UpPromote Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software: Features, Integrations and Pricing

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Affiliate tracking software plays a vital role in managing and understanding your affiliate program. It helps you keep tabs on clicks, sales, and the overall results of your campaigns. If you’re exploring the idea of using UpPromote affiliate software, this review will break down its features, pricing, and integrations for you. Additionally, we’ll introduce Tapfiliate as another option to consider for tracking and managing your affiliate program.

UpPromote affiliate tracking tool

UpPromote is an affiliate marketing platform designed for Shopify store owners. It aids businesses in creating and managing affiliate marketing programs, allowing them to collaborate with influencers and other affiliates to promote their products.

UpPromote features

Build your team:

UpPromote streamlines the process of setting up and managing an affiliate program. Users can create distinct affiliate offers and list them on the UpPromote marketplace. The platform provides an avenue for inviting potential affiliates via a registration form and also gives the option to invite current customers to participate. Additionally, the inclusion of multi-level marketing allows users to further develop and diversify their affiliate network.

Customize your campaign:

UpPromote places emphasis on allowing you to retain your brand identity even when managing affiliate campaigns. Users have the flexibility to customize various elements, from the affiliate registration form to email templates, ensuring everything aligns with the brand’s aesthetic. Additionally, affiliates aren’t confined to a standard format; there’s the option to create a custom affiliate link and all related promotional resources. For businesses with more specific requirements, UpPromote also provides the possibility of making custom development requests.

However, some users say that custom reporting isn’t as in-depth as they would like. Rajesh S. explains:

Users may want to be able to generate custom reports that include specific metrics or data points, but find that the reporting features in UpPromote do not offer this level of customization. This can make it harder for users to gain deep insights into their affiliate marketing performance or identify areas for improvement.

Work with affiliates professionally:

With UpPromote, users have the ability to stay in touch with their affiliates either via email or chat, ensuring clear communication lines. There’s an option to use white-labeled emails, giving correspondence a personal touch. When it comes to compensating affiliates, the platform provides several payment methods to accommodate diverse preferences. Automated features, like automatically applied discounts, generated coupon codes, and tiered commissions, streamline the management process. Additionally, the platform offers the option of lifetime commissions, making long-term partnerships more rewarding.

Analytics and reports: UpPromote affiliate tracking

UpPromote provides analytics and reporting tools typical of affiliate software. With it, you can view data such as clicks, orders, and commissions. It also offers metrics on the top-performing affiliates and insights into the products that are frequently referred. The user experience and dashboard layout might be a matter of personal preference, and, like many platforms, may require some familiarization for optimal use.


UpPromote offers a variety of integration options to cater to diverse needs. For facilitating payments, there’s an integration with PayPal, allowing for automated payments to affiliates. For those invested in email marketing, UpPromote can be integrated with popular platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp. Subscription services aren’t left behind; integrations with Recharge and Bold Subscription are available. Moreover, there’s an inclusion of Partial.ly for flexible payment plans. And for businesses with unique or specific requirements, an API is provided to support custom integrations.

For affiliates

UpPromote’s Affiliates login encompasses a range of features aimed at giving your affiliates more advanced options. Your affiliates can utilize the Postback URL feature for tracking conversions from other platforms, while the integration with Facebook pixel caters to those keen on refining their ad strategies. Additionally, for administrative ease, there’s an option to export invoices for paid referrals, simplifying the accounting process. To cater to a global audience, the platform has incorporated multi-language support for affiliate accounts.

Multi-Level Marketing

UpPromote offers a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) feature available on , allowing affiliates to bring in as many distributors as they would like. Their earnings can be based on either their direct sales or a set percentage of the total sale which is decided by the store owner. This feature not only rewards affiliates for their own sales but also for the sales made by their network, making it beneficial for both the affiliates and the businesses they promote.

UpPromote pricing

Free: Provides fundamental tools essential for initiating an affiliate campaign.

Growth: $29.99 per month. Offers expanded features to foster and expand your affiliate team.

Professional: $89.99 per month. A specialized solution enabling you to oversee your affiliate team expertly.

Enterprise: $199.99 per month. A comprehensive package, inclusive of custom development options.

UpPromote customers

eFavormart: A brand specializing in event decorations, supplies, and accessories.

Mysteek Naturals: A brand known for its natural hair color products, primarily serving individuals looking for non-traditional, vibrant hair colors without the use of harsh chemicals.

FANDOMANiAX: A brand that focuses on merchandise and clothing for TV series, movies and games

UpPromote reviews

UpPromote boasts high ratings across various review platforms: 4.9 on Shopify, 4.5 on G2, and 4.7 on Capterra. Many users are quick to laud its user-friendly interface and the swift responses from its customer support team. However, not all feedback is entirely glowing; there have been mentions of limitations in the analytics department, and a noticeable absence of CRM integration, which some users found to be a shortcoming.

A practical guide to selecting affiliate tracking software

Step 1: Assess your Needs and objectives:

Begin by clearly defining the specific goals and objectives you intend to achieve with affiliate tracking software. Understand your target audience, sales expectations, and the degree of automation you desire. A well-articulated objective acts as a north star guiding you through the selection process.

Step 2: Research the options

Dive into the vast digital marketplace to discover the plethora of affiliate tracking software options available. Reviews, user testimonials, and expert opinions can be invaluable sources of information as you curate a shortlist of potential solutions.

Step 3: Compare features

Line up your shortlisted affiliate marketing software side by side. Scrutinize each for its features, ensuring they align with your needs. Some might offer stellar reporting tools while others might excel in real-time tracking. Understand the strengths and limitations of each to make an informed choice.

Step 4: Prioritize your experience

Beyond pure functionality, the user experience is paramount. The best affiliate management software is not just rich in features but also intuitive, ensuring you spend less time learning and more time leveraging its capabilities.

Step 5: Connecting your tools

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, your affiliate tracking software should integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and platforms. Whether it’s e-commerce platforms like Shopify or email marketing tools like Mailchimp, ensure compatibility.

Step 6: Balance cost and value

Every business has budget constraints. However, it’s essential to view software as an investment rather than an expense. Consider the long-term value and potential ROI, and weigh them against the cost.

Step 7: Try before you commit

Many platforms offer trial versions, demos, or sandbox environments. Seize these opportunities to test drive the software, getting a firsthand feel of its features and usability.

Step 8: Protect your business

Data breaches are a real threat in today’s digital age. Ensure your chosen software upholds the highest standards in data protection, encryption, and security protocols.

Step 9: Check customer support assistance

Even the most user-friendly platforms can pose challenges. Opt for software providers that boast a robust customer support framework, ensuring assistance is just a click or call away when you need it.

Tapfiliate as a valuable alternative to UpPromote

We’ll dive into the features of Tapfiliate to see if it would be a good fit for your business. We’ll look at features, pricing, and more to see if it could help you up your affiliate marketing game.

Tapfiliate is a great alternative to UpPromote with more integration options, customization and flexibility for brands trying to grow their affiliate, referral or influencer marketing program.

Tracking and attribution in real-time

Tapfiliate’s software offers a system that meticulously tracks conversions from affiliates or referrals, whether it’s for individual items or batch orders. Beyond the foundational tracking, it empowers you with the ability to set up specific conversion goals tailored to your unique operational needs.

They place a strong emphasis on data-driven insights to enhance your affiliate marketing campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns. Its robust reporting capabilities allow users to immediately view clicks, conversions, commissions, and affiliate sign-ups.

Delving deeper, businesses can utilize advanced filters and segmentation, compare conversions across varying mobile environments, and even craft bespoke reports leveraging metadata fields.

Diverse integrations:

Tapfiliate is built for adaptability, effortlessly integrating with a wide array of platforms. With more than 35 integrations on board, covering everything from ecommerce solutions like Shopify to payment providers, subscription services, and e-learning tools, it offers versatility for diverse business needs. And for those looking for even more tailored connectivity, Tapfiliate provides a REST API and Javascript integration, ensuring a smooth experience regardless of your platform choice.

Partner recruitment feature:

Building long-term growth is at the heart of every successful business, and with a customer referral program, this becomes increasingly tangible. Tapfiliate’s Partner Recruitment feature takes the lead by seamlessly inviting new customers to become brand advocates, effectively changing customers to affiliates. By equipping them with a unique referral code or affiliate link, you empower them to share their affinity for your brand, extending the reach to their close circles.

Flexible commissions for your affiliates

Flexibility in commission structures is vital in ensuring that affiliate programs are both attractive and fair to partners. Tapfiliate understands this, offering an array of commission types to suit different business models and promotional needs.

Recurring Commission: This is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate on subscription models, like SAAS platforms. Here, affiliates are rewarded consistently, each time a referred customer renews their subscription, ensuring sustained motivation.

Extra Commissions: An ingenious method to boost conversions, Tapfiliate allows businesses to set special commission rates for specific products. Whether it’s to clear out excess stock or to promote sale items, this feature ensures targeted, effective promotion.

Fixed or Percentage-Based Commissions: Every business is unique, and so should be its affiliate program. Whether you aim to incentivize based on the sheer number of conversions or the total amount spent, Tapfiliate offers the flexibility to choose.

Lifetime Commissions: This is the epitome of building lasting affiliate relationships. Once a customer is tagged to an affiliate, that affiliate is rewarded for every single purchase that the customer makes, not just the initial one. It’s a gesture that underlines the value of long-term partnerships and the shared journey of growth.

Commission type form in Tapfiliate

Additionally, you have the power to award affiliate bonuses within the Tapfiliate based on affiliate performance. You can choose the goal.


Streamlining operations is at the core of Tapfiliate’s software, evident in its robust automation and workflow functionalities. The platform minimizes manual intervention by enabling triggered emails, webhooks, and automations through its Zapier integration. Stay informed without the constant check-ins; Tapfiliate’s automatic triggers will notify you and your affiliates about significant events, ensuring no important update goes unnoticed.

To simplify your tasks, the software can also manage affiliate approvals and commission verifications automatically if you choose. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of refunds or disputes, Tapfiliate has got you covered, handling such matters automatically, ensuring fairness and saving you time.

Customization options

Tapfiliate empowers businesses with customization options to align their affiliate program with their brand image and operational needs.

Tapfiliate offers brands customizable affiliate registration form to tailor your affiliate’s experience and find out more about the people who will be promoting you. 

They offer flexibility with cookie durations, letting businesses choose from a brief 1-day cookie to a lifetime one, dependent on your business needs and conversion time.

To streamline operations and keep you in the loop, it also features custom triggers, sending timely notifications about significant events. Businesses can further harness the power of data with Tapfiliate’s custom reports, utilizing metadata fields for a tailored analysis.

True to its promise of a seamless branding experience, Tapfiliate enables businesses to white-label their affiliate pages, ensuring that every touchpoint, from sign-up pages to affiliate portals, resonates with the brand’s distinct identity.

Furthermore, businesses can send personalized email notifications echoing their brand’s voice. In a crowning touch, Tapfiliate allows businesses to use their own domain for their affiliate programs, ensuring brand consistency and building trust among affiliates. 

Additionally, our affiliate portal is available in six languages so then the ability for affiliates to switch languages is simple and quick.

Unlimited affiliate programs

Tapfiliate offers brands the advantage of setting up unlimited affiliate programs. This means brands, regardless of their scale or niche, can create and manage multiple affiliate initiatives simultaneously, catering to different markets, products, or campaigns

Tapfiliate pricing:

Essential: At $89 per month, tap into foundational affiliate marketing tools designed for all business sizes.

Pro: Elevate your game with advanced features at $149 per month, tailored for growing enterprises.

Enterprise: Contact customer services for pricing. Experience a bespoke suite of tools, optimized for large-scale operations and complex needs.

Customer Support

Tapfiliate takes pride in its dedication to customer service, mirrored by an impressive 95% customer satisfaction rate on Intercom. Regardless of the time or day, every customer can reach out for assistance through our 24/7 live online chat. In addition, our extensive knowledge base offers articles and step-by-step guides to navigate common challenges and optimize the platform’s use.

UpPromote Affiliate Management vs Tapfiliate affiliate management


UpPromote and Tapfiliate emerge as notable contenders in the affiliate marketing world, each with distinct pricing models and offerings. At the entry level, UpPromote stands out with its free tier, catering to beginners seeking fundamental tools, whereas Tapfiliate’s Essential plan, priced at $119 per month, targets those ready to invest in foundational affiliate software.

UpPromote’s Growth package at $29.99 seems apt for budding enterprises, contrasting Tapfiliate’s Pro at $89, which offers advanced affiliate tracking features for the same audience but with a bigger investment.

Both platforms then cater to the experts in the field; UpPromote’s Professional and Enterprise tiers, priced at $89.99 and $199.99 respectively, go head-to-head with Tapfiliate’s Enterprise option. While UpPromote aims to cater to a broader range with a gradual pricing increase, Tapfiliate adopts a more tier-specific strategy, ensuring each price point meets its target audience’s precise needs.

Tracking and reporting:

When comparing the tracking and reporting capabilities of UpPromote and Tapfiliate, distinct nuances emerge that cater to the different needs of online marketers.

UpPromote, a platform designed with Shopify store owners in mind, provides a solid foundation for those diving into affiliate marketing. Through its suite, businesses can efficiently partner with influencers and affiliate partners, seamlessly tracking key metrics like clicks, orders, and commissions.

Additionally, it offers insights into top-performing affiliates and highlights popularly referred products. However, the dashboard and user experience, while comprehensive, may necessitate an adjustment period for some users to navigate effectively.

On the other hand, Tapfiliate pushes the boundaries with its precision tracking system. Beyond merely monitoring foundational metrics, the platform introduces the ability for businesses to define specific conversion goals, adapting to their bespoke needs.

The platform’s ethos revolves around data-centric strategies, ensuring users can instantly access a myriad of metrics from clicks to conversions. What further sets Tapfiliate apart is its advanced analysis tools. Users can immerse themselves in granular data exploration, employing sophisticated filters, segmenting data pools, contrasting mobile-based conversions, and even customizing reports using unique metadata. This depth ensures businesses have a 360-degree view of their affiliate activities, enabling more informed strategic decisions.

Affiliate program management

UpPromote offers a user-friendly platform designed for seamless initiation and management of affiliate programs. It ensures brand identity consistency through customization tools, from email templates to affiliate registration forms. However, while it provides comprehensive reporting, some users find it lacks in-depth customization. Integration options are varied, supporting popular services like PayPal and Klaviyo, and the MLM feature fosters expansive affiliate networking.

On the other hand, Tapfiliate stands out with its meticulous real-time tracking and data-driven insights. Its extensive list of over 35 integrations ensures adaptability to diverse business needs. The platform excels in commission flexibility, offering powerful options from recurring to lifetime commissions. Automation is at Tapfiliate’s core, streamlining affiliate management tasks and emphasizing a hands-off yet informed approach.

UpPromote suits those seeking a straightforward affiliate experience with a focus on brand consistency. Tapfiliate, with its emphasis on data analytics, integration breadth, and automation, caters to businesses desiring deep insights and operational flexibility. Your choice will hinge on specific business needs and management preferences.


Both UpPromote and Tapfiliate emphasize robust customer support. UpPromote ensures users have access to live chat, email support, a rich library of help documents, and instructive videos for streamlined navigation. On the other hand, Tapfiliate takes a broader approach with 24/7 live chat, extending its assistance through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and they provide help docs and live demos.

FAQs about UpPromote affiliate Tracking Software

What is UpPromote?

UpPromote is an affiliate marketing solution designed for Shopify store owners. It’s a tool that helps online businesses create and manage affiliate marketing programs. With UpPromote, businesses can collaborate with influencers and other affiliate partners to promote their products.

What are the limitations of UpPromote?

UpPromote is designed for Shopify, businesses using other eCommerce platforms will need another solution to track affiliate sales.

While UpPromote provides tools for customizing various aspects of the affiliate experience, some users might find that certain advanced customization options, especially in reporting, are lacking or not as in-depth as they would like.

Plus, lower-tier plans may not have all the features that a business requires, necessitating an upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Who are UpPromote’s competitors?

Refersion: This affiliate platform helps online shops track sales driven by promoters, influencers, and affiliates.

Affiliatly: An affiliate tracking software for e-commerce store owners.

GoAffPro: An affiliate marketing tool for Shopify that offers a range of features for both affiliates and merchants.

Post Affiliate Pro: A robust affiliate software that integrates with many platforms including Shopify.

Looking for other UpPromote alternatives? Check out our alternatives page.

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