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August Tapfiliate updates.

As we embrace the autumn season, it’s high time to reap the results of our work throughout August. The Tapfiliate team has been doing its best to deliver you new, exciting features and updates ready for the busy seasons ahead.  

We are sure you’ll appreciate the Automated Payouts option rolled out at full speed, new sleek Affiliate Portal designs, and many other improvements.    

Let’s explore these enhancements and see how they can open up new possibilities for you!

Automated Affiliate Payouts Have Gone Live 

We are thrilled to announce that the Trolley integration for automated affiliate payouts is now accessible to all users on our Pro and Enterprise pricing plans after completing extensive testing.

What Does This Mean for You?

The launch of the Trolley integration means that you can:

  • Streamline your payments: Simplify your payment process with seamless, one-click payouts.
  • Stay tax compliant: For our US-based businesses, easily collect essential tax forms like W-9 from your affiliates.
  • Manage affiliates conveniently: Generate invoices whenever necessary, enhancing your affiliate management capabilities.

Getting Started with Automated Payouts via Trolley

We’ve put together comprehensive instructions to guide you through the process of automating your affiliate payouts. Discover all the essential details you need to know here.

Remember, you can effortlessly upgrade to our Pro or Enterprise Plans to unlock a host of advanced Tapfiliate features.

Automatic Display of Affiliate Metadata in the Affiliate Portal 

In affiliate marketing, metadata refers to additional information and data associated with a specific affiliate link, product, or offer. This means it provides valuable insights into campaign performance not only for advertisers but for their affiliates as well, helping them track statistics accurately. 

With the new update, you don’t have to manually add the metadata fields you want to show in the affiliate portal. Instead, your affiliates can easily find all of the metadata right in their dashboards without any input from you. 

Simplified Setup for “Parent” Affiliates

Take advantage of a new, straightforward process for establishing “parent” affiliates within your MLM structure. We’ve added a new “via” parameter to the POST API “Set Parent” method to help you effortlessly assign parent affiliates if, for some reason, you cannot use the Affiliate ID. It means you can utilize the ID embedded in the MLM link, which is used when the affiliate or referral lands on the advertiser’s website. Enjoy a seamless setup that improves your MLM management.

Elevated Custom Verbiage

What is custom verbiage? — This Enterprise plan feature lets you personalize default wording throughout your affiliates’ accounts. Now, with the addition of a more user-friendly Custom Verbiage section to your advertiser dashboard, making manual wording changes is a breeze.

Select the relevant field, make your text adjustments, and hit save – it’s as simple as that! Your affiliates’ dashboard will seamlessly transform to meet your specific requirements.

Custom verbiage

“Profile Settings” Overhaul in the New Affiliate Portal

Experience an even more refined affiliate journey with our latest enhancement – a sleek and intuitive redesign of the “Profile Settings” section. 

And as we continue this transformation, we’re approaching the final steps toward a complete portal update. 

New Profile Settings

Upcoming Updates

But that’s not all the good news we have in store for you. The Tapfiliate team is currently working on upgrading the Reporting and Dashboard sections for the New Affiliate Portal. Let your affiliates enjoy the benefits of updated visuals and precise statistics to simplify their data-driven decision-making.

With exciting new options on the horizon, get ready for what’s coming your way soon!



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