How Adding Video Will Help You Succeed in Outbound Prospecting

Video marketing

Outbound prospecting isn’t about blindly sending emails and messages to potential clients. It’s more about being able to get a hold of relevant leads and approaching them wisely. By defining similar user groups, it’s easier to generate leads properly. With that comes the inevitable hard part — reaching out to your potential clients.

Reaching out to prospects is the part of the sales process that might feel scary. The fear of rejection might hold you back. The reality is that a lot of your emails might never get opened, which is quite normal. You’ll want to increase your open rate, but your bigger goal is to convert those that opened into clients.

In 2020, the average email open rate decreased to only 21.3%. In comparison, in 2013. the average open rate was nearly 30%. That’s a significant drop. If you are working as a salesman who uses cold emails as a primary means of promotion, you know your open rate averages are only partly a measurement of your work success.

If you send a large number of emails, 21.3% can be a lot. The question is how to transform that percentage into conversions? Try by targeting highly valuable leads with messages that stand out in their inbox. We suggest you start using videos in your prospecting.

Add video… why?

Would you say that you read more text or watch more videos? If you are like the majority of modern humans, you are watching way more videos daily. The leap that video content made in terms of usage is huge. It’s safe to call video the ruler of internet content.

It’s estimated that by 2022, 82% of the internet traffic will come from video. When you think about the rise of video consumption, it makes sense to start including videos in your outbound prospecting. Simply, video content became the most effective communication medium. And it’s also easier and faster to process than the plain old text.

Some might use video for entertainment, while others might use it for education, but the influence videos have on purchase behavior is outstanding. Multiple research stats support this statement. Here is just one example: 90% of consumers say that they watch videos to help make a final purchase decision.

When you receive an email or a message that includes visual content you are probably more intrigued by it. Including the word “video” in the subject line of your email has been a valid approach for years.

Video marketing audience

Understand your audience to attract them

To make the most out of your outbound prospecting using video, you’ll want to know your prospects first. Since you want to produce a highly personalized video, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and dig deep. Remember, you are making a video that is directed towards an individual.

You must do great research to create an effective video. You can use social media monitoring tools to get a round picture of what you need to do to create a video that draws attention. Also, you can monitor your competitors’ audience, by reading their comment section or inspecting their engaged users.

Some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Try to keep it short
  • Make it personal
  • Use videos as an addition, not as a substitute
  • Be friendly and credible
  • Test different campaigns

By keeping it short, you won’t bore the short-span attention of a modern user. Try to be concise about the message you want to send and get right to the point. That way, interested viewers can quickly separate from the crowd.

Those sales reps that tend to spend more time learning about their target audience, usually see the best results. They know that personalizing your email or LinkedIn connection request is the only way to increase your chances. Without personalization, any sales prospecting strategy might fail.

The same applies here — know your recipients so you can tailor the video for their interests. Learn their needs, their fears and wishes, and you’ll be able to create a perfect video that might make them want to know more about your offer. If you do the research part correctly, making the video is a piece of cake.

Your video should make the recipient perceive you as friendly and easier to do business with. It’s important to stand out from the millions of messages users receive. If you can make your email look trustworthy, you’re halfway done. That’s very hard to accomplish by only using text. That’s why videos are the tool that helps you warm up a, usually, cold email.

By providing quick value such as education or tips, while appearing friendly and sympathetic, your videos are likely to have an impact. Don’t forget, video in your outbound prospecting is a part of a larger strategy. Don’t fail by trying to say everything in a short video — you’ll just get viewers confused and hit them with too much information. Always consider these videos as an addition to your pitch, not as a substitution.

Explainer video example

Create the right types of video

First, you’ll want to define your outbound strategy step by step. These are a few of the most effective types of video that should go in this particular order:

  • Introductions
  • Demos
  • Follow-ups
  • Summaries

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Introduction video

This one is the most important video in your funnel. The text has an important role here — if it seems salesy or like a spam email people might not open it or their email client might even mark your messages as spam. It’s important to spend a lot of time creating the first message and the video.

Introductory videos are great for connecting. By personalizing it for a specific company (or a person in charge) you increase the chances for them to watch the whole video. If you somehow teach them how to solve their problems or even provide a real solution — you’ll likely have their full attention. That’s all you need to start.

Demo video

Demo videos are often used as a part of the sales funnel when the users are already familiar with your brand. They might have even asked for it to get a better glance at your product.

Now it’s on the demo video to do its part. Live demos that are done 1-on-1 are impossible since they use a ton of time both for you and especially your prospect. Short personalized sections on both the beginning and the end of demo videos are the key to success.

In the generic, prerecorded part you must showcase how your product is relevant to your prospect and how it helps them. Here you visualize your services and product benefits. These videos will help you keep them engaged and continue moving through the funnel.

Remember, they must be personalized by a short welcoming greeting or a farewell message made specifically for each prospect.

Follow-up video

You might not know if your recipients even opened the first few emails or messages. The majority of sales folk give up before this part. But, this is a missed opportunity.

This opinion is based on research by WoodPecker that says – follow-up emails/messages have a 40% higher chance of being replied to than the initial ones.

The good thing is you don’t need to change the majority of the script. Start with a recap, mention the problem your recipient might have, and explain you have a video that will likely help them in some way. Finally, you include the pre-recorded video content.

Summary video

When you come to this part of the funnel, you want to make sure you close the deal with a strong message. This is where you have to make your Summary Video more personal.

Include everything from your prior communication and any relevant information that you’ve gathered by this stage. This helps your prospect feel like there is a real person behind all this back and forth. Emphasize everything you know about their problems and potential solutions so that the recipient feels you can help them.

Don’t act like this is a farewell and try to seem confident that you’ll meet again. Even if it doesn’t turn out into a conversion this time, you’ll want to re-prospect them again.

Video is the future of outbound prospecting

Whether you tried it or not, video in outbound prospecting is quickly becoming a necessity. You should consider experimenting with it, at the least. There are a lot of examples of how it helped businesses and the internet is full of research done by competent experts. It’s working — you just need to leverage it the correct way.

It does take time to produce all of the content at first. But, after a while, you’ll get the hang of it and create videos without consuming so much of your time. It’s possible for it to be a moderate investment — no need for going big, just start as soon as possible.

Oliver Bridge

Oli is the CMO at Bonjoro, an app for sending personalized videos to convert and support your customers. He joined Bonjoro in 2016 and has helped build Bonjoro into one of Australia’s fastest-growing startups, with over 50,000 customers using the tool today.

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