Feature Update: Customized Payout Methods

We’re still engrossed to improving our existing features, and look at what we did now:

Customize Your Payout Method

Next to the wide variety of payout methods already offered by Tapfiliate, you can now add custom payout methods to pay out your affiliates. How cool is that?

Tapfiliate collects email address, first & last name data by default, just imagine the possibilities you have, the sky’s the limit.
Create payout method Tapfiliate

Your affiliates will have to fill in these fields in step 3 of onboarding:
New payout method Youwillrockthis

Get To Know Your Affiliates

Get to know those trustworthy affiliates! Who are they, what do they like, what’s their favorite meal? All these questions, useable or not, can be asked when your affiliates onboard your program. They’re promoting your brand/product/company, so why not reach out and gather a little bit more info on who they are.

Account settings Tapfiliate

Your affiliates will have to fill in these fields in step 2 of onboarding
Profile Settings Youwillrockthis
Can’t wait to create?
We’ve written an explanatory guide to create your own custom payout methods.

Want to start your affiliate program? Try all the features: 👉get a 14-day free trial here

Maria Deacon

I am working as Digital Marketing Manager at Tapfiliate. I live in Utrecht, one of the prettiest cities in the Netherlands. I spend my spare time cooking extraordinary meals for my family and friends and taking long walks with my cheeky dog Darwin.

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