Affiliate Marketing plugin for WooCommerce

Set up an affiliate, referral, or influencer program for your WooCommerce store in just minutes to start generating extra sales immediately. With the WooCommerce plugin by Tapfiliate, you can easily reward, track and incentivize your affiliate partners.

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How does Tapfiliate work with WooCommerce?

Tapfiliate is a one-stop affiliate marketing platform that allows merchants to create, track, and optimize their own affiliate programs. The copy-paste WooCommerce plugin integrates seamlessly with your store. So you don’t need any technical skills to get started.

Start your WooCommerce affiliate program in 3 simple steps:

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Set it up

Easily integrate the Tapfiliate tracking platform. You don’t need to do any coding. Go through quick onboarding to get started. Integrates with WooCommerce and other platforms.
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Recruit affiliates

Turn customers into partners. Add potential affiliates through an invite link, manually, through SSO, or the API. Send emails from Tapfiliate or via your existing email marketing tools.
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Get promoted

Add promo banners, text links, videos, and other marketing materials for your affiliates to let them spread the word about you. Easy for them, total brand control for you.

Learn more on how to smoothly connect Tapfiliate with your WooCommerce website here.

How can affiliate programs benefit your WooCommerce store?

More channels to market your products
Higher conversion rates and ROI
Highly targeted traffic
Better brand exposure
It’s easy to scale

Scale your WooCommerce business with a new marketing channel


Recruit affiliates automatically

Turn your customers into active affiliates by automatically inviting them to promote you. Create and customize invitation emails that resonate with your brand.

Match your brand identity

Create white-labeled affiliate pages and tracking links that perfectly match your brand and domain. Send personalized emails with your unique touch and feel.

Watch your store go viral

Expand your social reach and boost WooCommerce sales with rich, branded content. Create and share marketing assets with your store promoters in seconds.

Customize your affiliate program

Easily customize signup fields and payout methods. Use one of 6 available languages for affiliate dashboards to be on the same page with your ambassadors.

Track affiliate sales

Automatically track conversions driven by your referrals for every purchased item, one-off, or batch order.

Set flexible commissions

Incentivize your partners by creating a flexible commission structure: flat rates, percent rewards, lifetime, and recurring commissions. Use performance-based bonuses to drive even more sales.

Generate in-depth reports

Go granular with powerful filters and segmentation. Compare conversions in different mobile environments.

Access to Admitad Partner Network

Connect your affiliate program to Admitad Partner Network and get access to 100K+ active publishers ready to promote your WooCommerce store.  More info.

What our customers say

The game changed when we switched to Tapfiliate. The ease of use, efficiency, and simplicity makes Tapfiliate the ideal platform to build your affiliate marketing foundation.
Michael Yewdwell
Owner, Co-founder, CSO campusprotein.com