How to Turn Black Friday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

BFCM Loyal customers

Black Friday is a special event for the e-commerce stores pulling all their marketing effort into generating more sales during the discount season.
In this time competition is rampant, causing PPC bids to increase and stores to fight for the buyers’ attention all at once.

When investing that much effort and carrying higher marketing costs on customer acquisition, you can’t afford Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns to result in a wasted opportunity.

Besides getting more customers to buy your products, you should have a strategy for converting first-time buyers into recurring shoppers which doesn’t limit itself to setting up Black Friday popups on your webpage. You want to drive loyalty and get repeat customers.

In this article, you will learn about seven proven strategies for building customer loyalty after Black Friday is over. Let’s dive deeper into the topic!

1. Offer excellent customer support

One of the biggest drivers of customer loyalty is customer support. Double down on customer support availability by Black Friday, including your call center support and live chat agents.

Analyze your ticket submission process and optimize it for higher efficiency. You want to go beyond customer satisfaction to customer loyalty. And that includes your existing customers - brand loyalty is key here.

For example, you can get shoppers to ask more specific questions about your products and services, and provide more information on the issue to make it easier and faster for customer support agents to respond to tickets.

You can consider adding mandatory fields and multiple-choice questions to your chat window and channel the responses based on the topics and issue type. Use a chat support plugin to interact with your website visitors from multiple channels such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Make sure you learn the lessons from the previous campaigns, and try to improve your store based on the feedback collected from customers. In the long term this will help you to encourage customers to keep coming back again.

For example, a customer might have asked for more specific payment methods. So for this Black Friday campaign you can set up payment integration with Hubspot or another CRM you are using and offer more payment methods. It’s all about exceeding a customer’s expectations with your customer service - a happy customer is more likely to come back and make a repeat purchase.

Tip: Don’t forget to prompt your customers to give you a rating on Net promoter. It can help convince people to buy from your brand.

2. Create upsell offers

Remember that people are using Black Friday and Cyber Monday to hunt for special offers and discounts. We’ve all been there, right?

Your Black Friday customers might not remember your brand’s name after the discount rush is over because they buy in multiple places at once.
Find ways to make your brand memorable to customers. Consider sending your products in custom packaging so that customers remember your branding and you’re able to stand out from competition.

Also continue nurturing relations with your Black Friday customers after their first purchase is made. For example, you can encourage them to buy more related products or goods which correspond to their preferences. This way, you will build interest in your other products, get a client to check more items in your store, engage them more, and, as a result, increase the chances for a new purchase and an increased customer spend.

Check out how Dollar Shave Club is using their upsell offer in an email campaign to achieve higher cart volume.

Dollar shave upsell

This email comes right after a customer has finished a purchase offering “tossing in” a couple of other related products.

If you are serving B2B e-commerce customers, you can consider applying this strategy by using proposal templates for Black Friday and sending personalized offers to your leads or current customer base.

3. Reward customers for referrals

People tend to trust the recommendations from their friends. Half of Americans would instead prefer to rely on their friends’ recommendations than any other marketing type.

If you have the right product and a good reputation, referral programs are the marketing tool you should integrate into your Black Friday campaign.

You can consider offering a discount to both a referring customer and their referred friend. This way, your current customers earn an incentive, and so does their friend. Your referral marketing strategy creates a win-win situation.

Take a look at the example of one such referral campaign.

BFCM referrals

By designing your referral campaign with a growth consultant or with your own marketing team, will help create better incentives for one time shoppers to continue buying in your store and refer their friends as well.

4. Set the expectations for shipping time

Delays are expected during the holiday season, and while you can do nothing to influence shipping time, you can still keep your customers satisfied.

You can do it by being transparent about shipping delays and providing your customers with more information about shipping policy.

Suppose you don’t have a shipping policy FAQ updated for the holiday season, so this is just the time to arrange it.Include the information about tracking shipments, delivery time, shipping options, international shipping, and refunds during the discount season.


Communicate the expected delivery time early enough in the buying process – just set the right expectations to help your customers avoid unpleasant surprises with delivering their products – just like Nike does it.

5. Apply smart retargeting

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you will end up with at least these two types of audiences – first-time buyers and visitors who haven’t purchased anything in your store.

You will likely have some recurring buyers as well, but for now let’s focus on the two above mentioned groups for now.

A lot of e-commerce businesses fail to convert one-time buyers into recurring shoppers after the discount season. That is why you have to retarget these visitors with more personalized content.

For example, you can consider offering special deals for the people who have ordered in your store just once. Also, make more sales with Youtube or Facebook retargeting ads by getting your first-time visitors come back to your store.

Then for store visitors who haven’t purchased, you need to have a different retargeting strategy for them as well. This could be creating a substantial incentive to return to your store again like a 10% discount off their first purchase.

6. Make returns easy

92% of customers will buy again if the return process is easy. There is no point in creating more friction for customers with a complicated return policy. As many Black Friday shoppers make a buying decision impulsively, you should expect more returns to come.

However, this trend should not disappoint you. Don’t see a problem, but a challenge and use returns to create an impeccable customer experience.
Let’s analyze how this brand removes friction from buying a product that needs some test drive before a final purchase decision.

Hyphen stresses out a risk-free purchase allowing clients to test their mattresses for 100 days.

BFCM Free Shipping

When customers do decide to return goods, you have to continue nurturing relations with them. Stay top of mind by ensuring your marketing communication is all set up in advance, including newsletters and retargeting campaigns.

Also, showcase your online reputation in your marketing campaigns and throughout your website.This builds trust that is necessary for a buyer to make a purchase again. For example, you can use your Woocommerce or Shopify product reviews as a social proof tactic for converting churned customers into happy clients.

Once the BFCM season is over, it will be much easier for you to get those buyers to visit your store again. They won’t have any fear or objections having already experienced an easy return process.

Remember that 72% of consumers will spend more with a store whose return policy is simple and favorable for a shopper.

7. Segment your newsletter

Instead of sending the same post-Black Friday email campaigns, you can consider sending more personalized messages triggered by multiple factors.

You can include plenty of e-commerce customer segmentation criteria such as sign-up source, purchase history, engagement, basket size, and preferences.

The more targeted your emails are, the more revenue you can generate. Klaviyo examined over 1,5 billion emails sent in Q4 of 2016. They sent two batches of emails – to a targeted list (25% of contacts) and a master (general) list (75% of contacts).

The test outcome shows that more targeted emails sent to a smaller group of contacts performed significantly better and generated higher revenue.


Don’t neglect the power of personalization next time you plan to nurture your customers online.

Start Preparing

Customer loyalty will likely fall when you ignore these key strategies. Start preparing your nurturing strategies and marketing plan way before the industry’s key event to ensure you are all set up to turn your first-time buyers into year-round shoppers.

Think about your customer journey and how you can drive more customer loyalty and improve your customer relationships.

Consider including the following building blocks and our seven tips to get more return buyers:

  • Implement a referral program
  • Set expectations for shipping time
  • Apply smart retargeting
  • Make it easy to return goods
  • Implement list segmentation
  • Offer better customer support
  • Create an upsell offer

Now, this is time to put the lesson into practice!

Margo Ovsiienko

Growth Marketing Strategist. She creates content that converts website visitors into paying customers for SaaS companies and tech agencies. She is writing on her hands on experience in marketing on Margo Leads.

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