Webinar: Building & Scaling your SaaS Partner Program


Affiliate Marketing

Whether you’re a small startup or a large company, everyone is looking for new strategies to grow and scale their business.

Affiliate and referral programs have emerged to be a go-to channel for businesses across several industries, being a marketing stack fixture along with paid ads, SEO, and content marketing. That being said, how can affiliate and referral marketing work for your SaaS business?

This webinar covers everything that goes into building and scaling your SaaS partner program, including:

  • Where to find the right kind of affiliates?
  • How to create a referral program that really works?
  • How to attract the right kind of traffic?
  • How to target various geographies?
  • How to build a sustainable partner program that mints cash?

Meet the speakers:

Jessica Rangel: Jessica is the Marketing Manager at Tapfiliate, one of the leading affiliate tracking software. Her professional interests are centered around writing, creating, and designing content. She spends most of her time writing content, riding a bike, and attempting to master the Dutch language.

Travis Jacobson: Travis is the Head of Affiliate Marketing at Semrush and has over 13 years of experience as an affiliate program manager and affiliate marketing consultant. An alumnus of the University of Utah, Travis has scaled partner programs at Automattic & Thermoworks in the past. His experience in both the e-commerce and lead generation verticals of affiliate marketing has allowed him to manage a wide range of affiliate programs over the years.

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Jessica Rangel

Jessica Rangel

Spending my days writing marketing content, cycling around canals in Amsterdam and attempting to master the Dutch language.

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