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Zapier is an incredibly simple and powerful tool that helps you connect with several apps and automate entire workflows without the need of a developer. Tapfiliate offers a free Zapier app that will let you hook Tapfiliate to a wide variety of cloud service apps. Add new affiliates to Mailchimp or create entries in your Freshbooks bookkeeping for new payouts, our Zapier app has got you covered.

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Affiliate marketing software

Automate parts of your flow

Zapier allows you to automate parts of your flows, freeing time to dedicate to the growth of your business. Add new affiliate information to Google Sheets, get email notifications for new conversions, post new conversions to a Slack channel, among others, can all be automated using Zapier.

  • Automate your workflows

  • Approve commissions manually or automate it

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Lifetime & Recurring

Recurring Commissions are ideal to tempt affiliates to market your subscription-based service or product. Our Lifetime Attribution Commission feature can be a magnet for top influencers, allowing them to benefit from all current and future conversions their referred user creates.

  • Recurring commissions

  • Reward affiliates flexibly

Seamless integrations

With Zapier you can do things you thought were impossible: Add new customers as affiliates, send information to your Google Sheets, prepare invoicing with other apps, add new affiliates to your massive email manager, you name it, chances are that Zapier has it!

  • Integrates with a wide variety of apps