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Once you’re all set up, it’s time to get the word out about your affiliate program.

Finding great affiliates to promote your brand is key, so you’ll want to make sure your affiliate program is widely publicized and readily available.

Here are tips for where you can share your affiliate program:

Your Website

Start by adding your affiliate sign up page to your website.

Your affiliate sign up page will be the go-to for everything related to your program, including program information, commissions and the sign up form itself.

Clearly display this page in your website’s footer or navigation bar. Typically, this is listed alongside About Us and Contact pages.

Also consider writing a blog post or press release about your program, with a link to the affiliate sign up page included. Not only will this announce the launch of your program, it also will help with long-term SEO.

Checkout pages & Order Confirmations

Mention your affiliate program throughout transactional steps, like during checkout and in order confirmations.

Customers are already on your site, completing a purchase and your brand is fresh on their mind — so all you need to do is prompt them to signup.

This could be a short, informational message mentioning your affiliate program with a link to the signup page.

Email Campaigns

Invite your customers to join your affiliate program via email.

With Tapfiliate’s Affiliate Recruitment feature, automatically send new customers their own referral link that they can use instantly to spread the word about your business.

Enable this feature to automatically add new customers as affiliate prospects When they drive a new conversion or customer, the affiliate prospect will be immediately promoted to affiliate status and invited to log in so they can view their performance and find more of your program’s resources.

You can also create email campaigns to remind your customers of your program throughout the year, especially if you are offering special bonuses or running contests.

One extra tip: Include your affiliate signup link in your email signature.

Social Media

Tweet, post, and share your affiliate program across all channels.

In your dashboard, you can directly share your signup link to various social media channels.

Highlight your affiliate program in your regular content, and be sure to include your affiliate signup link in your brand’s profile.

In addition to this, consider ways you can use social media interactions to prompt audiences to sign up for your program. For example, if a customer posts their purchase, follow up to their mention with a Thank You message, a short message on how they can earn for referring friends, and your affiliate signup link.

Affiliate Program Listings

Just as brands are seeking out affiliates, affiliates are also seeking out brands.

One great way to promote your program is through affiliate listings and directories.

There’s a lot of online content about different affiliate programs and their offers. For example, lists of “Highest paying affiliate programs” or even more niche-specific like “Best affiliate programs for home decor”.

Research other affiliates programs in your niche, and see where and how they are being promoted. Also look at sites promoting your competitors, and see if your affiliate program would interest them as well.

Directly connect with potential affiliates

And finally, personally reach out to people you think would be great at promoting your brand.

This could be a blogger in your niche, a local influencer or even other businesses. Take time to research their work, personalize your messaging and send over a pitch with your affiliate signup link. You can read more about how you can find great affiliates here.

The more places your affiliate program is being promoted, the better. Keep up with the Tapfiliate blog for more tips on growing your affiliate program.

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