How to use a CNAME to setup domain aliasing

Setting up a CNAME for your affiliate portal allows your affiliates to access the portal through a (sub)domain of your choosing (e.g.

  1. First login to your hosting provider and edit the DNS settings for the domain you have set up domain aliasing for.
  2. Create a new CNAME record with the word “affiliates”, “partners,” or something else of your choice.
  3. Point that record to the subdomain you have set up in your white label settings, e.g.
  4. Save your DNS settings.
  5. Next, in Tapfiliate, go to your General Settings tab > Custom domain page. Here, indicate your new custom domain and save.


Make sure to replace with your tapfiliate domain name for your affiliates.


We have prepared an article, which lists common issues encountered while setting up your CNAME and/or custom domain.

Good to know: We automatically buy an SSL certificate for each custom domain and install that on our end. This is included with the Pro plan.

It can take up to 24 hours before the new CNAME can be accessed - so don’t worry if your new subdomain isn’t live straight away!