What to Include on Your Affiliate Signup Page

Affiliate Sign up
As you begin setting up your affiliate program, you’ll want to make it easy for affiliates to sign up and begin promoting your brand.

Becoming an affiliate should be a smooth, hassle-free process.

After all, the quicker it is for affiliates to get signed up & started, the more time affiliates have to actually promote.

This means you need a great affiliate signup page for your program.

Aside from the signup form itself, there’s important information to cover. Your affiliate signup page should provide potential affiliates with all the need-to-know information in a way that is easy to consume.

In this post, we’ll cover the essentials for your affiliate program sign-up.

1. Why affiliates should join your program

Start with giving affiliates a “why”.

Why should they promote your brand? There’s likely plenty of reasons, but the two most important are: they love your product and they can earn money.

Start with a tagline. Some popular examples include:

  • Promote and Earn
  • Refer Friends, Get Rewarded
  • Share (Company Name) and Earn (Commission Amount)

Once you have the initial “why”, it’s time to go a bit deeper and make it personal.

Give value to your company. Share what makes your company special and unique.

Use explainer words to emphasize what affiliates will be promoting and how others will benefit from these promotions. Think of words that can best describe your company like innovative, useful, efficient. Consider phrases like “Most Trusted” or “Industry’s Best” or “Customer’s Favorite”.

If you have any notable brand initiatives or values — such as charitable causes or sustainability efforts — this could also be a unique feature you’d want to mention.

Be creative, but also to the point. Don’t make your overview too long, as there’s plenty more to cover. Try to limit this to a catchy tagline and a short paragraph.

Affiliate sign up welcome page

2. Commissions

No surprise, commissions are an essential part of your affiliate signup page.

Commission information should be featured right away and placed at the top of the page.

Most important, commissions should be clear and straight-forward.

The affiliate commission is the amount they will earn for each referral. This can be percentage of the sales amount or a fixed commission for each sale.

It will look something like this:

Affiliate sign up page commissions

Be sure to include when they earn commission. For e-commerce, this is usually when someone makes a purchase. For SaaS or subscription boxes, this could be when someone signs up or when they enter a paid subscription.

Other things to consider adding

  • Any commission structures or tiers
  • Any bonuses that are offered
  • If you offer commissions per product or category

Consider placing your commissions into an earnings context, showing how much affiliates can potentially make.

For example: For each successful payment we receive from customers you referred, we’ll give you 20% commission! So by only referring 10 customers, you would already earn a minimum of $138 each month.

If your commissions are high, especially compared to competitors or the rest of the industry, this could also be something to highlight.

Although it is important to be transparent about your commissions, as we mentioned before trying keeping it clear and straightforward.

Commissions are your selling point, so this information should immediately catch a potential affiliates eye. This could mean highlighting the overall commission, then providing more explanation further on in the page.

3. Program Details

After commissions, it’s important to let potential affiliates know a bit more about your program.

To start, let them know how your affiliate program works.

Mention how they will have their own unique tracking link, which they can share on websites/social media/blogs. And how they will have their own dashboard with all of their performance data.

Then, share how they can get started. For most, this is an easy sign-up form and welcome email — and they can begin sharing their link right away.

This is also a time to mention that there is no financial commitment required.

From there, you may choose to include your payment schedule and payout method.

4.Terms of Service

You can choose to add a Terms of Service to your affiliate signup page for further clarification and transparency.

A Terms of Service establishes the parameters of your program, and provides an agreement between your brand and your affiliates. This is essential information for both parties, so be sure to not overlook this.

For an affiliate program, this will include program specific terms like payment, affiliate obligations and promotion restrictions.

For example: An affiliate obligation could include only placing links on a suitable site (an unsuitable site could contain unlawful material, violence, etc.). A promotion restriction could be affiliates cannot use Pay-Per-Click campaigns on certain keywords.

Then, you may want to consider adding additional terms from other aspects of your business such as branding and trademark, or confidentiality and privacy.

5. Contact Info

Finally, be sure to include your contact information.

Some users may be completely new to affiliate marketing and need some more guidance getting started. Or, some experienced affiliates may have some questions about commission specifics.

Either way, make yourself available along the way and get potential affiliates started right away.

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