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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have become avenues for people to influence each other’s decisions, emotions, and even political beliefs. More and more companies are choosing to capitalize on these influential platforms—and “influencers”—to sway buyer behavior in their favor.

But not all influencers and partnerships are built equally.

Sponsored social media content, gifting, and social media takeovers are some of the most common influencer partnerships out there. But while these partnerships are short-term, brand ambassadorship is a long-term commitment.

Since most people trust the choices of their favorite influencers, they will notice a brand when it gets featured on their idol’s social media post. But if they see an influencer using your products regularly, they’re likely to do more than look up your brand. That’s the power of brand ambassadorship.

In this article, we’ll talk more about what brand ambassadors do, the benefits of getting a brand ambassador, and how you can choose and build a good working relationship with your chosen ambassador.

What is a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors use the company’s products for a long time and regularly promote them online. The influencer shares posts about their everyday experiences using the company’s products. In effect, brand ambassadors become “the face” of the brand.

Hiring a brand ambassador is more long-term and multifaceted than paying influencers for social media content or a blog post. Brand ambassadors embody the values and identity of the company they represent. Plus, they should be experts who can talk effectively about your brand’s products and services. Besides sharing reviews and experiences online and offline, you may invite them to write blogs and promote products at events.

Brand ambassadors must have sufficient knowledge about a company’s offerings and values. Ideally, they should have established networks for effective word-of-mouth marketing. These qualities are often found in these common types of brand ambassadors:

  • Influencer ambassadors – Influencers have thousands of followers, and they know how to make engaging content.
  • Industry expert ambassadors – People with specialized knowledge about your products and industry have credibility and authority. Beauty brands may look for expert ambassadors who understand the perfect skincare routine.
  • Employee ambassadors – Companies often overlook employees when choosing ambassadors, but their significant experience and knowledge of the company’s products make them ideal candidates for an ambassadorship.
  • Customer ambassadors – Customers who love your products already know what makes them special. So, they can easily convince family and friends to give your products a try.

What are the responsibilities of a brand ambassador & benefits?

A brand ambassador gives your brand a personal touch. That is why their responsibilities include knowing the company’s mission, vision, and goals. Beyond that, these responsibilities should be in the brand ambassador contract:

  • Working with the sales and marketing team to come up with effective marketing campaigns
  • Educating and building rapport with customers, retailers, and other stakeholders
  • Creating web and social media content to raise brand awareness and increase sales
  • Monitoring customer feedback and preferences and redirecting complaints to the marketing staff
  • Representing the company at product launches and related events

Understanding the marketing psychology behind effective brand ambassadorship can boost your marketing strategy. A brand ambassador is seen as an honest and relatable person that customers and interested individuals can ask and trust about your brand.

How to choose a brand ambassador in alignment with your goals

Setting a goal is always the first step in every marketing campaign. What do you want to achieve by hiring a brand ambassador? Is it improving your online presence? Or targeting a new set of customers? Knowing your goals can help you find and assess the best candidates for brand ambassadorship. For example, if a beauty company’s goal is to establish expertise, it is best to hire a professional such as a licensed esthetician.

Next, take a look at your prospective ambassadors’ engagement with their followers. A good ambassador not only has many followers but also has genuine interactions with them. Choosing an ambassador based on popularity alone can also make you vulnerable to associating with someone who does not represent your brand’s values. Also, make sure that your ambassador is active on the platforms you intend them to use during your campaign.

Remember that some influencers might be famous on one social media platform but barely present on another. Last but not least, be prepared to make a deal by reaching out to your prospect and presenting your brand ambassadorship proposal.

Brand ambassador payment – how does it work?

A brand ambassador is paid based on factors such as relevant experience and actual performance. Various payment models are used for compensating brand ambassadors depending on the agreement you have with the ambassador. Here are some payment methods for brand ambassadors:

  • Fixed payment based on the ambassador’s skills, experience, and performance – Ambassadors may get paid monthly or hourly. The average annual salary for brand ambassadors is $30,000-$50,000.
  • A curated product every quarter – Sending products to an ambassador also ensures they can provide much-needed feedback and write honest reviews. Some ambassadors are willing to receive products as payment, but you can also gift products on top of fixed payments.
  • Commission opportunities – Commission-based payments are ideal for ambassadors who already have a good follower base and are willing to put effort into getting people to buy your products.
  • Others – Ambassadors will be encouraged to work harder for you if they get perks like discounts, gift cards, and first peeks at new products. In the future, you may even co-create a product with your most trusted brand ambassadors.

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How to ask someone to be a brand ambassador

Asking somebody to be your brand ambassador may be done through social media messaging, email, or in-person during company events and product launches. Choose the best medium of communication according to availability, need, and relationship to the brand ambassador. If the ambassador is one of your followers, sending a DM to inquire about their interest in being a brand ambassador might be good. But if the ambassador is an industry expert, sending a formal email is better.

Last but not least, it is vital that you create a perfect brief after you find the best brand ambassador. That’s because the brief will set clear expectations, goals, and rules for both you and your ambassador.

How to maximize your brand ambassador results

A few things that will make your brand ambassadorship a success are:

  • Tracking your brand ambassador’s engagements, sales, and other key metrics using top tracking software.
  • Tweaking your program or partnership according to metrics
  • Establishing new goals after old goals are accomplished
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your brand ambassador through being transparent, considerate, and available to them.


Brand ambassadors can do wonders for your business by boosting your online presence, reaching new customers, and increasing your sales. To maximize the benefits of brand ambassadorship, choose brand ambassadors wisely, determine a mutually beneficial payment scheme, and then seal the deal with your chosen ambassador.

Heather Ann Pulido

Heather Ann Pulido

Heather Ann Pulido is a freelance SEO content writer and a children’s book author. She believes that words change the world. So, she is passionate about writing for businesses, organizations, and several industries that help shape the consumers, community, youth, and indigenous peoples’ rights.

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