New! Tapfiliate Explained in 1.5 Minutes

Discover what Tapfiliate can do for your business in 1.5 minutes with our explainer video, brought to you by Demo Duck and Tapfiliate

Just like many of our customers, we’re always looking for new ways we can grow our brand.

Over the past few months, we have been putting together a video that best shows what we do here at Tapfiliate.

To do this, we enlisted the talents of Demo Duck, the explainer-video gurus.

We started off by taking a dive deep into who we are as a company. This meant picking the brains of each person on our team; looking over and talking about everything we do, from our platform’s features to what problems we solve.

From there, the team at Demo Duck lead the way. Out of their office in Chicago, they helped us find a creative way to tell our story with script writing, graphic design, voice overs and animation.

In the end, we were able to bring our vision to life - creating a video that embodies the work we do, the capabilities of our software and how we can help customers like you grow your brand.

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