Master the Handpan Turns Client Recommendations into Steady Growth with Tapfiliate

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Master Handpan

“After reviewing many affiliate tools, it quickly became obvious that Tapfiliate was the right option for us.”

Stemming from a passion for music and urge to teach, Master the Handpan has redefined music lessons. Founded in 2016 by David Charrier, Master the Handpan uses online courses to fulfill its mission of helping handpan players learn fast and have fun with their instrument. Offering several courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels and being available in English and French, Master the Handpan has grown to have over 4,500 students from around the world enrolled in their school.

Part of this growth came from students recommending their courses organically to others. Realizing this, Master the Handpan decided they wanted to officially incorporate affiliate marketing into their overall strategy — both as a way to thank their existing customers and also as a way to further encourage recommendations more consistently.

Easy Integration and Flexible Solutions

In the search for a tool to make this possible, MasterTheHandpan found Tapfiliate.

“After reviewing many affiliate tools, it quickly became obvious that Tapfiliate was the right option for us,” says Matthieu Layes of Master the Handpan. “We’re using the Teachable platform to host our courses, and Tapfiliate offered the best possibilities when it comes to integration.”

Along with easy-to-use integration, Master the Handpan needed a tool with customizable features and flexible options in order to accommodate having affiliates from all over the world. And they found it with key features from Tapfiliate, including:

  • Ability to create multiple programs
  • Support of several languages
  • Managing different currencies
Master handpan

Turning Happy Customers into Top Promoters

Master the Handpan said a key part of their success was having quality course content.

“The more high-quality content you deliver, the easier it will be to market your course. Any tool you use to enhance your marketing will only be helpful if at the core of your business, you want to resolve a real problem in a way that benefits the use by providing great content.”

And the result of this great content is great customer-driven marketing.

“The best way to be successful is to know that you are offering a solution that has a real value. When this is the case, your affiliates know they are promoting a worthwhile product, which makes it easy for them to share it.”

Master Handpan

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Fostering Meaningful Connections for Growth

From the start of its affiliate marketing efforts, Master the Handpan has focused on having ongoing, meaningful connections with their affiliates. Their affiliate program is only open to students at Master the Handpan for now so that they can create a relationship and ensure that their affiliates can promote their courses in a way that is reflective of their core mission and values.

They emphasize that it’s important to “View your affiliates as your ambassadors. It’s not a money-driven relationship. It’s relational first and foremost.”

Master the Handpan also offers its own advice about expanding affiliate programs beyond just customer recommendations and thinking about how you can leverage connections in the industry. For instance, if you’re selling a cooking course, think about partnering with a good cook or maybe companies that manufacture cooking equipment that you use in your course.

“Try to widen your perspective: before someone even heard about you, they bought something, or they followed someone that sparked an interest in your course. You need to be creative to find those missing links between you and your potential audience.”

With Tapfiliate, Master the Handpan has been able to build relationships with happy customers, incentive and reward recommendations, and ultimately create a steady growth channel for their online course.

For more on Master the Handpan, you can visit their handpan course site here.

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