Feature Update: Improved onboarding experience & revamped Dashboard

If you’ve logged into your Tapfiliate dashboard recently, you’ll notice something has changed. And if you’re new, you’ll be happy to see that we’ve made some great improvements to speed up your onboarding experience!

What’s new

If you’re an existing user, you’ll find that we’ve given the dashboard a much-needed facelift that puts key information front and center.

You’ll see a clean summary of the last month’s activity - how active your affiliates have been, the total number of conversions made in the last period, and your conversion rate.

Next to that, you can keep track of affiliate-driven clicks, customers & conversions, as well as new affiliate sign-ups in the __improved Recent activity feed. __

We’ve also added a to-do list showing if you have any pending actions to take: (dis)approval of commissions, balances to settle, and even some great suggestions for taking your affiliate program to the next level.

For new users: Quick start-up guide

New users launching their Tapfiliate-powered affiliate programs will find all the basic steps laid out on their dashboards.

New dashboard

Hit the ground running with:

  • Intuitive customization - Complete the basic steps for setting up your affiliate program’s sign up page, and become acquainted with customization options that Tapfiliate offers.
  • Logo color detection - Upload your logo and we’ll automatically use the dominant colors to create your sign up page.
  • Real time changes - No need to jump back and forth between pages - see your changes conveniently laid out in front of you.
  • Easy installation & verification - Our integration guides are placed right at your fingertips, so you can easily install & verify your chosen integration.
  • Take it a step further - We’ve highlighted some awesome features that allow you to boost your program’s membership, as well as customize your email notifications.
  • Take Pro for a test run - Upgrade during your trial to check out additional Pro features.

These hand-picked tasks help you not only set up your affiliate program running swiftly, but also focus on adding those extra touches that make your program yours.

As always, our support team stands by to answer your questions and collect any feedback or suggestions!


As one of Tapfiliate’s fabulous Customer Support Specialists, Amaris strives to empower clients seeking to unleash the true power of Tapfiliate’s cutting-edge marketing technology. Amaris adores sustainability initiatives, board games, cooking, and has a very soft spot for cute animal GIFs.

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