Setting up a Facebook app for asset sharing

One of the best things about the asset wall is ease of sharing with social media channels. Since the Facebook API requires a Facebook app, you will first need to create an app.

Note: This is only necessary for customers with an active domain alias (custom domain). 

All you need to do is create the app, add your domain, add your privacy policy, and enable it - easy!

  1. You need to set up a Facebook developer account. If you already have a Facebook developer account you can skip this step. Otherwise you can follow this link and log in to create developer account. Upgrading to a Facebook developer account is completely free, and you won’t need to make a new account to do this.

  2. After having set up/logged into your developer account, you may click on My Apps on the upper right > Create App. Facebook for Developers

  3. This will open a window in which you will be asked to provide some basic information. Facebook for Developers First form Here, you are asked to put in your app name. Be sure to pick something meaningful - bear in mind that others will be able to see it, too! You will also submit a contact email. When you’re done, click on “Create App” and continue.

  4. Next, you will land on this dashboard. Here, you will go to your left-side column and click Settings > Basic. FB developers Dashbaord1

  5. You will land on this page. Fields to fill You’ll see that there are multiple fields - we’ve pointed out the ones that need to be filled. You’ll fill these fields like so:

    • App domain: Here you will place the domain where your affiliate program is located. For example,
    • Privacy policy URL: Here you will paste the following URL:
    • App icon: This can be an image that is meaningful to you and tied to your business. Pick it wisely, as others will be able to see it
    • Category: From the drop-down list, select “Business & Pages”.

  6. Click save, and scroll down until you find the ”+ Add platform” button. This will open a new window. You’ll click on “Website”. Platform + Website

  7. In the new box that opens, type in your website URL. For example, After you are done, Save your changes.

  8. Scroll up the page and set your app live by toggling on the switch. After it has been set live, copy your app id. AppID + Set live

  9. Next, go to your Tapfiliate account’s Branding page and scroll down to find the Facebook app id. Paste your app id in this field.

  10. When you’re done, hit save.