Setting up S2S/Postback tracking

Note: Advanced features require the help of a developer to set up - inquiries regarding set up of this fall outside the scope of our support.

Affiliates can configure postbacks in order to get conversions posted to their system by configuring postbacks triggers. This is possible by following these steps:

  1. Affiliates will first need to configure a subID as follows:

    Click on ‘Assets’ > Click on ‘Advanced’ > Then click on ‘Add meta-data’

    Configuring SubID

    Here, affiliates can add subIDs as key-value pairs.

  2. After this, affiliates can compose the link in order to access the area where they can set up a trigger which will fire the postback URL when a conversion is recorded.

    The trigger event should be ‘conversion created’. Then, the ‘webhook’ action can be selected.

    Configuring Affiliate Trigger

    The webhook action should be configured by your affiliate as outlined in the following example:

    Method: POST

  3. Once these configurations have been made, a postback will fire every time a conversion is recorded.