The Ultimate Ecommerce Holiday Calendar for 2022: Jan-June

Discover the best holiday dates from January to June to promote your ecommerce business using affiliate, referral and influencer marketing.

The ultimate ecommerce holiday calendar for 2022

Do you want to increase your sales and grow your business? Relying on a few key events throughout the year used to be enough, but with more and more competition, this just doesn’t cut it.

You need to make sure you are always top of mind with your customers, affiliates, and influencers if you’re going to increase your revenue.

Prioritize promoting your business year-round. To do that, it’s essential to make sure you know the best ways to highlight your brand in a competitive market using affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing.

We’ve created The ultimate Ecommerce Holiday Calendar for 2022 to help you do that.

Drive more sales to your business using our calendar, which includes all of the critical dates, plus some others that you may not have heard of (and some other fun holidays for you to get involved with.)

Here is a quick explainer of affiliate and referral marketing in case you aren’t familiar.

  • Affiliate marketing is when you get different websites and influencers to promote your brand in exchange for a commission on every successful sale. There are a wide variety of different affiliates out there, but this article will __focus primarily on content affiliates __(for example, bloggers, influencers, and content websites.)

  • Referral marketing is when you reward a customer for successfully referring a friend to your business.

For both affiliate marketing and referral marketing you will need to use special links that help you track actual sales and know who to reward and how much.

With Tapfiliate you can start affiliate and referral programs quickly and easily and links are automatically generated for you. Plus, we track which affiliate or referral you need to reward so you can save time and focus on what matters. Get started with a free 14-day trial.

Whether you’re looking for something like Sci-Fi Day or National Donut Day, we’ve got something for everyone.

It’s essential to look at what might be a good fit for your business and what resonates to avoid alienating your audience.

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January ecommerce calendar


Ah, January. New beginnings, fresh starts, and more active gym members than at any other time of the year. See what’s coming up.

Throughout January Back to School

Audience: Australian parents & kids

January is the end of the summer holidays in the Southern Hemisphere, and kids start to go back to school. Create campaigns with your affiliates and influencers around this, including discount codes, and encourage customers to refer their friends for an additional bonus.

Start your promotions early in November December as many families will be enjoying their Summer break in December.

Throughout January: Veganuary

Audience: Vegan-curious people and people who want to cut down on eating meat

Veganuary has grown in popularity in recent years. Work with influencers and affiliates to create content to support this event. Content could include 5 simple vegan recipes you can do in 10 minutes, 5 meat substitutes that taste delicious, 5 easy vegan swaps you won’t even notice.

Throughout January: Dry January

Audience: Drinkers and sober-curious people

Dry January is having a real impact on alcohol sales. This event is excellent to highlight alcohol alternatives or sober lifestyle books. Work with your food and drink affiliates to create content around this event. Content could include 5 alcohol-free beers that are delicious, 5 virgin mocktail recipes you need to try, or 5 reasons to do Dry January.

1st: New Years Day

Audience: Everyone

The New Year is a new start for everyone. Many people see it as a chance to start something new or quit something. Use this to tailor your marketing campaigns. You could ask your customers to share their goals for the coming year or start a challenge for them to join (in addition to this, you could ask them to refer 5 friends for an additional bonus or discount).

Get affiliates and influencers to create content around New Year’s resolutions, bucket lists, or challenges, depending on your type of business. Create a revenue goal for your affiliates for the month of January with a bonus if they reach that goal.

2nd: Sci-Fi Day

Audience: Sci-Fi Fans

Hands up, who loves a bit of Sci-Fi? This day is perfect for any brand with any Sci-Fi products in stock. Use this day to highlight specific merchandise with your affiliates and influencers. Examples could include 5 sci-fi movies you need to watch, 5 of the best sci-fi-themed novels to read this Sci-Fi day, or how to incorporate more sci-fi into your life. Increase referrals by offering a one-time promotion. For example, successfully refer a friend and get free shipping. This will boost your sales.

8th: Bubble Bath Day

*Audience: People who love a long soak in the bath *

Who doesn’t love a long soak in the tub? If you are a health or beauty brand, Bubble Bath day is a great way to highlight your products. Encourage your customers to share pics of their bubble baths or bath products and reshare them on your social media.

With your affiliates and influencers, you could highlight bubble baths with content including 5 of the best bath bombs, design ideas for the perfect bubble bath, or you could run a competition with a beauty blogger to win some bubble bath products.

10th: Houseplant Appreciation Day

Audience: People who successfully manage to keep their houseplants alive and wannabes who try their best to be good plant parents

This is a day to appreciate your plants, and what better way to do it than with a dedicated day? If you sell plants or gardening supplies, be sure to highlight this day in your marketing. Get affiliates and influencers to create content with valuable tips about looking after your plants.

14th Dress up Your Pet Day

Audience: People who have pets and people who want a pet

If you follow Jiffpom, Tucker Budzyn, or any other cute pet on Instagram accounts with animals dressed in all manner of outfits, then you will know precisely what this day is all about. National dress-up your pet day is the ideal time for one of your influencers to host a competition for the best-dressed pet to win a prize.

15th Hat Day

Audience: People who like wearing hats

If you sell hats, this is the ideal time to promote them. Showcase your bestsellers using your affiliates. If you are a fashion brand, you could introduce a limited edition hat or work with an influencer to create something fabulous for their users. Other content could include 5 hats that will pair with any look, or 10 of the best hat trends for this year.

17th Martin Luther King Jr. day

This is a day that celebrates the birthday of civil rights movement spokesperson Martin Luther King. Celebrate diversity and inclusion in your business and highlight other Black-owned companies.

20th Get to Know Your Customers Day

Audience: You and your customers

Learning more about your customers means that you can better market your business. Learn more about them by asking questions on social media, sending out an incentivized survey with a reward for taking part, and highlighting your happy customers. For your referral program you could encourage people to answer the survey and refer a friend to be in the chance to win something.

20th Cheese Lovers Day

Audience: Cheese lovers

Cheese is delicious (unless you’re lactose intolerant, then it comes with some caveats). If you sell food, work with food blogger affiliates to create recipes with cheese in them, or get affiliates to do a roundup of their best cheesy takeaways.

This also works for somewhere that stocks vegan cheese and vegan food. Highlight your popular products on the homepage, and give affiliates, influencers, and your referral program participants a cheesy discount on their cheesy purchases.

22nd Hot Sauce Day

Audience: Hot sauce lovers

KAPOW! Hot sauce all around for those who love their sauces with a kick. Work with influencers and affiliate food bloggers to create recipes that include hot sauce as one of the ingredients, get your customers to share their best hot sauce creations with you, and use your affiliates to tempt customers with free shipping above a particular value.

23rd Pie day

Audience: Anyone who likes pies and home bakers

Pie day is a thing. The American Pie Council says so. Host an influencer or affiliate on your YouTube channel to create a delicious pie. Get affiliates to share delicious pie recipes on their blogs, including shoppable lists for the ingredients of your recipes. Work with influencers to encourage people to share pictures of their best pies on their social media to win something.

26th Australia Day

Australia Day gets celebrated on the 26th of January. People go outside, have picnics, and enjoy festivities. However, Aborigines do not celebrate this day. They know it as invasion day, and it is a day of mourning in Aboriginal communities. They would like Australia Day to get moved to a different day.

26th Spouses Day

Audience: Married couples

This holiday is to prompt married couples to appreciate one another. Celebrated by spending time together and getting gifts, use this holiday to remind your customers to treat each other. You could run a competition with an influencer to encourage people to share what they love about their partner to win a prize. Get affiliates and influencers to highlight your gift products with gift guides and create unique content around this day.

28th Lego day

Audience: Lego lovers, young and old

Lego is a staple of growing up. Showcase collector’s items and popular products in your newsletters and your website. Get people to share their lego creations with you on social media and think about adding an extra lego-related bonus for people who refer a friend who purchases something on Lego Day. Work with content affiliates on articles or posts like 5 things to do this Lego Day, 10 of the best Lego toys for under 10’s, or 5 games you can play with Lego.

29th Puzzle Day

Audience: Puzzlers of all ages

We are not just talking about jigsaw puzzles. Crosswords, sudokus, Rubik’s cubes, word searches, and more - any puzzle is fair game today. Get affiliates to choose their favorite products and write an article highlighting them for their audience. Add these products, plus your favorites, to the homepage of your website to generate more interest.

31st The Grammy Awards

Audience: Music fans, fashion & beauty fans

Fashion, beauty, and music brands alike can use this to create content on social media and their website. For affiliates and influencers, think about “shop the look” articles or posts for red carpet outfits and makeup, work with a beauty influencer to recreate the red carpet makeup of winners.



February is a shorter month, and 2022 isn’t a leap year, so it’s even shorter. There’s romance in the air and some other fun events to go along with it.

Black History Month

Audience: US, Worldwide

The theme for Black History Month is black health and wellness. Use this month to amplify black voices and support black-owned businesses. If you carry stock from a black-owned company, highlight it using your affiliates and influencers.

Note that in the UK, Black History Month is in October.

1st Chinese New Year

Audience: Asian and South-East Asian communities around the world, Chinese Zodiac fans

Chinese New year begins on the second new moon after the solstice and ends 15 days later on the full moon. 2022 is the year of the Tiger - it’s a symbol of strength and braveness.

New year shopping happens before the new year, and red envelopes (with money in them for children and seniors) and other gifts like alcohol, tea, fruit, and candy are exchanged.

Use the period beforehand to promote relevant gifts using affiliates and influencers. Use it to boost your referral program by sending out emails targeting referral members, encouraging them to share with their friends by giving them an additional discount.

4th-20th Winter Olympics

Audience: Winter sports fans

The Winter Olympics get held every four years. Use social media to engage your audience - ask them to share their favorite event or competitor. Use affiliates and influencers to highlight popular winter sports items that you stock. For travel e-commerce brands, think about comping a trip to Beijing for influencers, highlighting Beijing trips you have on offer or winter sports destinations.

9th National Pizza Day

Audience: Pizza lovers

Pizza is delicious. Work with your foodie affiliate content creators to promote your store (whether you sell pizza, or the ingredients to make it). You could ask them to create a pizza recipe, have them write an article on the best pizza and wine pairings, or rate the pizzas from the top 10 delivery restaurants in a specific area.

13th Super Bowl Sunday

Audience: NFL fans and friends

Super Bowl Sunday is a snack and football extravaganza. But you don’t have to be a sports brand to run promotions on this date. Share which team you’re supporting on social media, tell your audience about any food, drinks, or sports-related offers you have, and for influencers and affiliates, create a general discount code. Be sure to let your affiliates know to avoid using the words “Super Bowl” in their marketing as it is trademarked.

13th Galentine’s day

Audience: Parks and Rec fans, ladies everywhere who want to celebrate friendships

Leslie Knopes created Galentine’s Day in Parks and Recreation. This holiday has caught on with fans and non-fans alike. Get your affiliates and influencers to create content around Parks and Rec to promote gifts and food, including delivery and sweet treats. Offer buy one, get one as a promo and tell your affiliates about your promotion. Ask them to share their referral code with their best girlfriend for your referral program.

14th Valentine’s day

Audience: couples and friends

Romance is in the air! Use this date to promote your gifts, experiences, places to eat, or everything you need for a cozy night using your influencers, bloggers, and affiliates. Promotions could include same-day delivery (for those who forgot), buy this item, get another gift item for free.

14th International Book Giving dDay

Audience: Parents and families, bookworms

This day is all about getting books in the hands of children. Run campaigns with influencers around book giving. Get bloggers to highlight the best children’s books. For your referral campaign, say that you will donate one book per successful referral.

16th National Tim Tam Day

Audience: Tim Tam fans and Australians

Tim Tams should be illegal because they are so delicious. Work with your affiliate content creators and influencers to promote this delicious snack. Content could include where to find Tim Tams in the States, 5 recipes with Tim Tams, or homemade Tim Tams - a recipe.

18th Drink Wine Day

Audience: Wine lovers

This date encourages you to drink wine, so get in touch with your food and drink affiliate partners and get them to create unique content around this date. Content could include 5 unusual wine pairings you didn’t know about, how to tell if your wine needs throwing out, or 5 recipes including wine.

20th Love Your Pet Day

Audience: People with pets, people who want pets

Pets are so cute. Today is the day to love your pet. Work with a couple of affiliates to create content about the day and what you can do to love your pet or their favorite pet accessories. Get your customers to share pics of their pets and tag you on social media. Run a competition for the cutest pet with an influencer.

21st Family Day

Audience: Canadians

This holiday is aimed at Canadian Families taking part in fun activities together. Get bloggers and influencers to create campaigns around spending time with family and activities. Since it’s cold weather, you could even work with a food blogger to make delicious hot chocolate recipes and treats for Family day.

24th National Chili Day

Audience: People who like to eat chili and foodies

If you do takeout and sell chili, or you are an online grocery this date is perfect to promote chili. Contact your food affiliate bloggers and content creators and get them to create content. For example 5 of the best chili recipes in the world, how to get the best results from your slow cooker, or 5 of the best chili takeouts in NYC.

27th Retro Day

Audience: Everyone

Who doesn’t love looking back and saying, “remember when?” Use your affiliates and influencers to create lists of their favorite childhood toys, fashion, beauty style, or food (depending on your brand). On social media, get your customers to share their favorite retro activities.

27th World Pokemon Day

Audience: Pokemon fans

Gotta catch ‘em all! Pokemon took the world by storm in the 90s, and it’s still popular today. Get a gamer on Twitch to play on live stream and offer them a coupon code. Share a general discount code or offer with your other affiliates.



Jump into Spring in March with these great holidays for your brand. We’re talking grammar day, International Women’s Day, and more. Dive in!

4th Grammar Day

Audience: Language learners, grammar fans

Grammar, you either love it, or you hate it. Work with a couple of affiliates and provide them with their own discount codes for products around grammar and language. Perfect for bookstores, language schools, or apps.

4th Employee Appreciation Day

Audience: You and your employees

This is an excellent day for you to show your appreciation to your employees. Showcase them on social media and highlight them in your content. If you have employees who are affiliates, offer them an exclusive discount code for their followers to show your appreciation.

6th Dress Day

Audience: People who like to wear dresses

This day celebrates the dress. Work with your affiliates and influencers to create campaigns around dresses - think listicles, favorite dresses from history, and shop the look type posts. Pair this with a flash sale or discount code. Offer your referral program an extra discount or free shipping when referring a friend.

8th International Women’s Day

Audience: People all over the world

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide, with different events. Work with affiliates and influencers on a charity campaign - for every person they refer to your store, donate a percentage to charity to support women.

11th Promposal Day

Audience: Parents with teens and teens

You read that correctly, PROMposal—the day when high schoolers ask their crush to go to prom with them. Get affiliates and influencers to create content about making the ultimate promposal featuring your products. Or sponsor an influencer to do their own promposal video.

14th White Day

Audience: Asian countries

White Day is held one month after Valentine’s. In Asian countries, Valentine’s day is an opportunity for women to get gifts for their partners or let their crush know they like them. White Day allows the men to respond by giving gifts, usually white-colored. For example, white chocolate or candy. Other non-edible gifts are also given. Run a campaign with your bloggers, influencers, and affiliates with content around gift guides.

17th St Patrick’s Day

Audience: People celebrating worldwide

The day when wearing an entirely green outfit is acceptable. St Patrick’s Day is traditionally an Irish celebration, but more and more countries worldwide celebrate this day. Run a campaign with your bloggers and influencers about how to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, where they can find the best outfit, how to create their own St Paddy’s day outfit, or how to throw the best St Patrick’s day party. The opportunities are endless for all brands.

20th National Proposal Day

Audience: People who want to propose to their partners

This day celebrates proposals in all of their forms. Use your affiliates, influencers, and bloggers to highlight any products you have that might be suitable for a proposal. Additionally, think about having them create content around the perfect proposal, what you need, and how to propose so it’s memorable.

20th First day of Spring

Audience: Everyone

Spring has sprung! Use your affiliates, influencers, and bloggers to highlight your new collections and promote your sale for last season’s products. Think five favorite looks for Spring, three unique beauty looks to usher in the new season, or the 10 best dresses for Spring. For other non-beauty or clothing-related brands, influencers and bloggers can highlight new lines and products or items for the perfect spring day.

21st World Poetry Day

Audience: People who love poetry

This day aims to promote teaching, publishing, writing, and reading poetry. For any bookstores or online libraries, use your influencers and bloggers to create content - think about getting them to write listicle pieces on their favorite poets, poems, or poetry books. You could also run a competition with an influencer or blogger to ask their audiences to write a poem. The best would get a gift certificate worth a specific amount to spend on poetry books.

22nd Click Frenzy Travel

Audience: Australians and New Zealanders

Click Frenzy Travel is designed to highlight great travel deals. Work with your bloggers and influencers to promote travel deals, destinations, and equipment. Think about comping a trip for your influencer or blogger to write about and offer them an exclusive coupon code. Reviews, destination guides, or how to articles are perfect for this date.

Note that Click Frenzy is a trademarked name, though many brands use the words frenzy in their promotions.

25th International Waffle Day

Audience: Foodies and waffle lovers

Waffles are super delicious and should be a weekend staple. I digress. Work with foodie affiliate content creators to promote your business. Content could include 5 vegan waffle recipes you can’t live without, where to find the best waffle brunch in the East Village, or you could get a food blogger to create a waffle recipe and post it on their blog. Pair it with a coupon code to encourage people to buy.

27th Mother’s Day UK

Audience: British and Irish people

In the UK, Mother’s day is celebrated on a different day than in many other countries. Use this day to work with influencers and bloggers on campaigns - think listicles of the best gifts to give to your mum, gift guides for different types of mum, or sponsored personal essays about their mums.

27th Oscar Night

Audience: Everyone

Who doesn’t love tuning into the Oscars to see if Leo will ever win another Oscar (It took them long enough the last time.) Work with bloggers and influencers on “Get the look” pieces. Other types of brands can use influencers to promote products around movies, films to watch from the nominees, or how to create the ultimate watch party.

31st National Crayon Day

Audience: Parents, people who like coloring in, educators, and schools

This day celebrates the humble crayon. Create content using bloggers, affiliates, and influencers to highlight your crayon products. Think best crayon crafting activities for kids, or 10 of the best adult coloring books.



April is a great month - from everything, including April Fool’s day to World Art Day, these events have something for everyone.

1st April Fools Day

Audience: Everyone

Who doesn’t love April Fools? This is your chance to have some fun with your influencers, bloggers, and affiliates. Use this to promote products that work well with April Fools.

Get creators to write content about the best April Fool’s Jokes of all time, sponsor a YouTuber to create an April Fools video, or simply announce something silly and get your influencers to promote it to their audience.

2nd International Children’s Book Day

Audience: Parents, readers, and families

Designed to inspire kids to love reading and highlight children’s books, this is the perfect time to work with affiliate mommy bloggers and influencers to create content. Think 10 of my favorite children’s authors, 5 of my kid’s favorite books, or 10 of the best kid’s books highlighting social issues.

7th National Beer Day

Audience: Beer lovers

National Beer Day is a good one to promote if you are a drinks brand or sell equipment to make beer. Work with affiliate beer and drink bloggers and influencers on this one. Content could include 5 of the best dark beers from Germany, how to brew your own beer, or how to host a beer tasting your friends will love.

10th World Siblings Day

Audience: People with siblings

This is a day to celebrate siblings. Work with influencers and bloggers on different campaigns. Think about asking them to create articles or posts, including 5 items that always remind me of my sibling: wardrobe swap, routine, and beauty regimen swaps.

10th World Homeopathy Day

Audience: Anyone into homeopathy

This day celebrates the birthdate of the founder of homeopathy. Work with your affiliate content creators to promote essential oils and homeopathic products that you have. Offer them a discount code to promote to their followers. Content could include 5 of the best essential oils to relieve stress, how to bring harmony into your home with essential oils, or 5 of the best homeopathic products for your home.

11th National Pet Day

Audience: People with pets and people who want pets

Pet day is all about looking after your pets and celebrating them. It also encourages people to help reduce the number of animals in shelters by adopting them.

If you are a shelter, work with influencers to promote animal adoptions. If you stock items for pets, use your bloggers, influencers, and affiliates to highlight products to pamper your pets with their posts.

Examples could include 5 of the best items to groom your dog, 5 subscription boxes for your pet, or the ultimate guide to keeping chickens. For your referral program, give an additional coupon code for 10% off pet products when they successfully refer a friend.

13th National Scrabble Day

Audience: Scrabble fans

Everyone knows Scrabble. If you sell board games (or dictionaries?) you can use your content affiliates to promote this date. Content ideas could include 5 Scrabble strategies to increase your score, words that don’t look like words to score higher, or get an influencer to livestream a scrabble game.

15-18th Easter

Audience: Everyone in Christian countries

Easter is a holiday known around the world. Many countries celebrate Easter and have holiday days off to celebrate. Use influencers and content creators to promote articles like 10 of the best Easter getaways, creating the ultimate family meal for Easter weekend, or 5 Easter looks for the long weekend.

15-17th and 22nd-24th Coachella

Audience: Festival lovers and music lovers

Ahh, Coachella. This music festival is very trendy and is held at the Empire Poli Club in Indio, United States. For 2022, it’s been split into two weekends.

Use content creators, influencers, and affiliates to promote festival fashion, accessories, and equipment (camping). Content could include 5 festival looks for Coachella, 5 essential items you need to take to Coachella, and top 10 accessories for your Coachella festival looks.

21st Get to Know Your Customers Day

Audience: You!

This is a great day to learn more about your customers. Work with your affiliates and influencers to learn more about your audience. Create a survey for your influencers and content creators to share on their social channels in return for a 10% discount code. For your referral program, include an additional 15% discount code for filling out the form in addition to what you usually offer.

22nd Earth Day

Audience: Everyone

Earth Day is designed to educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. The most significant theme that you could use as an ecommerce store is sustainability. Use your content creators and influencers to highlight your sustainable products. Their content could include 5 vegan beauty products you can’t live without, 10 of the best eco-friendly cleaning products, or 5 ways to reduce your impact on the environment.

23rd World Book Day

Audience: Parents, families, and book lovers around the world

World Book Day was created to promote a love of reading and books. Work with mommy bloggers and influencers to create content around children’s books. Content could include 5 of my favorite children’s books, what we’ve been reading this month, or how to choose the perfect book for your child. You could even run a competition with an influencer or blogger - get them to ask their audience to send in their best World Book Day costume to win.

23rd National Picnic Day

Audience: People who like spending time outdoors

This date encourages people to pack up their lunch and enjoy eating it outside. Influencers, affiliates, and bloggers could promote your business by creating content including 5 of the best picnic accessories you need today, how to make the perfect picnic or 5 of the best picnic recipes.

26th Get Organized Day

Audience: Everyone

Marie Kondo is popular for a reason. Although this date does not encourage you to get rid of things that you don’t need, it does encourage you to get organized. Work with affiliate content creators on articles like 5 tips to get more organized, a listicle post including the best planners, or how to stick to your schedule.

28th Take Your Kid to Work Day

Audience: Parents and families

Taking your kid to work can be fun, but it might not be ideal for some parents. Work with affiliates, influencers, and content creators to create content that will help them get through the day. Content could include 5 lunch boxes that will delight your kid on Take Your Kid to Work Day, 3 essential items to take with you when you take your kid to work, or 7 books you can use to entertain your kid during meetings at Take Your Kid to Work Day.

29th International Dance Day

Audience: Everyone

International Dance Day is designed to celebrate how dancing can positively impact us. Work with content creators and dancers to create content highlighting the importance of dancing. Sponsored content could include the 5 best dance styles for beginners, how to motivate yourself to move, or how to find the right dance partner.



May is another busy month, with plenty of events including the MET Gala, Eurovision, and Star Wars Day.

Mental health awareness month

Audience: Everyone

Mental health awareness month aims to highlight mental health positively and get people talking about it. Work with content creators on highlighting mental health issues- sponsor personal essays or posts.

Eurovision semi-finals and final date TBD

Audience: Eurovision fans

If you’ve never watched Eurovision before, you are missing out. People love getting involved with this event. Get bloggers and influencers to create content about hosting the perfect watch party, Eurovision outfits representing each county, or ultimate recipes for a Eurovision potluck.

2nd The MET Gala

Audience: Fashion and beauty fans and Metropolitan Museum of Art fans

The MET Gala is a benefit fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a celebration of fashion in all its forms. Get your affiliate bloggers and content creators to create content around fashion, beauty or makeup looks. Think about recreating the look, best dressed, for example.

2nd National Harry Potter Day

Audience: Harry Potter fans

Harry Potter is a great children’s book. This day celebrates Harry Potter in all his glory. Use this day to promote Harry Potter-related products with influencers and content creators. You could even offer a discount code. Affiliate content could include ratings of my top 5 favorite Harry Potter characters, 5 of the best do-it-yourself Harry Potter costumes, or how to embody Harry Potter.

2nd-3rd Eid al-Fitr

Eid is a feast day celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Gifts get exchanged, and families spend time visiting one another.

4th Star Wars Day

Audience: Star Wars fans

Star Wars day celebrates everything Star Wars. Get your creators and influencers to create content pushing your Star Wars products. Content could include 10 of the best Star Wars moments, 5 of the best Star Wars toys, and where to find them or how to create the ultimate Star Wars watch party.

5th Cinco de Mayo

Audience: US audiences

Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of Mexican heritage - it celebrates the day that the Mexican Army beat the French in the battle of Puebla in 1862. There are parades, parties, music, and Mexican food. Work with your affiliate content creators, and influencers on campaigns around food, parties, and fashion. Content could include 5 best recipes to make for Cinco de Mayo, how to throw the ultimate Cinco de Mayo party, or the best outfits to wear at Cinco de Mayo.

6th Space Day

Audience: People interested in space

This day is a big celebration of space. Create campaigns around space - work with your affiliates and influencers to create content - you could include 5 pajama sets that are out of this world, 5 things to do to get your kid interested in space, or 10 space-related items you can’t live without.

8th Mother’s Day

Audience: People in the US, Canada, most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and South Africa

This is when many countries celebrate their moms. Get your affiliates and bloggers to create content around moms. Think about gift guides for specific types of moms, competitions hosted by affiliates (bloggers) to win a great gift, or a coupon code to redeem on gifts.

13th World Cocktail Day

Audience: Cocktail fans

World Cocktail Day is a great day to celebrate the cocktail (or mocktail, depending on your brand.) Work with food and drink content affiliates to get them to promote your brand. Content ideas could include listicle posts (10 of the best mocktails rated), 5 places to get great cocktails and watch the sunset, or how to create the ultimate Bloody Mary.

15th World Baking Day

Audience: People who love to bake

Designed to spread the joy of baking, World Baking Day is an excellent option for you to work with some food blogger affiliates to create content. Think about getting them to create a recipe, review a baking cookbook, or do a listicle of their favorite baking equipment.

17th Click Frenzy Mayhem

Audience: Australians and New Zealanders

This is the main event of Click Frenzy and is incredibly popular with many brands. It’s known for showcasing the best deals from retailers in Australia and New Zealand. Work with affiliates and influencers and give them discount codes for their audiences or a dedicated sale landing page. Be sure that they don’t use the words Click Frenzy as it is a trademarked term. Instead, use the word frenzy.

21st International Tea Day

Audience: Tea lovers

International Tea Day is designed to create awareness around more sustainable tea production and consumption of tea. Use this to highlight sustainable tea brands with affiliates and influencers. Content could include 5 of the best sustainable teas, 3 recipes to cook with sustainable tea, or brewing the perfect cup of tea.

25th National Wine Day

Audience: Wine lovers

Celebrate your favorite wine on National Wine Day. Work with food and drink affiliates and influencers to create different content around wine. Think 5 of my favorite red wines from Argentina, how to decant your red wine properly, or 10 best bottles under $10.

29th National Biscuit Day

Audience: Everyone

Biscuits are the perfect snack. Get foodie affiliate content creators to create a biscuit recipe, create a listicle of the best biscuit recipes of all time, or a comparison of the same biscuit from different brands.

30th National Creativity Day

Audience: Creative People and people who want to be creative

Celebrating creativity is a great way to promote your business using affiliates and influencers. If you stock anything that can help people be creative, use them to push these products. Content could include 3 ways to unleash your creativity, how to get your creative mojo back, or 3 creative things to try today.

31st National Smile Day

Audience: Everyone

This day celebrates healthy smiles. If you sell anything dental-related, use your affiliates and influencers to create content around this. Create a coupon code for dental care products and issue it to your affiliates and influencers.



Summer is almost upon us (in the Northern hemisphere at least. Take your pick of events, including Pride Month, National Flip Flop Day, and Father’s Day.

Pride Month

Audience: Everyone

Every year June is dedicated to Pride. Celebrations take place with different events, and it attracts millions of people. If you sell Pride merchandise, work with affiliates and influencers to highlight these items. Think fashion articles, pride parties, or where to go in the city to celebrate.

3rd National Donut Day

Audience: Donut lovers and foodies

Who doesn’t love a good donut? Donut day celebrates donuts in their full glory. Get food affiliates and influencers to create recipe content, run a promotion with them to give a discount or special offer on donuts, or rank their favorite donuts from your brand from 1-5.

3rd World Bicycle Day

Audience: Everyone

This day aims to highlight the benefits of cycling. Use your affiliates and influencers to create content around the benefits of biking, how-tos (for example, fixing a flat tire), or a biking challenge.

5th World Environment Day

Audience: Everyone

This is a great day to promote living sustainably. If you sell sustainably sourced products, this is a great time to promote them using your affiliates and influencers. Work with affiliates who are into sustainability. They can create content around why it’s essential to be sustainable, the best sustainable product swaps, or 5 things you can do to help the environment.

8th Best Friends Day

Audience: Everyone

This is a day to celebrate your best friend. Use affiliates and influencers to create content around the theme. You could create content around the ultimate bestie weekend away, 5 gifts your best friend will love, or 5 things to do with your best friend on Best Friends Day.

11th Yarn Bombing Day

Audience: Knitters and crafting fans

Have you ever seen something in the street that has been covered in yarn? This is known as yarn bombing. If you are a crafting brand this date is perfect to promote with your crafting affiliates. Think about having them create content including how to get into yarn bombing, 5 of the most fun yarn bombings in NYC, or how to get into yarn bombing. Additionally any crafting pieces from affiliates about learning how to knit would be a great promotion for your brand.

14th American Flag Day

*Audience: Americans *

This date honors the approval of the American flag design. If you sell American items or flags, use this day to showcase your merchandise. Create campaigns with affiliates and influencers around America. Think about topics like all-American fashion brands, America-themed party outfits, or how to hang your American flag.

16th National Fudge Day

Audience: People with a sweet tooth

Celebrating fudge is a great way to work with food blogger affiliates. Create recipe content, favorite fudge brands, or the best equipment to perfect your fudge making. You could even create a competition with an affiliate to win gear to make fudge.

17th National Flip Flop Day

Audience: Everyone

Who doesn’t love wearing flip-flops on a hot summer day? Create content with fashion affiliates and influencer affiliates around flip flops. Think about footwear trends, creating an outfit that goes with flip flops, or stylish flip flops. You could even have a design your flip flop competition with an affiliate or influencer where the winner receives the flip flops that they designed themselves.

18th International Picnic Day

Audience: People who like to be outside

Who doesn’t love to eat outdoors? International picnic day encourages people to do just that. Create campaigns with lifestyle affiliates and influencers. Content themes could include the best picnic equipment, great recipes for the ultimate picnic, or how to throw a successful picnic.

19th Father’s Day

Audience: US, Canada, most European countries, India, China, Japan

Celebrate dads this father’s day. Work with influencers and affiliates on campaigns like gifts for different dads, fun activities to do with your dad on Father’s Day, or 5 getaways that dad will love. You could even run a competition with an influencer or blogger affiliate where people nominate their dads to win a prize.

19th Juneteenth

This day celebrates the freedom of enslaved people in the United States. This isn’t a day to push sales, as many people use this day to avoid spending money with brands that aren’t aligned with Black Lives Matter.

21st First Day of Summer

Audience: Everyone

Oooh, Summer! One for every brand. Examples of content you could get your affiliates and influencers to create could center around summer outfits, best summer salad recipes, or summer beauty looks to watch out for this season.

21st International Yoga Day

Audience: Yoga lovers, people into exercise

And streeeeetch. Yoga is a great way to stay flexible and healthy. Use this date to get affiliates and influencers to promote your yoga clothing, classes, and accessories. Examples of content you could get affiliates to create are 10 best yoga accessories, The 6 styles of yoga explained, or how to choose the right Yoga class for you.

22nd National Selfie Day

Audience: Millennials and Gen Y

Selfie day is screaming out for a competition run by your affiliate bloggers and influencers. It doesn’t matter what you sell, you can get people to enter their best selfies, and for different brands, you could use your niche- let’s say an outdoor company could do a competition for the best outdoor selfie. Pair this up with a coupon code for all entrants, which will help boost your sales.

22nd-26th Glastonbury Festival

Audience: Festival fans primarily in the UK

Glastonbury festival is a hugely popular festival in the UK. It attracts people from all over the country and was created in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix died. There are many opportunities for rands that sell clothing, camping equipment, and accessories, sustainable goods- anything that screams “festival.” Work with affiliates and influencers on campaigns like the ultimate Glastonbury survival guide, Camping gear that will stand the test of time (and Glasto), and 5 essentials to bring with you to Glastonbury

25th Global Beatles Day

Audience: Beatles fans and music lovers

This date is great for music lovers and The Beatles fans. Work with music affiliate content creators to promote your brand on this date. Content could include 5 of the best Beatles songs of all time, 10 of the best Beatles memorabilia, or 5 Beatles tourist attractions to visit.

27th - 10th Wimbledon

Audience: Tennis fans worldwide

Strawberries, sunscreen, and sunglasses are Wimbledon staples (I should know, my mum is obsessed with Wimbledon, and I was born during the semi-finals to her annoyance.) Work with influencers and affiliates to create content around creating the ultimate Wimbledon watch party, what you need to take with you to Wimbledon green, or the ultimate guide to getting tickets to Wimbledon.

29th National Camera Day

Audience: Photographers - amateur and professional, people interested in learning photography

This day celebrates the creation of the camera. Examples of campaign content your affiliates and influencers could produce are 5 of the best photography classes for beginners, how to care for your camera, 5 places to get the best sunset photography in New York. Pair these with a special offer or promotion to drive sales.

Wrap up

We hope this list has helped you to organize the first half of your year with ecommerce campaigns with affiliates, influencers, and referrals. Be sure to organize things well in advance for the biggest chances of success. For the second installment click here.

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