Scaleo Review: Features, Integrations and Pricing

Affiliate Marketing

Scaleo is a relatively new partnership marketing platform specializing in niche industries like finance, cryptocurrency, iGaming operations, ad agencies, SaaS, and ecommerce. It offers standard tracking, reporting, and analysis features, customizable affiliate marketing campaigns, fraud detection features, and a unified tracking software and affiliate network to see everything in one place.

The main downsides? The price point makes it pretty inaccessible for small businesses and startups, among other kinks. We’ll walk through the ins and outs of the Scaleo affiliate management platform and present Tapfiliate as a more affordable, excellent, value-for-money alternative.

Scaleo Affiliate Tracking Tool

Scaleo has a broad client roster in niche industries that track millions of dollars in monthly affiliate sales. We’ll look at some core features that enable them to do so, like its vast integrations, intuitive dashboard, API, and reporting.

Scaleo Features

Easy Navigation and Functionality

Many customers cite satisfaction with Scaleo’s intuitive dashboard. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, and customizable to display the information most important to your affiliate business priorities.

Quick Setup:

With 26 integrations to affiliate networks and software, ecommerce platforms like Shopify, and web hosts like Squarespace, Scaleo offers a few pathways to streamline the setup process and integrate your affiliate program into your workflow. They offer an out-of-the-box solution to make the set up as seamless as possible. Another pro for setup ease is their integrations for your affiliates, including RedTrack, Keitaro, and Binom.

Most integrations are easy enough to enable on your own, though you might require a developer for a select few.

One thing to note: Scaleo’s pricing fine print lists a $2,400 one-time setup fee to integrate your business’s affiliate program and an additional $1,000 for every subsequent brand you integrate with their system.

Visual Data and Reporting

Scaleo tracks 30+ data points to provide detailed reporting on metrics like clicks, conversion rate, profit, and earnings per click (EPC). They also offer customizable data visualizations on a streamlined dashboard and graphs to make it easy to interpret your reports. The customizable partnership tools also allow you to set default metrics for your performance dashboard.


While Scaleo’s list of 26 integrations is competitively not as extensive as other affiliate marketing solutions, Scaleo also offers an API to help brands build 3rd-party integrations. This allows you to build a custom affiliate portal, automate data transfers, and make your tech workflow more cohesive. Just remember that you’ll almost always need to hire a developer to enable API integrations since marketers won’t usually have the technical expertise to do it.

Fraud Prevention:

Scalaeo’s anti-fraud algorithm is a plus for business security, as it catches fraudulent traffic and multiple accounts and addresses each threat in real time. It also notices suspicious activity to help prevent fraud before it happens. Many of the platform’s reviews on popular review sites mention satisfaction with this feature.

Scaleo Affiliate Tracking

Scaleo tracks both clicks and conversions, with attributions based on customizable filters like affiliate, time and dates, device, locational traffic sources, and more. The platform’s integrations with eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify also make it easy to set up your own affiliate program that fits your ecommerce business’s needs.

Additionally, brands can leverage Scaleo’s combined affiliate management software and network to help you streamline affiliate tracking onto one single dashboard instead of logging into two separate reporting dashboards.

Can I Use Customization With Scaleo?

Yes, Scaleo is well-known for its cutting-edge AI technology, which enables customization features to help niche businesses make the most of their programs. We’ll walk through a few of their customization functions.

Design customization

Businesses can make their platform dashboard and affiliate portal as on-brand as possible with customizable design elements like:

  • Light and dark themes
  • Page menu colors
  • Logo and brand colors
  • Website banners
  • Custom HTML elements

You can also opt for completely white-labeled pages to remove the “Powered by Scaleo” text at the footer of the page. Just keep in mind that this is only available for the much more expensive, custom, premium plan at $2,200/month.

Content customization

Adjust what you see in the platform down to section names and adjustable report displays like:

  • Additional, hidden or renamed sections
  • Custom widgets
  • Default metrics for reporting and dashboard views

Additional pages customizations

Finally, Scaleo offers the option to add completely new pages to enhance your program and affiliate experience. Choose to add static or dynamic content like app sharing, tools, guides, and promotions to boost engagement. Additionally, you can include customizable internal and external links and custom menu points to make navigation more brand-aligned.

Scaleo Pricing Options

Scaleo offers a few different pricing options to meet diverse business needs. They have two sets of tiers: one for ecommerce businesses for brands that sell online products or services, and another more expensive tier set for all other types of niche businesses.

Additionally, Scaleo offers a 20% discount for businesses that opt for annual billing.

Ecommerce (for online stores selling products or services)

  • Starter: ($240 per month). This startup-friendly plan includes one tracking domain, promo codes, 5,000 tracked conversions, fraud support, and real-time reporting, with initial setup support. It does not include unlimited affiliate programs, ongoing setup support, or a dedicated account manager.
  • Enterprise: ($500 per month). This scalable plan is meant for companies with growing affiliate programs and includes up to 40,000 tracked conversions, commission tiers, and up to 5 custom tracking domains. Enterprise clients also get ongoing setup support and a dedicated account manager, but not multi-level marketing functions or full white-labeling.
  • Custom: ($1200 per month). This customized tier is meant for companies with large affiliate and partner programs and includes full white-labeling, 80,000+ tracked conversions, and 10+ custom tracking domains.

Operator, Finance, Crypto Plans:

  • Scale: ($1,400 per month). This robust package comes with five custom SSL tracking domains, interface customization, 30,000 active customers, a customer success manager, and unlimited clicks. However, it’s not fully white-labeled.
  • Custom: ($2,200 per month). This fully customized package caters to market leaders looking for an enterprise custom system. It includes full white-labeling, a custom amount of active customers per month, and a quick, 6-hour turnaround time from customer support (compared to the 24 hours for scale clients).

Partner Network Plans (for partner networks, performance agencies, or marketplaces working with multiple advertisers)

  • Professional: ($500 per month). This beginner plan is ideal for brands working with a smaller number of advertisers and includes up to 30,000 conversions per month.
  • Enterprise: ($740 per month). This scalable plan for agencies and networks includes up to 40,000 conversions per month.
  • Custom: ($1,200 per month). This tailored plan is meant for brands with a large amount of advertisers. It includes 80,000+ conversions per month, personalized product training, event tracking, and custom features on demand.

What are Some Examples of Scaleo’s Customers?

Scaleo has customers in specialty niches like ecommerce, finance, iGaming, SaaS, crypto, and partnership marketing niches. Here’s a quick look at some of their customers:

  • Spaceships rentals: This campervan and motorhome rental service is the most popular in the UK, and is also active in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.
  • Spott: This financial SaaS solution offers tailored insurance products for ecommerce businesses like liability insurance, suspension coverage, and inventory boost.
  • Nexford University: An online university based in Washington DC, Nexford offers global access to affordable education for a wide range of business administration masters and undergraduate degrees with unique focuses like sustainability, AI, and digital transformation.
  • Ufurnish: This UK online furniture comparison website displays furniture catalogues from retailers like Anthropologie, Wayfair, Jon Lewis, and 100+ more retailers.
  • Hantec Markets: A financial services provider regulated in the UK, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, Hantec Markets offers an online forex and CFD trading platform and accompanying educational resources.

What are Scaleo Reviews Like?

Popular review sites like Capterra and G2 generally display high ratings for Scaleo in the high 4s on a 5-point scale. However, it’s important to note that there aren’t too many reviews on each platform (31 on Capterra and 23 on G2), which might not show the most all-encompassing picture of their customers’ experiences.

Positive reviews praise Scaleo’s intuitive and customizable, fresh interface, easy setup, and responsive customer support team. Points of criticism include limited integrations, sporadic bugs, limited payment options for affiliates, and an expensive price point.

One user Henno says that they wished the platform had more integrations and reporting features:

What I would love to see in the future would be integrations with ad networks like; Google ads, Microsoft ads, Meta, Taboola etc. Also advanced reporting with the functionality to see UTM performance would be a great add-on.

How You Can Choose the Best Affiliate Tracking Software for Your Affiliate Program

Curious if Scaleo is right for your affiliate program? Walk with us as we guide you through a bulletproof selection process to ensure your affiliate software choice is the best fit for your brand’s needs!

What Do You Need for Your Affiliate Program?

You’re at a board meeting (or Zoom call) with your marketing team. The topic: What’s the biggest obstacle to your affiliate program? This helps you identify key features and functionalities crucial for any affiliate software you integrate with your program. Important functionalities include real-time tracking, detailed analytics, customizable commission structures, and easy integration with your existing systems.

You should also consider the unique phase of your affiliate program. If you’re pre-launch, you might seek a platform that offers affiliate recruitment. If you’re established, you might look for software with scaling potential.

What is Available on the Market?

Cue the comprehensive market research. Peruse through performance marketing industry journals and roundups to find affiliate software candidates with a solid reputation. You can also check out industry reviews, customer testimonials, and case studies to assess an affiliate tracking software’s strengths, weaknesses, and ideal client type.

Remember, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing and evolving industry. Meaning? Give equal attention to the veteran affiliate software players with decades of experience and the newer players with innovative solutions.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Think about your answer to step one and narrow it down to specific features that you simply cannot sacrifice in your affiliate software choice.

These might include functionalities like fraud protection if you’ve lost revenue to shady affiliates in the past, accurate tracking across multiple devices, or customizable reports to deliver the most important metrics and insights for your affiliate strategy. Keep a checklist of these non-negotiables to help narrow down your options.

Does it Work With Your Tech Setup?

Seamless integrations aren’t just convenient — they’re essential for a smooth affiliate operation and accurate tracking. Look for affiliate tracking software that can easily integrate into your existing tech stack. But don’t just stop at the software’s online list of integrations. Check compatibility with your website platform, CRM, payment gateways, and any other tools you use.

What is Your Budget for Affiliate Software?

Affiliate software costs range significantly depending on the platform’s niche, subscription tier, add-ons, and additional fees for premium features and setup. Research realistic figures for software to help establish a clear budget for your platform of choice. You might also check online review sites to get an idea of what similar businesses to yours are paying for software.

Can You Access a Free Trial?

Affiliate software fees can quickly add up. That’s why a free trial is an essential component of your selection process to give you peace of mind before making a financial commitment. Check if the software providers offer a free trial or demo version. This allows you to test the software’s functionalities, user interface, and compatibility with your business needs.

How Intuitive is the Software?

Is it easy to navigate from point A to B? Adjust affiliate commissions? Interpret conversion data? Export important data reports? The best affiliate software has a user-friendly, intuitive interface that softens the learning curve and streamlines your experience.

How Secure is the Software?

Affiliate programs deal with financial transactions, personal data, and confidential business details. Meaning? Security is paramount and a non-negotiable for all brands looking to adapt their affiliate program to new software. As you assess each software candidate, look for security features like:

  • SSL
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Secure payment processing
  • GDPR compliance (data protection)
  • Fraud prevention and alerts

How Helpful is Customer Service?

Customer service can make software adoption smooth or a downright nightmare. If you notice countless complaints about customer support on review sites for a particular software, that’s a huge red flag.

Look for customer support praise as well as a wide variety of support options like email, chat, and phone. Software with 24/7 available live chat (like Tapfiliate) are ideal for quick resolutions when you need them.

Speaking of Tapfiliate…

A Cheaper Alternative to Scaleo: Tapfiliate Affiliate Software

Scaleo attracts plenty of niche brands to its platform for its experience catering to specific niches like iGaming, cryptocurrency, and unique SaaS brands. But despite its robust customization features and niche experience? It’s still an astronomically priced affiliate solution compared to other options like Tapfiliate.

Craving an affiliate solution with abundant features and seamless integrations at an affordable price? Tapfiliate is a solid fit.

Lower Fees and Monthly Charges

Tapfiliate offers pricing and software plans to suit businesses of every size, stage, and affiliate program phase. Our fees are much lower than Scaleo’s regardless of the tier, and you get more bang for your buck when you look at tracked conversions and other valuable features. Plus, our overage fees for conversions are lower at $15 per 1,000 conversions (and $10 for the pro plan), while Scaleo’s sit at $20. This makes Tapfiliate the natural choice for brands with lower clicks and higher conversions.

Here’s a quick peek at our pricing plans:

  • Essential: $89/month. Unlimited affiliate programs, 2,000 tracked conversions, real-time reporting, flexible commissions, deep links, and coupon code tracking.
  • Pro: $149/month. Performance incentives, 10,000 tracked conversions, affiliate groups, private creative assets, and item-based commissions.
  • Enterprise: Custom. Unlimited tracked conversions and tracking requests, full white-labeling, custom verbiage, and a dedicated account manager.

Flexible Commissions

Commissions aren’t a one-size-fits-all aspect of your affiliate program. They need flexibility and consistent tweaking to truly garner you the results and revenue you crave. Tapfiliate’s flexible commissions offer ultimate control with flat-fee or percentage-based commissions, recurring and lifetime commissions, and even product-specific commissions (pro plan) to ensure your payouts are consistent with the ROI you’re comfortable with.

Beyond that? Set up automated commission increases to retain high-value affiliates. Dollar per lead, percentage increase, higher commissions for specific products — the choice is yours, always. Contrarily, Scaleo only offers this level of customization for commissions with an enterprise ecommerce plan, which gets pricey and much less affordable for smaller businesses compared to Tapfiliate.

Commission types in Tapfiliate
Tapfiliate dahsboard: Log in or sign up

Multi-Level Marketing Capabilities

Tapfiliate’s MLM capabilities leverage the networks of each and every one of your affiliates. Incentivize them with bonuses and commissions to recruit other potential affiliates to your program, with adjustable commission MLM levels to best suit the value each affiliate brings.


Tapfiliate has 35+ integrations to a wide range of software across niches like email marketing, web hosting, payment processing, ecommerce solutions, and more. Some of our most popular integrations are Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Wix. Additionally, our direct integration with Zapier makes it easier than ever to automate workflows in and around your affiliate program so that your operations don’t miss a beat.

And if you don’t see your favorite tool on our integration list? Harness the REST API or JavaScript for completely custom integrations to best suit your program.

list of integrations available with Tapfiliate

Scaleo Affiliate Management vs Tapfiliate Affiliate Management

Let’s see how Scaleo and Tapfiliate compare in program management features, pricing, customer support, and affiliate tracking.

Affiliate Program Management:

Scaleo’s omni-channel dashboards and overall user experience allow brands to view all performance marketing channels in one place. This is a valuable feature for larger brands or agencies with multiple affiliate programs or large-scale affiliate programs with several moving parts. You can also keep tabs on each affiliate and offers they’re promoting, as well as banner performance, and leverage those insights to grow your program.

Tapfiliate’s affiliate program management features are more inclusive to suit large and small businesses alike. We offer affiliate recruitment through an automated customer referral program to incentivize customers to promote your brand. On top of that, our multi-level marketing capabilities help you leverage your affiliates’ networks to bring in more affiliates to promote your brand as well.

As for commissions? Our flexibility and variety are a source of engagement and retention for your affiliates. You can easily group affiliates with different affiliate commission rates and types, and automate performance-based increases or bonuses for further affiliate engagement. We also make it easy to share branded materials and social media assets to smooth out your affiliate’s workload. The best part? All these features are available at a much more affordable price point than Scaleo.

Tracking and Reporting Analytics

Tracking and reporting functionalities are pretty robust on both platforms. Scaleo focuses its affiliate tracking based on performance goals by metric. For example, you can set up goals based on cost per lead (CPL), cost per click (CPC), and cost per action (CPA) and view them all within the same reporting dashboard. The platform’s in-depth reporting features include individual affiliate stats, revenue figures, payouts and status, profit and percentage-based changes for easy interpretation.

Tapfiliate offers in-depth, customizable, real-time reports with rich filtration potential to dive deeper into the metrics that matter most to your business. View performance insights based on dates, affiliates, assets, landing pages, operating system (OS), browser, country, metadata, and affiliate program (if you have more than one).

Tapfiliate's explore window with data on concersions, affiliates, commissions
Tapfiliate dashboard: Log in or sign up


Both Tapfiliate and Scaleo offer brands a suite of customization options. Scaleo allows brands to customize content like section names and reporting metrics, design attributes like themes and colors, as well as additional pages like promotional materials and affiliate guides.

Tapfiliate also offers customization across the entire platform, like:

  • White-labeled signup pages (add your own questions to your signup form)
  • Affiliate portal customization
  • Custom domains
  • Commission options: percentage-based, fee-based, lifetime or recurring commissions, CPA, CPL, and product-specific commissions

While both Tapfiliate and Scaleo offer white-labeling features to solidify your business’s branding, Tapfiliate offers this feature at a lower price.

Example of signup page customization
Tapfiliate signup page customization: Log in or sign up


Customer support channels are similar across both platforms. Tapfiliate and Scaleo offer supporting documentation and helpful articles to help marketers and brand solve issues autonomously.

Additionally, both offer dedicated account managers depending on the subscription tier you choose. However, Tapfiliate stands out with its 24/7 live chat feature for immediate resolutions, while Scaleo only offers a 24-hour window for response (6 hours for the more expensive, $2,200 subscription tier). Tapfiliate also allows you to see the system status of our software in addition to speaking to customer service agents.

Customer support chat screen
Image source: Tapfiliate


Scaleo’s pricing is prohibitive for new startups or businesses just starting out with affiliate marketing. Similarly, you can find more value for money in Tapfiliate’s offerings, no matter your business type.

For example, Scaleo’s ecommerce plan features up to 40,000 clicks tracked at $500 per month. On the contrary, Tapfiliate offers over 100,000 tracked clicks at a much more affordable $149 in our pro plan. And if you’re not an ecommerce business, you’ll face even higher fees with Scaleo’s standard plans that start at $1,400 per month.

FAQs about Scaleo

What is Scaleo?

Scaleo is an affiliate tracking software with real-time reporting, click and link tracking, and robust customization features that cater to brands in niche industries like iGaming, cryptocurrency, ad agencies, and more.

What are the limitations of Scaleo?

Scaleo has expensive pricing that alienates brand with new affiliate programs, startups, or businesses with simply lower budgets. Furthermore, customer reviews cite dissatisfaction with the platform’s value for money, limited integrations, and high learning curve. And while the platform offers custom API access and webhooks, workflow automation will always be limited without a seamless Zapier integration.

Who are Scaleo’s competitors?

Tapfiliate: Tapfiliate is a cloud-based, commitment-free affiliate tracking software that enables businesses to create, manage, and optimize their own affiliate programs with real-time reporting, multi-language support, customization features, flexible commissions, and affordable pricing plans.

Everflow: Everflow is an affiliate marketing platform with analytics, attribution, and automation features to track and optimize performance campaigns in real-time, though they require a hefty 6-month commitment from all users.

Post Affiliate Pro: This widely used affiliate tracking software offers a comprehensive set of tools like pixel and cookie tracking, promotional materials and banners, audit logs, and flexible commissions to manage and scale your affiliate program.

Affise: This performance marketing platform helps brands track campaign performance in real time, automate mass actions, and recruit new affiliates from their global network.

Impact: This all-in-one management platform provides a suite of products for recruiting and managing various forms of partnerships, including affiliates.

Ready to level up your affiliate program with more efficient workflows, customizable branding, and streamlined affiliate sales and revenue? Sign up for 👉 Tapfiliate’s free trial today

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