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Miva Merchant is a very comprehensive eCommerce platform offering many solutions under one roof. To help you create an affiliate strategy with your Miva Merchant shop, Tapfiliate has developed a simple module you just need to copy/paste into your website through the admin area. Start your free trial with Tapfiliate, follow our four-step installation guide, and start tapping into affiliate marketing in no time.

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Affiliate marketing software

Customize your commissions

Create specific commissions that fit into your business strategy and add tempting performance bonuses. Award your afiliates with percentage-based commissions or fixed amount commissions.

  • Fixed or percentage-based commissions

  • Set performance bonuses

Customize your commissions

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Go viral

Create campaign posts and make them automatically available to your affiliates, they can share them in one click. Unlimited amount of images, deeplinks, social media posts, banners, or video links to share and make your business grow.

  • Give personal referral links and coupons

  • Create shareable social media posts for affiliates

  • Manage banners and other brand materials

Go viral

Multi-level Marketing

Boost your marketing network with Tapfiliate. Set up a commission structure for each sub-affiliate level in a few clicks. Affiliates can track their downline from their exclusive dashboards.

  • Create unlimited downlines

Multi-level Marketing