Writing the Perfect Influencer Marketing Brief: 7 Steps

Writing the Perfect Influencer Marketing Brief: 7 Steps

Growing your business is an ongoing process. You can never stop working on the goal to raise brand awareness, increase sales, acquire and retain more customers, and beat your competitors. Naturally, investing in proper marketing is your best tool, and influencer marketing can skyrocket your sales and help you reach your goals faster. But, you need to be careful with influencer marketing if you want to make it a success. This article will go through

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a promotional marketing strategy. You find people with a social influence to promote your products or services to their audience - it doesn’t just have to be instagram influencers.

You can look for any type of social media influencer. Because there are so many different types of influencer, whatever your business is, you will be able to find relevant people to promote you. Some people use influencer marketing platforms for this, but many others do their own searches to find the best fit.

This is an effective way to find more potential customers and should be included in your marketing planning. It is a very popular form of marketing because it is effective - people trust other people and word of mouth marketing, even if it is sponsored content. Influencer marketing campaigns are effecive, too. On average businesses make $5.20 for every $1 spent. It doesn’t have to be a celebrity endorsement, either to be successful.

To ensure your collaboration with an influencer will run smoothly, you can write an influencer marketing brief.

What is an Influencer Marketing Brief?

Finding a new brand ambassador and making sure they do the job correctly is often risky and challenging. Collaborating with people you don’t know yet, and trusting them to promote your business is delicate and requires precaution.

While creative freedom is an important factor to consider, an influencer brief helps you approach the influencer with confidence and define the nature of your potential collaboration.

Simply put, an influencer marketing brief isa written document summarizing the main points of the collaboration between a business and an influencer promoting that business.

This document will secure a prosperous and stable collaboration between the two parties.

Why Do You Need it?

You may feel like an internal word-of-mouth agreement between you, and the influencer is more than enough for a successful collaboration. But, having an agreement makes it clearer for all parties involved.

We’re not saying that influencers will try to trick you or sabotage the campaign. But, unclear instructions and ambiguity can lead to substantial marketing mistakes that you’ll find impossible to correct once they happen.

So, you need an influencer marketing brief to:

  • define the nature and details of the collaboration
  • secure your business interests
  • show your credibility and professionalism to the influencer
  • set goals, demands, and rules
  • make a mutually beneficial agreement

A written agreement between a business and the influencer gives reassurance and security to both sides. That’s why you need to write an influencer marketing brief for potential collaborations.

How to Write an Influencer Marketing Brief: 7 Steps

Writing an influencer marketing brief might seem difficult at first, but with the proper guidance and some practice, you’ll soon become an expert.

We’ve prepared the ultimate guide for writing an influencer marketing brief in 7 steps.

Influencer brief

Basic Information

Every brief should start with a formal introduction, whether you’ve already collaborated with this influencer or not. This section should contain the following information:

  • your company name and logo
  • a brief explanation of what your company does
  • your mission and vision
  • the product or service to be promoted

Make this section as brief as possible since you’ll elaborate on everything in detail in the section to follow.

Campaign Details

Your collaboration with an influencer is a part of a campaign you’re preparing. The influencer needs to know the details of this campaign to be able to fit in it perfectly. This goes for everyone from micro-influencers to nano-influencers, regardless.

This is why this section explains the main details of the campaign and introduce the influencer to what you’re preparing. Make sure to cover:

Campaign goals: Describe what you want to achieve with the campaign. You can set multiple goals.

Channels to be used: Decide which channels your influencer will use to conduct the campaign, e.g., social media platforms, YouTube, influencer’s blog, etc.

Influencer role: Define the main role of the influencer and how their actions should help achieve the campaign goal. Briefly explain what you expect them to do if they agree to collaborate with you.

You can also set a title for the campaign, to be able to refer to it more easily in your later conversations. For this part you could even include a mood board to show what vision you are aiming for, so that the influencer’s content reflects that.

The campaign Main Message

Both you and the influencer should look at the campaign from the target audience’s perspective. The campaign’s primary message summarizes it and explains what you wish your customers to take away after being exposed to it.

So, define the key messaging points that you want the influencer to help you deliver. Here are some examples:

  • Your products offer a solution to a specific problem.
  • Your innovative solutions are unique and valuable.
  • You’re socially responsible by selling new vegan or cruelty-free products.

Be specific about the main message to ensure the influencer is on the same page as you.

Sony influencer campaign

Image source: Instagram

Specific Requirements

Now that you’ve introduced the influencer to the nature of the campaign, it’s time to discuss further details. You need to clearly set expectations for the influencer and define them in your brief.

This includes:

  • The platforms the influencer will be using
  • The type of content they’ll use for promotion e.g. posts, stories, live videos, Q&As, interviews, etc.,
  • The specific hashtags they’ll use
  • The call to action
  • The links they’ll be sharing
  • The frequency of posting
  • The parts of the day when they’re expected to post

This part of the brief is to ensure the influencer has clear guidelines and knows what is expected of them.

You need to be in control and make sure they represent the values and image of your business the way you’ve defined it in your branding.

Design Instructions

It’s important to define the visual aspect of your collaboration with the influencer and include design instructions in your brief.

These instructions will explain what type of visual content you want as a part of the campaign and how the influencer needs to handle it. Discuss specific details such as:

  • Image size and type
  • Video format and length
  • Colors and fonts

The influencer can be responsible for creating the visuals, or you can deliver the visuals for them to publish. Make sure this is all specified in the brief.

Windsor influencer marketing campaign

Image source: Instagram

Language & Vocabulary

When choosing an influencer to promote your brand, you should choose someone close to your brand and your target audience. Still, you can never be sure that they’ll respect your brand image unless you define it in the brief.

This section needs to define:

  • The type of vocabulary you want them to use
  • The writing style
  • The tone and voice
  • Do’s and don’ts of content creation

If there are some sensitive topics you’ll be covering, reflect on political correctness, bias, and other necessary details.

Timeline & Payment

Finally, you need to define the technical details of your agreement:

  • When will the campaign take place?
  • How long will it last?
  • How, when, and how much will you be paying the influencer?

Final Thoughts

When you’re planning a collaboration with an influencer, being in control of the campaign and clear on what is expected is important. Writing an influencer marketing brief is necessary for making sure things run smoothly, and you achieve the goals you’ve set.

Use the 7 steps listed above to turn all your influencer campaigns into success stories.

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