Fresh Tapfiliate Updates — July 2023

Affiliate Marketing

Summer is in full swing, and our team is thrilled to share the latest updates and features we’ve been working on to enhance your user experience and help you drive even more revenue.  

Let’s check what we’ve already rolled out this summer. 

Affiliate portal upgrades

New “Downloads” section to collect and store links to exported reports 

Managing affiliate reports has become much easier with the new “Downloads” section we added to the Affiliate portal. It’s been designed to streamline the way your affiliates handle their exported data. 

Now, they can automatically collect and keep links to all exported reports in one place, eliminating the need to navigate to a specific report and risk interrupting the download process.

Key benefits of the new “Downloads” section:

  • Centralized organization: All CSV files with exported reports are stored in one place, making accessing and managing the data almost effortless.
  • Easy download status tracking: Affiliates can easily monitor the status of their downloads, ensuring they are promptly informed of any potential interruptions or issues.
  • Simplified report management: With a dedicated download section, your publishers can stay focused on analyzing data and maximizing their performance rather than spending time on file management.
Tapfiliate downloads section.

New Conversion filters

Along with the fresh new look of the Conversions section, we’ve introduced new conversion filters that provide greater flexibility and insight. 

  • Filter by Date: Now, your affiliates can narrow down conversions based on specific date ranges, focusing on the data that matters most.
  • Filter by Affiliate Program: Users will gain deeper insight into their conversions by sorting them based on different affiliate programs. 

One more benefit – your affiliates can download less heavy reports, thus spending less time on the file export process.  

Tapfiliate conversions filter.

Payouts section overhaul

We’ve gone the extra mile to revamp your experience, delivering a sleek and intuitive redesign. And now the updated Payouts Section is here, ready to elevate your affiliates’ experience.

Tapfiliate Payouts redesign.

What’s new on the Advertiser’s dashboard? 

Improved assets management

We’ve streamlined the assets sorting process by adding advanced filters. So now, locating the necessary promo materials is a snap with the following filtering options:

  • Dimension: Easily find assets based on their dimensions, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Pinned: Locate your most frequently used assets by filtering them as ‘Pinned.’
  • Hidden: Quickly identify hidden assets that might not be visible in the default view.
  • Language: Filter assets based on the language they are available in.
  • Available from: Locate assets that are available from a specific date onwards.
  • Available to: Find assets that are available until a specific date, making time-sensitive promotions a breeze.

More updates:

  • We updated the cookie time timeline. The max cookie time you can set in now is 365 days. Learn more.
  • We added a new API method that enables you to see which of your affiliate programs a specific affiliate has joined. Learn more.
  • We released one more REST API endpoint to let you easily retrieve a list of your affiliate programs. You can access important details about each program, such as its name, currency, recurring commissions, and more. Learn more.

We believe these enhancements will empower you and your affiliates to make data-driven decisions easily. The Tapfiliate team is committed to continuously improving your experience, so get ready for more new features and updates coming soon.

Stay tuned!



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