Feature update: Zapier

Automation is insanely contributive to a smooth and efficiently running affiliate business - not only that but it also frees up your time (and let’s be real, what’s more valuable than time!?).

Through Tapfiliate you can automate many processes using our Triggers feature - for real code ninjas we have our API. If you’re not that kick-ass at coding (yet) you might fall in love with our Zapier app, too. 

**Zapier is a free tool for connecting web apps together, and we have to say we kinda love it.

**There are soooo many things you can do using our Zapier app. Some of my favourite possible use cases are the following:

Signups: Visitor ‘A’ stumbles on your website and joins as a member, Tapfiliate automatically sets up an account for this user and issues a share link code. Visitor ‘A’ then shares the link via social media and his/her friend (visitor ‘B’) clicks on it. Visitor ‘B’ is also directed to your website and joins as a member. Tapfiliate sends a share link to visitor ‘B’ and now an MLM has been formed with visitor ‘A’ being the parent affiliate and visitor ‘B’ being the child affiliate.

Accounting: Create invoices in your accounting system when you approve a payout.

Contacts: Add newly approved affiliate details to various apps (MailChimp list for example!)

Integration: Connect Tapfiliate with certain landing pages for example: Tapfiliate & Unbounce.

In short: things that would otherwise be quite complicated to set-up are done much more easily in way less time with Zapier. 

Missing a trigger, search, or action? Let us know and we might even add it for you!

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