3 Automated emails that will boost your affiliate program

One of the BIGGEST overlooked aspects of running an affiliate program is: Communication.

Effective communication with your affiliate partners, new and old, will make or break the success of your affiliate program. But how can you scale communications without losing personalization and hours of your time!

In this post, I plan to discuss three, actionable triggered emails you can set up in your affiliate program on Tapfiliate today, to improve communication and get better affiliate results.

Before we get started, it will be helpful to check out how to setup email triggers in Tapfiliate. Below, I will be outlining some of the components of setting these up which will help you put this into action.

The Personalized Welcome Email.


By default, Tapfiliate will send your new affiliates a username and password email so they can sign in to their affiliate dashboard, shortly after they are approved.

However, to give your affiliate program an additional personalized approach, you should follow it with a welcome email from your Affiliate Manager, CEO, or Founder to let your affiliate program truly stand out.

In Tapfiliate, navigate to Settings Triggers. Add a name, “Welcome Email” and description. Then:

  • Event (when this trigger should be fired): Affiliate created
  • Signup Source = Signup form
  • Action = Email Notification

In the email, you will want to personalize it with tags (like first Name, program name) which is possible to the right of the text editor space within Tapfiliate. The goal and intent here: mention your excitement of the affiliate being in your program, offer additional resources that will help them be better affiliate partners, and last but not least: who to contact if they run into any issues and have questions.

First Conversion Email Trigger.


When one of your affilates makes their first conversion in your program, you want to shine the spotlight on them. How? By sending them a personalized thank you via email.

To do this, in Tapfiliate, navigate to Settings Triggers. Add a name, “1st Conversion - Thank you.” and description. Then:

  • Event (when this trigger should be fired): Conversion Created
  • Filter = total number of conversion is 1.
  • Action = Email Notification.

What to include in this email? A thank you and congratulations on the new conversion and asking if there is anything you can do to help with additional customers (you can also offer a coupon or additional incentive to help them score more sales/conversion).

The Payout Email.


AKA - Show me the money email for your affiliate partners. This is one area where you can show some personality. Why? Because in virtually all platforms there are generic, static, boring, and automated payout creation or confirmation emails. This is how you can differentiate.

To do this, in Tapfiliate, navigate to Settings Triggers. Add a name, “Thank you!” and description. Then:

  • Event (when this trigger should be fired)= Payout Created
  • Filter = Amount is greater than 0.
  • Action = Email Notification.

I would make this email an HTML formatted email so you can really make it shine. Use animated gifs and other eye-catching media to really go to the next level. Also, showcase the window or range of dates when they expect to see the payout hit their bank account.

To wrap up, these emails will really open up the communication with your affiliate partners and help you differentiate your program over the thousands of affiliate programs out there. In addition, you are able to automate yet stay personal with your affiliates - allowing closer communication and better results from them in return.

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Taylor Barr

Taylor is the Founder of The Up Foundry; an agency that works with successful SaaS and technology companies to grow their affiliate program revenues and affiliate relationships. He also gives away free advice and guides on affiliate program management https://upfoundry.com/resources/

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