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October Tapfiliate Updates

The Tapfiliate team is thrilled to unveil a batch of recent updates we’ve rolled out this fall. These hot new features promise to not only enhance your affiliates’ user experience but also streamline your affiliate management process. Join us as we dive into the latest and greatest improvements!

Affiliate Portal Enhancements

At Tapfiliate, we understand the key role that the Dashboard plays for your affiliates. This is where they gain quick insights into core metrics, assess their performance, check for available affiliate programs, and secure their referral links. 

So, what’s in store?

  • Seamless Program Switching: We’ve introduced a dedicated block at the top of the page, allowing your affiliates to effortlessly toggle between affiliate programs and instantly grab their referral links.
  • Multi-Currency Revenue: Affiliates can now view their revenue in different currencies, significantly improving financial clarity. 

Advertiser Portal Upgrades

We’ve also brought an array of updates and improvements to elevate your affiliate management to new heights.

  • Customized Asset Allocation: Now, you can assign various types of promotional materials to specific affiliates based on their unique needs and requirements. Take full control of your content quality and branding strategy.
Tapfiliate- asset management
  • Simplified Balance Export: Say goodbye to the need for technical expertise to export information about your affiliates’ balances. With our latest update, it’s just a matter of a few simple clicks.
  • Stay Informed with Change Logs: Great news! We’ve integrated a built-in change log that keeps you in the loop about all the latest product updates. Access fresh information on all Tapfiliate improvements right from your Advertiser account.
Tapfiliate - Change Log
  • Enhanced API Capabilities for Custom Sign-up Fields: Custom sign-up fields are the fields that you can add to the sign-up form to collect more information about your affiliates. And we’ve taken a big step forward in supporting custom sign-up fields. Now, you can retrieve and add these fields via our API, providing you with a more comprehensive view of your affiliates’ data and streamlining operations for a smoother experience.

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Full IPv6 support for all received traffic 

But this is not all! The Tapfiliate team is delighted to inform you that now full IPv6 support is available for click tracking. In response to growing industry trends, we’ve extended support to IPv6 format in addition to IPv4 for the traffic coming from your publishers. This change allows you to tap into a broader spectrum of traffic sources, making it easier to collaborate with publishers exclusively using IPv6 and scale your traffic where necessary.

What does this groundbreaking update mean for you?

  • Enhanced Data Precision: With IPv6 support, we can meticulously track visitors and their actions, leading to more accurate and reliable conversion data.
  • Wider Reach: As IPv6 adoption continues to surge in the marketing world, our platform aligns seamlessly with the evolving internet landscape. This translates to more extensive access for affiliates, connecting you with a broader and diverse audience.
  • Future-Proofing Your Tracking Needs: By embracing IPv6, Tapfiliate ensures that your tracking capabilities remain cutting-edge, keeping you at the forefront of technological advancements.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Tapfiliate!


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