Feature spotlight: Affiliate Recruitment. Turn your customers into brand advocates.

Affiliate Recruitment Feature Spotlight

Finding great affiliates and referral partners isn’t always easy - but Tapfiliate is on a mission to change that.

The Affiliate Recruitment feature makes it easier than ever to run a referral program.

These 3 simple steps make it a hassle-free experience for you and your future referral partners:


  1. Easily connect your ecommerce or payment tool to Tapfiliate, and invite your clients into your affiliate program on the fly.
  2. Tapfiliate will automatically send them a ready-to-use referral link that they can use to promote your business.
  3. That’s it! The clients who’re interested in helping to spread the word can start sharing their love of your brand, and get rewarded for any new clients they refer.

Read the full Affiliate Recruitment feature guide or go right to your Tapfiliate account to start recruiting affiliates automatically.

If you’re already using the Affiliate Recruitment feature, you might want to check if it’s possible to connect new affiliate prospect sources.

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Why should I use Affiliate Recruitment?

By automatically harnessing your customers’ existing interest, you can effortlessly accelerate the growth of your business. And who better to promote your product or brand than those who are personally acquainted with it?

With Affiliate Recruitment, you will quickly invite your customers to share word-of-mouth and refer new sales. They don’t even need to register for your affiliate program. With the link they’ll get, they can share recommendations of your brand with their network right away.

A powerful marketing tool

In a nutshell, you get a marketing solution that’s perfect for a number of reasons:

  • Grows your affiliate program automatically: save time for more complicated or pressing tasks
  • Zero setup needed on the affiliate side: they just get a link that’s ready to be shared
  • The most efficient PR for your brand: word-of-mouth is a high-conversion marketing channel - use it!
  • Use the feature “as is” or create a wealth of enhancements with multiple integrations, including Mailchimp for emails and Integromat for no-code integrations with hundreds of apps and services.

Affiliate recruitment screenshot

Who is it for?

We already see the benefits of using Affiliate Recruitment for Ecommerce, B2B/SaaS, education and online courses, Books, infoproducts, subscription boxes. Will your business be next?

Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing to create a sustainable engine of growth.

Start using Affiliate Recruitment in Tapfiliate:

Already a Tapfiliate user? Just go right to the 👉Affiliate Recruitment feature inside your app.

Never tried Tapfiliate? Try all the features: 👉get a 14-day free trial.

Used it before but cancelled? Get your Tapfiliate back: 👉restart your account


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