatbox! Our support team is happy to help!


As one of Tapfiliate’s fabulous Customer Support Specialists, Amaris strives to empower clients seeking to unleash the true power of Tapfiliate’s cutting-edge marketing technology. Amaris adores sustainability initiatives, board games, cooking, and has a very soft spot for cute animal GIFs.

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