Setting up coupons

With the coupons feature, you’re able to set a specific coupon code for each of your affiliates. If a customer uses the coupon code you have set for an affiliate during check out, a conversion will be tracked via the coupon. Coupon codes can be great for sharing offline and are generally a good incentive for your customers and affiliates alike.

Most payment platforms and shopping carts allow coupons to be used (sometimes called promotions or discounts), but it’s worth checking beforehand whether this is possible with the shopping cart/platform that you are using.

Be aware that we are currently updating the supported integrations in order to track coupons without the need of using the API/Zapier where possible. You still need to create coupons in your shopping/payment platform and add them to the Tapfiliate affiliate profile.

The gist of setting up coupons is as follows:

  1. Configure your shopping cart to support coupons and create a coupon code per affiliate in your shopping cart.
  2. Assign them to your affiliates in Tapfiliate.
  3. Hook up your shopping cart to our API, using either the REST API, Zapier or Integromat. Please note that depending on your tools, you may need the help of a developer to help set this up for you (this step is currently not needed for Shopify, Teachable and WooCommerce).

Note: Coupons may be case-sensitive. Make sure that the coupon in your shopping cart matches the one assigned to the affiliate.

Adding a coupon code to an affiliate profile

To add a coupon to the profile of your affiliate(s) you can do the following:

Open your Affiliates Overview > Click on the affiliate and open the right-side details panel > Click on the None next to the coupon field.

NEW Set coupon for affiliate

Coupon configurations can also be made via the affiliate’s full profile, or through the REST API.

Setting up coupons via the API

Depending on the shopping cart you’re using, the process of setting up coupons will differ slightly. The general directions to setting up coupons involves hooking into your shopping carts coupon, or webhook functionality. You would have to do this in order to send Tapfiliate the coupon code for each order.

Tracking coupon conversions via the API

To track a conversion by coupon code, you can use our ‘create conversion’ API method.

Setting up coupon tracking via Zapier

Note: Depending on the shopping cart you are using, you might need Zapier’s “multi-step zap” feature, available on Zapier’s paid plans.

To set up coupons using Zapier:

  1. Start by creating a new Zap
  2. Find your shopping cart and choose the “New Order” (or equivalent) trigger.
  3. Next, for the “action”, find the Tapfiliate app and select the “New Conversion” action.
  4. Follow the instructions to connect your Tapfiliate account.
  5. In the template section, find the coupon field and connect it to the appropriate item from step 1. It is also highly recommended to hook up the external id and amount fields.
  6. Activate the Zap, and you’re good to go!

Setting up coupon tracking via Integromat

  1. Start by creating a new scenario.
  2. Find your shopping cart and add the module to your scenario. Choose the “New Order” (or equivalent) trigger event. In this example, we’re using SquareSpace as our shopping cart.
  3. Next, for the action, find Tapfiliate and add the module. Select the “Create new conversion” action.
  4. Connect your Tapfiliate account (if needed).
  5. In the “Affiliate identifiers” field, pick Coupon and locate the equivalent key from the list of options the shopping cart offers. In this example, the “coupon” is called “Promo Code”.Integromat coupon tracking example
  6. It is recommended to add the Customer ID (in the affiliate identifier section), and fill out the external id and the conversion’s amount fields.Integromat coupon example
  7. When you’re done, save your scenario.


Always do real tests in your webshop with an actual coupon to see if everything works as expected.