Coming soon: New and improved Login process!

It’s been a while since we last surprised y’all with the launch of a new feature. And though it may have looked like Tapfiliate was standing still behind the scenes, it was mayhem!

Our incredible team of developers have worked through blood, sweat and tears to ensure a smooth login experience for all Tapfiliate users! (Yes, we’re very proud of them, and we don’t mind showing our appreciation).

Publisher or advertiser, you’ll love the change we’re going to make to this more intuitive way of logging in to your account.

Spill the beans already. What exactly changed?

Both account holders, team members, and their affiliates will soon have to log in through the subdomain of the brand’s program, e.g.:

We’ve found that the old way brought some confusion, whereas our Customer Service team occasionally had to rescue affiliates who got lost in the login process. We sincerely believe that the advantages of the new login flow are a significant improvement to our platform.

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Why it will benefit you

Let me place it in bullet points for you;

  • One signup and login domain per brand
  • Advertisers can use one email address for multiple accounts instead of creating different email addresses per account.
  • This update is the seed that will grow into the General Sherman sequoia tree of updates! Maybe I’m exaggerating this, but I’m just excited.
  • No more lost affiliate souls equals less frustration.

How it will work

First and foremost; You will be logged out of your Tapfiliate account in order for you to understand the new login process.

Then when you visit the login page, you will see a new form that requires your subdomain.

New Login through subdomain

Don’t worry if you’re like me, and your memory is not what it used to be due to sleep deprivation; we’ve got you covered. Simply click on “Forgot your subdomain?” and we’ll email it to you.

Once there, type in your Advertiser, Team Member, or Affiliate credentials to access your account. That’s it!

Doubts, feedback, and/or questions

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team. We’d love to hear your opinion!

Maria Deacon

I am working as Digital Marketing Manager at Tapfiliate. I live in Utrecht, one of the prettiest cities in the Netherlands. I spend my spare time cooking extraordinary meals for my family and friends and taking long walks with my cheeky dog Darwin.

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