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An affiliate tracking platform combines tracking, analytics, and partnerships into one central hub for your affiliate marketing strategy. If you’re thinking about using GoAffPro’s affiliate tracking software, this review will provide all the necessary information. It covers GoAffPro’s main features, integrations, pricing, and FAQs. We’ll also introduce Tapfiliate, as a versatile alternative that can effectively guide your affiliate marketing efforts towards success.

GoAffPro affiliate tracking tool

GoAffPro is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software that individuals, brands, and entire organizations can leverage to track and manage all aspects of their ecommerce affiliate marketing programs. Users can monitor complete affiliate performance at a detailed level for individual affiliates or at a broader level for overall affiliate program performance.

GoAffPro features

Whether you’re igniting your first affiliate program or expanding, GoAffPro offers a range of features for affiliate program managers

GoAffPro affiliate tracking:

With GoAffPro, users can set up personalized rules, triggers, and actions to automate the affiliate tracking process. A perfect example would be automating an alert when an affiliate hits a certain conversion target, prompting you to approve their commission. These automations bring efficiency and accuracy to your tracking process, helping you monitor affiliate progress and reward them quickly.


You can modify program rules, commission structures, and performance milestones with GoAffPro. This includes rules for discounts, shipping costs, and product-specific commissions. GoAffPro allows you to customize your landing page, send personalized email notifications, and offer different payment options for your affiliates.


GoAffPro’s analytics offer you a clear view of your program’s performance, including granular actionable insights at an affiliate level. You can monitor sales generated by the entire program or dive deeper to evaluate the performance of individual affiliates.


GoAffPro gives you the ability to generate automatic coupon codes. The platform also offers automatic affiliate approvals and communication using automated emails, keeping your affiliates informed and engaged without the need for manual intervention.

Multi-Level Marketing:

GoAffPro’s Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) feature offers a way to expand your affiliate network. Your affiliates can recruit more affiliates, creating a network that boosts the impact of their promotions. Each affiliate benefits from the sales generated by their sub-affiliates (with different levels of affiliates), creating an incentive for them to grow their networks.

GoAffPro affiliate management

GoAffPro’s affiliate management capabilities include customized referral links (affiliate links) to align with your branding or specific marketing campaigns. Additionally, the platform allows you to set individual commission rates, giving you the option to incentivize high-performing affiliates differently. The ability to view individual affiliate sales and transactions aids in performance assessment. Plus, with GoAffPro, you can download a payments file, to simplify the payout process.

GoAffPro integrations

GoAffPro’s three notable integrations are with leading e-commerce platforms – Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. In total, they offer integration with 19 different platforms, ensuring a smooth synchronization with your existing systems. If you operate on any of these platforms, you can easily incorporate GoAffPro to track your affiliate marketing activities.

GoAffPro pricing

GoAffPro’s pricing structure is tiered to accommodate varying business needs and scales:

Hobby: This is a free tier, offering all the basic features necessary for those just dipping their toes into affiliate marketing or managing a smaller program.

Premium: At $24 per month, the Premium tier delivers a fully unlocked admin panel, equipped with a range of extra features. It’s a great fit for businesses seeking more functionality as their program grows.

Business: For $99 per month, the Business tier provides extended functionalities designed to effectively manage affiliate programs at scale. This option is ideal for larger businesses or those with rapidly expanding programs.

GoAffPro customers

GoAffPro’s services are used by a range of businesses, each with their own unique needs and goals. This includes G Fuel, a prominent name in gaming energy drinks; &Me, focused on women’s health solutions; and Minimalist, a brand committed to clean, effective skincare.

GoAffPro customer support

GoAffPro provides customer service through various channels such as on-site messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. GoAffPro’s customer support has a solid 4.8 rating on Capterra. This score indicates the company’s dedication to ensuring customer concerns and queries are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

GoAffPro reviews

On Capterra, GoAffPro has earned a solid 4.8 score for ease of use, demonstrating its user-friendly design and intuitive features. Users frequently commend GoAffPro’s customer service, expressing their appreciation for the swift and helpful support they receive. However, feedback suggests that businesses with more intricate affiliate program requirements might need to opt for the more comprehensive business plan to fully utilize GoAffPro’s capabilities:

…If you have a lot of products and intend to have different Affiliate rates for different collections, then the free version is a little clunky to implement and doesn’t show great for affiliates. You can do have the capability to segregate this with the upgraded version…

How to choose an affiliate tracking software

1. Determine Your Requirements: Start by understanding your affiliate needs and goals. Are you looking to boost sales, analyze performance, or streamline processes? Knowing your specific requirements will help you find the best-fitting affiliate marketing software for your business.

2. Do Your Research: Take the time to explore the various options available. Read user reviews, seek expert advice, and compare different affiliate software solutions. Gathering information will enable you to make an informed decision and choose the most suitable one.

3. Analyze the Features: Delve into the features offered by each affiliate management software. Look for tools that align with your goals and provide comprehensive tracking, reporting, and advanced analytics capabilities, as well as the ability to recruit affiliates with ease. The right features will empower you to run a successful affiliate program.

4️. Take User Experience into Account: Opt for a user-friendly affiliate marketing software interface. A good user experience makes managing your affiliate program easier and keeps your affiliates happy and engaged.

5️. Check Integrations: Ensure that the tracking software can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and systems. Compatibility with your CRM, e-commerce platform, and other marketing tools is crucial for a seamless workflow.

6️. Evaluate the Pricing: Consider the cost of the software and the value it provides. Look for pricing plans that match your budget and scale with your affiliate program’s growth.  Are you allowed unlimited sales (which means unlimited revenue) in your chosen pricing plan, or are there restrictions? Avoid hidden fees and opt for transparent pricing models.

7️. Test Before Purchasing: Before committing to a software, take advantage of demos or free trials. Test the software to ensure it meets your needs, is easy to use, and aligns with your business processes.

8️. Check Security Measures: Protecting your data is essential. Choose tracking software that prioritizes security with encrypted data transmission, secure payment processing, and robust authentication measures.

9️. Assess Customer Support: Reliable customer support is invaluable. Look for a provider with a reputation for responsive and knowledgeable support, so you can get assistance whenever you need it.

Tapfiliate affiliate tracking software: A flexible substitute for GoAffPro

GoAffPro is a useful choice for ecommerce stores and operating a straightforward affiliate program. However, if you’re exploring other options, Tapfiliate is a solid alternative worth considering for any online business.

Tracking and attribution in real-time

Tapfiliate offers a powerful affiliate tracking system designed to help online businesses manage and reward their affiliates effectively. By using special URLs or coupon code tracking, it allows you to keep on top of affiliate traffic, sales, and conversions made by each affiliate in real-time. 

Additionally, we offer a solution to easily monitor affiliate marketing without any clicks (sometimes called clickless tracking), using coupon code tracking.It enables effective campaign management and oversight.

Tapfiliate offers valuable insights into your affiliate program performance. It records and reports an action instantly, whether it’s a click, a lead, or a conversion. This level of granular tracking provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their affiliate program performance, helping them to identify their most valuable affiliates and strategies

Additionally, the real-time tracking ensures accurate attribution, so you can confidently reward your affiliates based on their performance.

Tapfiliate affiliate program management

The platform makes it easy to recruit new affiliates, while also providing an effective system for tracking and rewarding their efforts. With its customizable features, you can define your own affiliate commission structures and create personalized experiences for your affiliates including their own affiliate portal and the option to provide your affiliates with additional monetary incentives like bonuses.

Another option with Tapfiliate is to create a dedicated affiliate landing page for your affiliates to register for your affiliate program that reflects your brand.

You can select a wide range of payout options for your affiliates including PayPal, Bank Transfer and Venmo. Then they have the power to select their own custom payment mode.

Plus, the platform’s real-time tracking allows for precise insights into your affiliates’ performance  aiding you in making data-driven decisions. Its robust suite of tools aims to streamline the management of your affiliate program, regardless of its size or complexity.


Tapfiliate is compatible with over 30 platforms. Whether you’re working with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, handling transactions through Stripe, managing content with WordPress, or even using your own custom solution via REST API, Tapfiliate seamlessly connects with them.

Recruit partners:

Tapfiliate’s Partner Recruitment feature proactively engages and converts your new customers into affiliates. (A referral program) Tapfiliate has the ability to auto-invite new customers to join as affiliates, turning happy customers into dynamic brand ambassadors.The platform’s user-friendly interface and automated workflows create an effortless setup for your affiliate program and a smooth onboarding journey for new affiliates.

Access to a Partner Network:

Tapfiliate extends your affiliate program reach by offering the ability to connect to the Admitad Partner Network. This feature unlocks access to over 100,000 active publishers who can promote your business. By expanding your program beyond individual recruitment efforts, you get the opportunity to rapidly scale your affiliate marketing operations and reach new audiences.

Award Flexible Commissions

Tapfiliate offers an array of commission structures to suit your unique business model. Whether it’s recurring, lifetime, fixed, or percentage-based rewards, you have the freedom to choose what works best. This flexibility empowers you to incentivize your affiliates, referral partners, and influencers in the most effective way possible. By tailoring your commission structure to match the efforts of your partners, you can drive more engagement, affiliate referrals and ultimately boost the success of your affiliate program. 

Affiliate Program Automation

Tapfiliate’s robust automation and workflow capabilities simplify the management of your affiliate program, making it both scalable and efficient. The platform allows you to automate numerous processes, such as setting up triggered emails (for your email marketing efforts), and setting up custom coupon codes. Zapier adds another layer of automation by connecting your affiliate program with thousands of other apps.

This powerful feature allows you to create custom workflows that match your business needs, freeing up valuable time to focus on strategy and growth ensuring your affiliate program runs smoothly and effectively with minimal manual intervention.

Pricing details

Tapfiliate offers a wide range of pricing plans tailored to your business’s specific needs and scale:

Essential Plan: Priced at $89 per month, this plan covers all the basics you need to start and manage an effective affiliate program, including an affiliate portal for your affiliates to track their own results.

Pro Plan: For $149 per month, you can unlock advanced features and capabilities, providing further tools to optimize and grow your affiliate network.

Enterprise Plan: For businesses with specific requirements or larger scales, Tapfiliate offers custom pricing under its Enterprise Plan, ensuring you only pay for the functionalities you need. This includes unlimited affiliates.

To provide further value, Tapfiliate also offers an annual payment option for all plans. By choosing to pay upfront for the year, you can effectively get two months free, making it a cost-effective option for long-term planning and budgeting.

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Customer Support

Tapfiliate’s customer service receives positive feedback across various platforms. Users have given it a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Capterra and a satisfaction score of 92% on Intercom. These ratings suggest that customers generally find the customer service team to be responsive and helpful in addressing their queries and issues. Plus, they are available 24/7 to provide swift assistance whenever you need it.

GoAffPro affiliate management vs Tapfiliate affiliate management


Both GoAffPro and Tapfiliate offer tiered pricing, but Tapfiliate’s flexibility stands out. GoAffPro’s range from a free to a premium tier, caters to basic needs. Conversely, Tapfiliate’s Essential to Enterprise plans provide a more comprehensive solution, adaptable to diverse and evolving business requirements. This makes Tapfiliate an appealing option for those seeking a scalable affiliate tracking platform.


In a world of real-time tracking and attribution, Tapfiliate not only track affiliate clicks, leads, and conversions instantly for a detailed performance overview but also features automation options, streamlining your processes further.

Contrarily, GoAffPro’s strength lies in its ability to set custom triggers and automations, efficient but maybe not as instantaneous or comprehensive as Tapfiliate. So, if you’re hunting for real-time insights with automation convenience, Tapfiliate could be your perfect match.

Affiliate program management

While both Tapfiliate and GoAffPro provide tools for effective affiliate management, Tapfiliate steps ahead with its dedicated affiliate recruitment feature, automatically inviting new customers to promote your brand. This, along with real-time performance tracking, flexible commission structures, and the ability to personalize affiliate experiences, make Tapfiliate a comprehensive, advanced solution for affiliate program management. Though GoAffPro also offers referral link (affiliate link) customization and individual commission rates, it might not cater as efficiently to larger or more complex affiliate networks as Tapfiliate does.


While both Tapfiliate and GoAffPro have robust customer support systems, their user experiences slightly differ. Tapfiliate prides itself on offering 24/7 support and has a 4.4 out of 5 stars for customer support on Capterra and a high satisfaction rate of 92% on Intercom. This shows Tapfiliate’s commitment to provide quick and effective solutions for their customers anytime they need it. On the other hand, GoAffPro offers multi-channel support, including on-site messaging and social media platforms, and holds a higher rating of 4.8 on Capterra.

In the end, the choice between GoAffPro and alternatives like Tapfiliate hinges on your specific requirements and the intricacy of your affiliate program. GoAffPro emerges as a solid option for smaller businesses with less complex affiliate programs. However, Tapfiliate distinguishes itself with its adaptability, customization possibilities, and numerous integrations, making it an ideal fit for teams and organizations of all sorts. Experience its functionality firsthand by setting up a free trial below.

FAQs about GoAffPro affiliate Tracking Software

What is GoAffPro

GoAffPro is a platform designed for managing affiliate marketing programs, offering businesses a way to establish and oversee their affiliate programs. Features include affiliate tracking, commission customization, analytics, and various automation options.

What are the limitations of GoAffPro?

Businesses looking for deeper analytical insights in an affiliate marketing tool might find GoAffPro’s basic analytics insufficient, leading to a potential need for supplementary tools. Those utilizing less common or bespoke software platforms might experience compatibility hurdles given GoAffPro’s existing integrations. Additionally, despite GoAffPro’s customization features, they may not entirely cater to more specific needs.

Who are GoAffPro’s competitors?

GoAffPro operates in the affiliate marketing software space. Some notable competitors include:

  1. Tapfiliate: This platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing affiliate programs, including robust tracking and reporting features, as well as a variety of integration options.
  2. Refersion: They offer software to help businesses recruit, track, and pay affiliates.
  3. Post Affiliate Pro: They offer a range of features and customization options for affiliate programs.
  4. Impact: Impact offers a partnership automation solution that also encompasses affiliate tracking.
  5. Affise: A performance marketing platform, Affise is used by businesses to manage affiliates and analyze data.

Looking for a different alternative to GoAffPro? Check our alternatives page.

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